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  1. There may be hope. In the past I have received excellent support from the guys at VoxATC. I had a similar issue with CYPK with the FS9 version of VoxATC and the Vancouver scenery. A couple emails back and forth and the problem was resolved. As I recall I emailed them an error log file and within a couple days they emailed a fix for the issue. Goodluck with the current issues.
  2. WOW! Awesome landing. It is quite a sight to see a large aircraft like that crabbing into the wind and realigning to the runway at the last second to keep from blowing tires or worse. Not quite the same in FS as your license and your life are not on the line but still fun to try and dream of doing it for real. Also thanks to the OP for the Hongkong landing. I'm tempted to leave the Pacific Northwest and abroaden my horizons in FSX.
  3. JimThe scalar approach doen't help with taxiway lights ao if that is an issue download replacement halo texture file aht5 by Brian Neitzel. This texture was originally for FS9 but also works in FSX. Use one of the replacement halo files from the small folder. This really helps if you are using a wide screen monitor or the Matrox 3H2Go display. I used the small halo texture and scalar values at .4 and the runway environment is greatly improved.
  4. This issue is even worse if you are using the Matrox 3H2Go setup. Any ideas on what might be causing the AI aircraft lights to look like super novas. This ocurred on my system post Acceleration. I have replaced the halo.bmp file with one of the small halo texture files from the aht5 file available here in the file library. Also added the light scalar text lines to my fsx.cfg file. THis fixes most of the over size light issues except for some airport beacons and the AI landing lights. Thanks for any ideas on a fix for this issue.
  5. RandyApparently the scalar approach doesn't affect the taxiway lights. The smaller HALO.bmp files included in the previously mentioned aht5 file will improve the taxiway lights. I installed the first one in the small folder that doesn't have a halo. After installing the halo.bmp file use the scalar line values to tweak the other light types. I am still looking for a fix for the AI aircraft landing lights which are still way too large and bright.
  6. RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.4 //scales edge,center,end,touchdown,runways. This line should also take care of taxiway lights. At least it seemed to in my installation. Does anyone know how to reduce the size of the AI aircraft landing lights?
  7. Your best bet to get a fix for this issue is to submit a request on the voxatc.com contact page. I had similar issue with some airports in one of the FS2004 Vancouver addons and got excellent support from VoxATC to resolve the issue. Good luck.
  8. Download aht5.zip from the AVSIM library. It contains alternative halo.bmp textures and info on how to scale runway lights. While originally for FS2004 it works in FSX. Choose a replacement halo.bmp from the small folder and paste it into your FSX/texture folder. You might want to save the original halo.bmpfile first. Then paste the light scaler text into your fsx.cfg DISPLAY section. You can adjust the scalar values as desired. The following values worked for me.RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.4 //scales edge,center,end,touchdown,runwaysRUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.4 //scales VASI lights)RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.4 //scales approach light barsRUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.4 //scales RAILs and ODALs)Good luck. Bruce
  9. There are a number of them, just be sure the adapter has a mic input. Google Generic 280B, Hamilton USB2000, and Koss Dongle.
  10. This requires two sound cards or one sound card and a USB headset.In the windows control panel click on the Sound and Audio Device icon.Click on the Audio tab and select your speaker sound device. Then click on the Speech tab and select your headset sound device. Next click on the control panel Speech icon. Set the audio input to your headset sound device. Click on Configure Microphone and set up your mic gain. Then click on Text to Speech tab and select your headset sound device. Click on the preview voice button to verify you can hear the voice. Exit control panel and launch FSX. Under settings select the sound tab and deselect voice tab to avoid hearing the FSX ATC. You should now be able to hear the VoxATC controllers in your headset with all other sounds on your speakers. Good luck. Bruce
  11. Doesn't look good. Checkout thread #12 in the topic just below this one.
  12. The My Traffic scenery folder should contain six traffic BGL files which contain the AI traffic plans. Make sure there is one called MyTrafficline.bgl which contains the airline traffic plans. Do you get airline traffic if you raise the airline traffic slider in the FSX scenery / traffic tab? Please list the airports you are having this issue with and I will check them in my installation. If you get airline traffic when you increase the FSX airline traffic slider I would recommend you contact VoxATC via their contact page at www.voxatc.com.
  13. Good news. It's long since past time for Cessna to modernize. It's hard to believe they are still selling 172s, with a fifty year old airframe design. Their new sport plane looks pretty good though.
  14. I am really looking forward to this simulator. Great video! I came in from a hard day at the office and got a great massage from my buttkicker gamer chair!
  15. I can't think of anything you might be missing as far as setting up VoxATC. I set the VoxATC traffic slider to a higher level than with the FSX sliders to get the same amount of traffic. I assume that you are getting airline traffic when you select airline traffic with the FSX traffic slider. I have experienced zero airline traffic at a larger airport but this was the fault of the My TrafficX traffic bgl file. It appears to me that VoxATC generates some sort of internal traffic file from the traffic bgl files in FSX when the indexer is run. If you remove all traffic bgl files and run the indexer you will not get any AI traffic with VoxATC. Good luck.
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