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  1. Jim Thanks for your reply. Yes, I cannot see any logic in it at all either. We have tried checking every possible view command within FSX and going back to default etc but no luck. The only change made to his computer was Level D plane installation, hence the speculative question I'll try the forum you suggest, though I can see a re install of FSX coming up ! Thanks again FB
  2. Just to go off at a tangent, if i may please,as I'm seeking some help here for a friend who has the baffling problem explained in another post about his horizontal panning view in VC being messed when he uses Ctrl+E to start the engines.! This seemed to start after he installed the Level D airplane. I noticed above that the cargo door button is SHFT + E? Could it be that there is a Level D command that is activated when he starts the engines in another plane in FSX? I know nothing of Level D planes and we are clutching at straws here to find why the view is porked. Any comments please? TIA
  3. Hello-I know nothing about scenery -lol- but I have tried to download and install the IFSD Irish scenery for FS2004 which has an installer.At the end of the process I have the following error messages come upInstalling EIWF Waterford The import file specified a destination file eurnwafd.bgl that was not found in the AFD scenery folder. This facility file was not installed.I had this same error message for each of Kilkenny; Dublin Int; Carnmore and Cork.The scenery files were listed in the ususal way on the scenery library and Dublin airport was different from the default.I have looked for AFD folder in both scenery folders but can't find it .It seems I am missing this eurnwafd.bgl file ( whatever it is )Have I got some of this scenery missing as a result of this ?Please advise if you can - Thanks.PS I didn't post in the IFSD forum - there have been some questions put there on 7 Feb which haven't been replied to, so I thought my chances were better here.
  4. I am trying to learn how to fly the PMDG 747 plane, and PC Pilot Magazine in the UK has what appears to be a very good tutorial started by one of their writers named Jane.I have just tried the first one where the idea is to start from a cold and dark state.The first objective is to start the APU. I followed everything as far as loading the fuel, which i did, and then I saw the fuel switches all showed "on", as expected.I activated the APU switch ( spring loaded ) and then waited but even after waiting minutes I did not see the white writing advisory in the EICAS glass frame saying "APU Running"I tried this procedure twice but no luck. Can anyone advise what I did wrong, or did not do right, please?TIADave
  5. >:-lol :-lol :-lol>>Now, everybody repeat please: >I am going to read the manuals, tutorials and TYPE RATING>COURSES !!!>>:-lol :-lol :-lol>>Jose LuisThe only problem is I am the wrong side of 50 - and I doubt i'll live long enough to read them all :) :)I mean, Gawd, have you seen how many pages there are in Holger's tutorial? ( Found it thnx, Jose ). And these Type Rating Courses are more detailed!!?Yipes!- And I thought Falcon 4 manual was profound. Thanks a lot, anyway, fellas.
  6. >>>>Is there anywhere you can point us to fellas?, >My humble advice: read the manuals and tutorials, then fly.>>Next: read the manuals and tutorials, then fly.>>Next thing to do: read the manuals and tutorials, then fly.>>You can also do another thing: read the manuals and tutorials,>then fly.>>Once you have done it: read the manuals and tutorials, then>fly.>>Another thing you can do: read the...>Fair enough - It was the tutorials I was really seeking. >The best tutorials:>>>747 - Holger Seilz
  7. Hello, I am also new to PMDG 747 and i hope to learn from these advices to Rich, if i may please.My initial reply to his question elsewhere was to say, as follows" I have just got the PMDG 747, and i had a similar experience to you.It does not use the auto pilot like in the stock 747, which i can use, no probs.You and i need to start to learn a whole new set of instructions,I reckon -lol.There is so much in these aircraft, that i have a new project ahead learning how to fly this 747.On my flight i had switches going all sorts of ways, warnings, cautions, noises like the houses all round me had their burglar alarms going off.Frightened the #### out of me. It was a relief to crashI am looking forward to learning this plane. I am now taking PC Pilot, a magazine in UK in which there is a tutorial series started based on the PMDG. Hopefully, this will teach me enough.I am going to look more at the PMDG forum as well.What I am hoping to find,for guys like you and I, is a tutorial which recognises that the learner is already familiar with the sim stock 747 and 737 and how the differences are in the PMDG. E.g. Using the knobs to change IAS- could turn it one way all right, but took me a while to figure out that to turn it the other way i needed to right click the mouse.! A little thing now i know, but it was frustrating at the time.I know I should RTFM, and I am in small stages; but I wondered if there was a sample IFR flight from A to B where step by step tutorial was given?I shall also ask this in the PMDG forum, if i may."Is there anywhere you can point us to fellas?, there are so many questions that I don't think the forum can deal with them all?TIADave
  8. Hello- Just got Abacus' Flight deck 4 and I see there is a free update to FSX. If I use the update, does Flight deck 4 work on both sims or isit transferred to FSX and that is the only sim it works on after the update?It would be nice to have someone who has done this update confirm the position please.Also, where can i find out if the Hornet has the ability to use auto pilot -I can't see it on the Super Hornet, and on the ordinaryone, the alt;hdg and IAS dials don't have the ability to be changed .Maybe I'm missing something?Thanks in anticipation
  9. >>Why is it not so useful for the big birds? That's mostly>all>>i fly.>>When I'm flying an airliner (I moslty fly the PMDG 747 and LVD>767) I'm adding/deleting entry's into the CDU and playing with>the MCP. I don't like having to hold my head still while I'm>trying to fine tune a knob.This is the most useful add on for the big birds. The trick is to have a button on your joystick for the enable toggle hotkey( usually F9).So, when looking around the VC and, say, wanting to change altitude in auto pilot, you get the altitude panel in your view andthen hit the F9 button. Your head can now move all over the place but the cockpit view stays where you have it ( while you change the altitude ),until you hit the F9 button again.Simple and very effective.I am amazed at the number of serious flight simmers who do not use or even know about trackir. I cannot contemplate flying without it.
  10. >I have a great deal of excellent freeware Mesh created by a>variety of wonderful people here - Thank you ALL - you are too>numerous to name>>Ozzie - I am looking for some such freeware mesh to download for FS9- Can someone point me to it,please ?
  11. If you were talking about FSX I could understand it, but FS9 has never given me FPS problems.You seem to have done all the right things re stopping other processes etc etc, but two things come to mind which may or may not be relevant.1. Do you run at large AA and aniso settings.? If so, they will eat FPS like no tomorrow. Instead of AA ( set it to application , and not on your video card ), run at a high resolution without it; and set aniso to 8.2. I run a nVidia 7800GTX card and it has a power socket where one of the power plugs of the PSU has to be plugged into the card directly.If you don't do that, the card runs as good as a bath with no taps.Does the ATI card have such a requirement, and if so, have you implemented it when you fitted the card?HTH
  12. >Uh, well yes the fix to rename the default.xml and change the>800 and 3000 etc works, but it works because now we have like>no autogen lol. Of course the FPS are higher....anyone else>notice the extreme lack of autogen? I think I'll just keep>mine off, once you get past 1000ft anyway the textures are so>nice you don't need autogen....Well, I'm sorry i cannot agree with the sentiments of this post.Re-naming the XML file in the Autogen folder from default to default.bak. is the best twaek yet to this sim. It virtually doubled my FPS.And that is with increasing the scenery density to very dense and the autogen to dense.My FPS are in the twenties and thirties over cities.I am at 15 FPS in a boeing 737 taxiing at kennedy airport, and with scenery at very dense, there are one or two buildings about....:)I did not notice the loss of anything much.
  13. >Great tips in here, I think the default.xml->default.bak one>was one key thing... To sum it up I just got an FPS increase>of at least ten thousand per cent or so and have now plenty of>settings maxed (including scenery complexity, AutoGen>(@6k/6k), road traffic, global texture size), on a mid-ranged>system, and my frames dead locked at twenty and freezed. I>consider myself a happy camper. :-hah>>Thanks for all the most valuable help. Cheers! :-beerchug>Etienne :-wave>>EDIT>As I see this thread still (fortunately!!!) continues to grow>- any added hint will be greatly appreciated for an even>smoother experience. :-smoochThis is THE tip. I have been going back to flying the heli over downtown Frisco, using it as my benchmark. Untweaked FSX was a disaster at 10-11 FPS.I used the usual tweaks and got three or four increase.Then I used this tweak just now and FPS shot up.I went into display, put autogen UP to very dense, scenery up to very dense; water DOWN to 2 x low.Now i have mid thirties -yes 30s - over frisco and 40 over the water.System AMD 4000 San diego ; 7800GTX nVidia; 2 gigs Ram.Now this IS a sim.BOnus I found for you UK types. I did the same over London and i prefer the city in FSX than with Visual London and VFR scenery in FS9. Your mileage may differ.
  14. 30 FPS is acceptable for flight sims, especially a civilian flight sim.You obviously play games. Most simmers, I suspect, do not.I think that screenshot on the Cray :) is very good.
  15. That is a brilliant screen shot. Almost Google earth.I hope it is real and attainable by us on the retail FSX.
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