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  1. Hello,I have thought about this earlier. What came in my mind, was what if one gifted "mission"eer can "abuse" the FSX Mission system to do such tutorial, systems briefing and so on.This would be very fine as an extra on those complex Airliners which will hopefully arrive soon.Is this possible?regards Uli
  2. Hello,please look at the contrails from downside and you know what is meant :-)I asked for this in different forums, but it seems to be no interest is this.So the contrails visibility from Ground is what I miss to.regardsUli
  3. hello,it affects the "chrome"-parts of the plane, like propeller spinners, for example.I see the ground reflections on top and the sky reflections on the downside.regardsuli
  4. hello,I tried it, texture seems to be upside down :-) in the sim.And what about framerate gain?Im not shure so far.regardsUli
  5. Hello,half an hour ago it got me to. The errormessage contains amoung other cryptic numbers "system.argumentoutofrange".I am glad that it not my system :-), I hope they'll fix it soon.regardsUlrich
  6. Hello,I use a similar constellation (wilco PIC Airbus, Active Sky 6.5 Build 552 and FSX SP1) and get the same hard weather transitions. I think that Active Sky is causing the problems. AS6.5 is only patched to be used with FSX and does not support weather smoothing when run with FSX.So I think that is the reason for your trouble.I am waiting for the new ASX which will (hopefully) soon be published.I hope this helps.regardsUlrich
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