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  1. Its an excellent book. Capt. Ray has a way of explaining procedures for us non 744 pilots and using diagrams to make difficult procedures clear. I've had it for a good while its helpful. Also Bulfer's Big Boeing FMC Guide is another must buy if you don't have it.
  2. Thanks Mark got something to keep me busy.
  3. As Capt. Mike Ray put in his book "a flying city block".
  4. Bill, one short haul if you want call it that is United SFO-HNL which I've been on. Its an ER not an LR but that's still a fairly short haul for that a/c.
  5. Its true the 777 is has more automation than the 747 but I think its a bit exaggerated at times. Some things like fuel etc will need less hands on in the T7 than the 747 but you still have to fly the plane. The 747 has a fair amount of automation itself. Unless you're doing an autoland on every approach there's plenty of work to do in both planes and if you handfly a lot you won't be too concerned about automation except in cruise where there's not a lot to do in either plane. It's all up to what you like they're both great planes.
  6. Kyle mentioned in another thread its not simulated. There's nowhere for the request to go.
  7. Hand fly it more. I try to fly the 777 after takeoff a little longer to get some hands on before Otto takes over. Some approaches are very difficult to fly even with the 744 not using automation. I'm still learning more about these aircraft every time I fly them. Some of these RNAV RNP approaches are impossible to hand fly and the automation is required anyway. If PMDG does a 707 one day (maybe?) then you'll hand fly the ILS all day.
  8. jtsjc1

    Static Ports.

    She's beautiful. It must have been nice to be able to get up close Gabriel lucky guy!
  9. Pago Pago is the subject of the book Clipper 806 the crash of a Pan Am 707 in a thunderstorm while on ILS approach.
  10. I thought only the 747-8 was capable of flying RF legs not the 744.
  11. You're modeling birdstrikes? :wink:
  12. The ITVV Virgin Atlantic dvd EGLL-KSFO is excellent. It starts with the dispatch goes to preflight,engine start, pushback etc. The crew gives very detailed info on procedures, systems and comms. I think its very good. Its 166 minutes long.
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