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  1. My Oasis HK livery wish has been fulfilled :)Thanks a lot Pete !
  2. Great job Pete ! You're an artist ! :)Do you plan on making the Oasis HK livery ?http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1252554/L/The Great Wall Airlines would also be great to have :http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1279742/L/Thank you :)
  3. Thanks for this info, even though I don't have FS X yet (I'm waiting for addons like this one to make a decision ! :) )One question : after the release of the 400X, will the team be working on the MD-11 to speed up the alpha stages, or will they be working on the next project (737NG v2 ?)Another quick question concerning the VC : is the animation of the different gauges smooth ? :)Deniz
  4. >>>I agree with you Rhett, totally, however have you seen the>>wishlist for FS11 on the thread somewhere above this one?>>>>Yes Chris I saw it, and some of the items on there made me>cringe.>>For example, I can think of 100 things that are more important>than "roads you can drive on" for our flight sim.>That made me cringe too !
  5. >Hi there,>>if the grass "effect" is tied to Land Detail Textures, i.e.,>detail1.bmp in SceneryWorldtexture, wouldn't that mean that>the same pattern shows up everywhere, like on snowfields and>in deserts as well?>>Cheers, HolgerYou're totally right, it affects runways, etc...Here are some photos on a french forum (the creator started the thread and is showing pictures of ruwnays "affected" with the effect for example) :http://www.libertysim.net/forum/viewtopic....er=asc&start=20
  6. Quoting avsim news :Reality XP has been silently working with the aviation training industry and co-founded Airliner XP to bring professional airliner simulation products to the desktop PC. Airliner XP's management and staff includes producers, artists, designers, and developers with experience from leading publishers and titles in the industry including Dreamfleet, FlightScenery and Reality XP."In today's market, there is little room to deliver next-generation simulation products that don't meet market expectations," said Jean-Luc Dupiot, co-founder of Airliner XP. "At Airliner XP, we are taking best practices and experiences and marrying that with the best in the industry from around the world to assure seamless and top notch product design and development technology within each level of the production pipeline. And we couldn't be more pleased to partner with Dreamfleet and FlightScenery, companies we respect and admire for their legacy, pedigree and amazing talent."What do you think they will produce ? Addons for FS2004 / X or a new flight simulation ? :(I find it strange for a "simple" addon that a scenery developper, an aircraft developper, and a systems/gauges developper work together... What do you think ? :)(yeah I know, time will tell... ;) )Deniz
  7. Hello fellow simmers ! :)I have a question regading those two graphic cards in FS X. I know their performance in other games and I know that the XT model is better than the 1950 Pro, but I heard in these forums that 512 video memory could be very useful in FS X ? So what do you think ?I have to choose between these two and think of getting the XT right now...By the way, I also heard there was a bug with ATI cards in the VC, gauges wouldn't be as smooth as in Nvidia cards, in FS 9. Is it still true with these "high-end" cards ?Thanks a lot :)Deniz
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