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  1. Mir // Flightbeam Flightbeam Commander Posts: 2831 Joined: Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:26 pm Reputation: 80 Re: P3D v5 Announced for 4/14 0 Quote Post by Mir // Flightbeam » Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:16 am Hi all, We've known the existence of P3Dv5 for some time and have had access. We're planning on having all products compatible by release date. As usual, free update for customers.
  2. I would send Luciano an email with the issue. He is very responsive but doesn't check his forum that often. His email is: info@wideview.it Cheers
  3. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66136-useful-additional-programs/
  4. Very interesting. A quick question... although the AI isn't visible in the daytime is it enabled in ATC? Dusk/night only? Not at all?Jon
  5. I think I'm missing something...The question was a single core 3.8 GHz processor versus a dual-core unit (AMD or Intel, doesn't matter). Looking at the E6700, you have 2.67, or thereabouts versus 3.8 for the "old technology" P4. Considering the limitations in FSX in utilizing a dual-core processor, which offers the better performance for flight simualator, forgetting any other game application? The first response said get the 3.8, everyone elses response shifted to only dual-core technology as the way to go. Why?
  6. Sorry if I've missed this topic previously....I had the pleasure (and great opportunity) to spend several hours flying the Boeing 777 and 747 Level D simulators at UAL's training center recently. One of the huge differences between FS9 and the "real thing" is that the scenery, while in general is less detailed than that with add-on packages for Flight Simulator, presents the airport -- runways, VASI, approach lighting, etc. as rock solid. When you think about it, that's really what's important for a pilot -- being able to land, not whether the bay at KSFO has whitecaps on the water. Which leads me to suggest possibly a priority setting in FSX? If graphics requirements are really high, use a setting to shed the "eye candy" but keep the airport top quality if you are interested in flight training. Maybe in FSX one can select low resolution default scenery but high resolution airports to eliminate the artifacts that we've all seen in FS9, but....Thoughts?
  7. Tom,If AVSIM elects to come back to Denver in the future, you are probably better off dealing with FTI (Flight Training International). They subcontract sim time on the United birds.The one really big plus of this years Denver conference was the access to the UAL facility. Remember the last conference -- KSFO, night time only, escorted everywhere, couldn't do what you wanted... etc.With FTI, we got a multi-day ID badge that gave us free access to the entire facility, including their resource center. We got into the sim and it was anything we wanted to do. Do an "at the gate, pushback, engine start sequence, taxi using tiller, takeoff, etc." that was fine with them. Wanted to fly out of Hong Kong, okay. Wanted to fly under the Golden Gate Bridge... well, okay. Day, night, not an issue. Ping me a private if you want contact info at FTI.
  8. Sorry about that. I'm using Catalyst with the left and right projectors (ATI). The drivers are probably outdated but performace is smooth. I noticed the three settings to tweak but wondered if there was something else. If only Michael had shipped what I ordered -- ATI vs Nvidia, I'd have a matched set and wouldn't be fussing this.Perhaps the attached photo will show what I'm trying to do -- that is, adjust the left/right to match the center.
  9. Quick question....I am running three computers for my projection system. Two of them are using ATI Radeon 9800 type cards and one computer has an NVIDEA card. I noticed that there is a color vibrance adjustment on the NVIDEA card that really enhances the projected image. However, I find no such adjustment on the ATI cards.Is there such an adjustment, and if so, what's it called and how do I get at it?ThanksJon
  10. Another way to approach this is by using a second computer and WideFS. That way, the environmental sounds associated with FS9 are delivered through the speakers using your FS9 computer, but you can use headphones on the second computer for the ATC communications. I've been doing that now for the past several months. It does add to the "experience"
  11. It sounds like you got it working. Would you care to share with the rest of us how you got it to work?CheersJon
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