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  1. If not a typo, might explain -among other performance issues -why he's not seeing a difference going from 4K to 1080P.
  2. FunknNasty

    New build for P3D

    Damn dude! You memory speeds are almost off the charts: ...just a couple ticks away from that 7.92ns First word.
  3. FunknNasty

    New build for P3D

    Sharing just my experience, Jim: I'm assuming you have the latest version of Hardware Monitior; cant you just verify for us what frequency your cores are running at altitude. I say altitude because on my system P3D v4 is running at 5 GHZ on all 6 cores at full steam ahead.
  4. FunknNasty

    Increasing RAM?

    Hi Chris- Yeah, with the OP in mind, going from 1600 mhz to 2400 would be significant and in my mind justify the cost, especially if uses something like PMDG aircraft. Like you said, overclock that thing, and if got the memory I recommended he'd have a machine that would feel like a significant upgrade for minimal cost ...especially if he has no immediate plans on buying a new rig in the foreseeable future.
  5. FunknNasty

    Increasing RAM?

    running the PMDG 747 at 4x time acceleration while at cruise altitude (30,0000 ft.) over Orbix nor-cal and so-cal with FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.16, LOD 8.5 and TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10: 4133 mhz, no blurries; 3200 mhz, blurries. 2 FPS? I'd would say that is a huge number if one going from 18 to 20 fps. Furthermore, using the above given PMDG example I gave you the difference in fps was nil..
  6. Does XPlane use AVX extensions? If not, that would would explain it.
  7. FunknNasty

    New build for P3D

    I'd be willing to bet a round golf that my I5 -yeah, i said it """I5""" will out perform Jim's current hardware configuration in P3d V4.2. My I5 is not delidded ....and is capable, albeit 80 C., running Cinebench at 5.2 with my $100 cooler. To the op ...get the Coffee Lake 8600K, 8700K, or 8086, it doesn't matter. All will out perform the 7700k in P3D V4.
  8. FunknNasty

    Increasing RAM?

    Yeah, more ram wont help you. Faster ram will. Dump your ram for some GSkill 2400 C10 2x8GB.
  9. FunknNasty

    P3D v4.2 Help With Jagged Textures

    Dude!? I was running stronger settings with my Haswell/1070. :-) Anyway, I run in game 8X MSAA with Inspector transparency at 4xSGS My Nvidia control panels are totally default. Inspector settings: global are all default / Prepared v4.2 are all default less the following: -AA transparency SuperSampling ""4xSGS"" -texture filtering filtering-negative LOD bias ""clamped"" -texture filtering - quality ''high quality"' -power management mode ""max performance"" -multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration ""single display mode""
  10. FunknNasty

    Upgrading from W7 to W10.

    Just install the addon on your current Win7 install and be done with it. Your life could be made miserable over the next few months by going cold turkey to Win10. But if you insist ....if it were me: I'd by another HDD and install Win10 on that with a new copy of P3d and slowly migrate over to Win10
  11. here man, let me fix that for ya; strike out should read: a sierra nevada Dude! there's only one Sierra Nevada and it lies in California. Yeah, you might notice it coming in from the east into KSFO -it's the range that tops out at 14,000 ft. and slopes into the worlds most productive agricultural region in the world ....yup, that's Silicon Valley to the left as we turn for shot final into San Francisco. <----- sorry chock, i couldn't resist. 🙂
  12. It can't get any better than Flightbeam's KSFO coupled with Orbix Nor-Cal. ....Have to give a shout-out to Latin Vr's latest version of KSAN
  13. I don't think you need a laboratory to pit the 970 vs 1080 running 3 1440p monitors ...the difference should be pretty damn obvious. Now you could use the FRAPS benchmark utility with a saved flight. edit: there's also a FRAPS framerate analyzer utility (don't have linlk) that you could use with fraps for a more detailed view of whats happening. Edit 2: the other utility is called Frafs Bench Viewer. You need Fraps to use it.
  14. yeah, I could've just straight out installed the Haswell drives into the Coffee Lake but I didn't want to risk activation issues with P3d and the PMDG. Anyway, my point is Prepared V4 is not the reinstall hassle that earlier versions were. Upgrading hardware on sim rigs is not a big deal.