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  1. Maybe not your house, but views of small shops could be handy. If you're planning to drive to a new store you've looked up in Google, this would give you a preview of what building to look for as you travel down the street.On the other hand, there have been lots of privacy concerns raised, e.g. "Why is my best friend Bob's car parked in my laneway while I'm away at work?" or "Isn't that Bob coming out of the triple-X shop?" Google says that it's not recording anything that isn't already visible from a public street, but there's an inherent difference between a fleeting moment and capturing it for all time.Edit: Back to original post, it would be cool if they could automatically use the images as a texture source to map on 3D models of buildings. Then your (very) low-level flying would be able to show some amazing detail.
  2. Ah-hah! Since the new style of Vista is called "Aero", it stands to reason that we should be using flight sim controls to navigate the user interface! :D :D
  3. Klinn

    Will you buy Acceleration?

    >>Nick wrote:>>>I know what 'arcade' means thanks.>>>>No you don't. You're confusing subject matter with accuracy>of>>representation. >>>>lol Imagine being in an argument with your mates in the pub>and one of them turns round to you and says "well actually I>think you're confusing subject matter with accuracy of>representation..." :-lol>>Imagine the embarrassed silence, and then him getting up and>announcing 'I'll get me coat then', before sloping off through>the pub doors *alone* into the night :-lol >>He makes such an intelligent *looking* statement in the first>part and then spoils it completely by following up with>something as incredibly obvious and almost moronic such as:>>'It is possible to have a highly-detailed simulation of an>activity that you personally don't happen to like'>>Talk about an anticlimax! :-lol :-lol :-lol >Ah yes, resorting to personal attacks and avoiding the actual discussion -- the hallmarks of those who become embarrassed when their errors are pointed out.Given the tone of your other posts, I suspected that it would be pointless to try discuss it with you, and you've proven me right.Feel free to try to bluster your way out, I'll just be ignoring you.
  4. Klinn

    Will you buy Acceleration?

    >Haha, thanks Maxy and Eric.>>And yup, I have some other stuff in the works. hehe.>>Cheers,>MikeWow, I know it's off-topic, but let me add my applause for your Vectors vid! Very nicely done, great pacing to include yet another aircraft just as things seemed to be settling down. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  5. Klinn

    Will you buy Acceleration?

    Nick wrote:>I know what 'arcade' means thanks.No you don't. You're confusing subject matter with accuracy of representation. It is possible to have a highly-detailed simulation of an activity that you personally don't happen to like.>I'm talking about air racing in FSX. Head-to head racing,>which makes it seem like an arcade racing game. >I think the emphasis with air racing is more about the>*racing* and not the *flying*! That's why I feel it is not>suitable in a *flight* simulator.If you read the previous comments by the person who has actually tried the expansion, it sounds like racing successfully will be very challenging. Much more involved than what is usually referred to as "an arcade racing game", and much closer to what is usually referred to a "sim". Maybe it's not the sort of flying you're interested in, but that doesn't automatically make it "arcade".
  6. Klinn

    Will MSFS be next?

    Heh-heh, there's a *slight* conflict between these two parts of your post:>developers look for ways to supplement their income.>In game advertising can DOUBLE the revenue a developer gets. ...and...>the developer are not going to ruin their game just to>put ads in it. It's an insidious thing. A developer might put in a few subtle ads initially. The next game or expansion, hey, we've already got some in place, let's add some more. Once the practice starts, it becomes easier and easier to justify that you're not "ruining the game". Money talks.It's already happening -- for example, the last Need For Speed game I played a few years ago had a bunch of Burger Kings etc scattered around the game world's streets. Not too bad, that sort of thing has been done previously and maybe you can justify it as making the game more "realistic". But in addition to that, incoming game information popped up in a Cingular-branded bubble. Not even appearing on some image of a cell phone that had the brand name on it, you might be able to rationalize that as tied into the game experience, but just as a pop-up dialog box with the brand name plastered on it. Really annoying, blatant pushing of a product. It was the last NFS title I've bought -- not solely because of that, but the annoyance of having that shoved in my face repeatedly certainly influenced my decision.
  7. Klinn

    Will MSFS be next?

    Having realistic ads limited to comparable real-life locations, e.g. sponsor billboards around a NASCAR track, is not too bad. But there are a couple of possibilities that annoy me:1) You just *know* that after this gets in, advertisers will be demanding more prominent positioning. Already people playing that Rainbow Six FPS game set in Las Vegas are bombarded by bright eyecatching Chrysler ads.2) Tracking of how much time I'm viewing ads, thereby building up a unique personal profile to sell me more stuff.But if you think ads in games are bad, how about the whole Windows operating system becoming an "advertising framework" that dips into your own personal files to determine what ads to show you? This is not fantasy according to a patent that Microsoft has applied for. Check out this article about it: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070...re-systems.html
  8. Klinn

    Blurry 1 and blurry 2

    >That's really good info, Len. I've always thought that only>having 1 GB RAM was my problem too. But, alas, I contacted>Dell and was told that 1 Gb is the max my Dimension 8250 would>accept. Even if that weren't completely true, I could not>afford the four Dell 512 Mb RIMM modules required. They are>around $330 each! It would be cheaper to buy a new PC. I>recently bought a new ATI x1650 video card with 512 Mb memory.>That's about the last upgrade I can afford I'm afraid.>>If someone is familiar with the 8250 and has experienced>upgrading to 2 Gb cheaply, I would love to hear about it.Unfortunately, "cheaply" and "Rambus DRAM" can't really be used in the same sentence. :( You may be able to get 512MB modules more cheaply than through Dell but they are still pretty pricey, e.g. US$250 at TigerDirect.com. Regarding the maximum memory for your system, according to Dell's documentation it should be either 1.5GB or 2GB depending on the speed of your FSB. Info at: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/syst...ecs.htm#1105389 Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it would probably be better to start saving towards a new computer than invest more money in a RDRAM-based system.
  9. Klinn

    FSX question for Phil

    >But maybe someone can explain why they have two>prices for what appears to be the same thing, $339.99 and>$559.99.As TCable mentioned, it's Retail v.s. OEM version. That basically means coming with a stock Intel HSF (heatsink & cooling fan) v.s. no heatsink. Many folks prefer the latter since you can install your choice of a better & quieter HSF from another source, e.g. a Scythe Ninja or similar tower design. But I expect the difference in price will close up once the price cuts work through the system, $220 is larger than normal.
  10. Thanks for the link. It seems like they are trying hard not to dislike Vista as a gaming platform, hoping for possible future driver enhancements or service packs etc, but it's a good snaphot of where we are right now.That site's video card reviews are quite useful since they are one of the few that actually use FSX as one of the tests. It's nice to have real results instead of trying to extrapolate from Doom3 framerates etc. ;-)
  11. Klinn

    FSX SP1:Intel news

    >Speaking of FSX and video cards can someone point me to a>hardware test site that actually uses FSX or FS9 in video card tests?>>For the life of me I'll never understand why hardware testers>ignore a huge selling game like FS9 or FSX in their tests.>>FaxCap>The site 'Hardocp' frequently uses FSX when testing video cards. For example, their latest review of the BFG 8800 GTX OC2:http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...W50aHVzaWFzdA==Be aware that their testing approach is different from the usual "max FPS" you see at most sites. Instead they decide what is a "reasonable" FPS needed to play a particular game, then adjust settings as needed to reach that level. If that requires turning down some of FSX's sliders, so be it, and they then compare the gameplay advantages of one video card over another.They also show min, max, and average FPS, which can be handy to highight a game whose performance varies widely.
  12. Klinn

    FS11: Has development started?

    For an interesting approach at combining detailed LOD environment with a larger geographic area, try to get a look at the driving game
  13. Klinn

    FS11: Has development started?

    >....It is hard>at times to taxi around a runway, and see dismally low>textures on buildings, and the trees that continue to make my>head hurt. I know there are tons of them, all over the place,>but the trees just have never looked right to me. The ground>textures have gotten much better thanks to the high res. And,>the aircraft textures are crisp and clear. It is just the way>that the sim struggles to move around images and graphics>(fps) that are not exactly "cutting edge."That's why I'm curious to see how the new Train Sim works out. It's not like you're flying at 3000 ft, you're always right there at ground level, looking at the buildings etc close up. More detail, both in the textures and the complexity of the object meshes themselves, will be needed to keep up with today's expectations. Can the underlying sim engine handle that? Can't wait to see some screenshots.BTW, I still think ACES should create a driving sim too, then package the whole works up as "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles". :D
  14. > ...... some mobo's don't>supply enough voltage to the slots when they are filled up.>They call it a DIMM loading issue.So for the new system I hope to build in about six month's time, would it be more likely to run properly if I got 4GB as 2x2GB sticks and thereby only fill up two DIMM slots, rather than 4GB as 4x1GB sticks (two 2GB kits)? Or is the "load" pretty much the same either way?The first option was a bit more expensive last time I looked, and I was really thinking of starting with 2GB and adding a second 2GB kit later on when needed. But if avoiding the "DIMM loading issue" really gives me more O/C potential, it might be worth starting with the 4GB kit.
  15. >I have never run out of memory with my 256MB 7600GT.>I'll know more on Monday. The 8800GTS 320MB is on its way.>>PatGreat! I'm jealous ;-), I probably won't be upgrading until late summer/fall. I'm sure you'll be pleased with it, and not just in FSX - some other games may show an even bigger improvement. Have fun!