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  1. The worst experience with a 4K display

    Omg! Unless you’re in your underwear laying on a couch looking at 40”+ monitor hanging on the wall ya’ll should be on a 1080 or 1440p monitor. geez. :-)
  2. with prepared 4.2 default .cfg (on all 3 configs listed below) ..I fly mostly west coast with / orbix nor and so cal / fsdream lax /flight beam sfo / latin's ksan and some minor airports with enough ai trafiic to fill gates at all airports / active sky with 5 cloud levels / pmdg 747 and 737 / 1920x1200 screen / scenery all right except mesh (at 5), autogen draw and scenery complex at max with buldg. and tree numbers mid slider / lighting d.L on shadows ....i can post picts. Anyway I went from: haswell 4.7ghz/1070 8600k 5.0/1070 8600k 5.0 /1080ti In general terms I saw a 50% gain in performance accross the board going from the haswell to the 8600k/1070, 100% performance with 1080ti .....under extreme gpu intensive conditions such as sunset at ksfo . See the funknnasty "rog snap crack pop" thread for my recent new build experience.
  3. The worst experience with a 4K display

    Or you could just get a quality 27 inch 2k monitor. ....I would certainly take the 24 inch 144 over a 28 in. 4K.
  4. One more thing on the Apex: You're not going to find much in the way of comment or any kind user feed back on the Apex at your favorite forum. It's like Westman and I are the only ones on the planet with this board. Which had me wondering: this board could make "crash-to-desktop", customer support and tweaker threads go out of business. <g>
  5. Apex: smooth waters run deep Really, don't let that $350 dollar price fool you, the value it brings is almost priceless. The board comes with meaningful features that are not advertised, such as pro memory timings for specific memory modules. I mean, what good is a superior design, engineering and build if it's in the hands of an word not allowed? :-) Seriously, this board is a Maximus in name only. It can do things other boards simply cannot -in terms of showing off the full potential of the Coffee Lake. Two thumbs up
  6. WTG man! Funny, I used the Hyper 212 with a published 3DMark06 score showing an i5 2500k at 5.4Ghz. I have the new and improved EVO 212 in my Haswell. Nice cooler.
  7. CH Flightstick Pro USB Joystick

    This reminds me of my NASCAR online racing days many years ago. I felt the same as you when my 1st pot went bad. By the time my racing career ended I could change a pot during a pit stop. Really. Heck, I had the soldering iron right behind the monitor.
  8. GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    .....but! after upgrading my Haswell/1070 kit to the 8600k/1070 combo I was totally wow'd by the performance difference (same OS install and user settings -apples to apples comparison). The Haswell does not serve the 1070 any justice...
  9. GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    I would argue that the 8600K is the bigger bang for the buck. In hindsight (to the OP), upgrading to a 8600k or 8700k paired with a 1070 would have brought the most value for the buck. To the topic: I just upgraded from a Haswell and would agree with others here that the processor is serviceable and can give satisfactory performance...
  10. Choppy - Blurries: What hardware to change?

    Funny, I just sold a 2x8gb 2400mhz c10 GSkill memory kit last nite on Craigslist ....hell, that reminds me, I need to take down the listing (see bay area/south bay/computer parts). You'll surely give yourself Max Headroom performance at the hardware level with a 2400mhz memory upgrade. Other than that, with proper tuning at the software level you should see smooth experience at all but the most demanding scenes with your puter.
  11. I don't know about you but I like to be on top ,,,, I'm number 1 on the Real Bench V2 ""Maximus"" i5 scoreboard, #10 overall with one video card and on the second page OVERALL! woo hooo!!!!! :-)
  12. This monitor was on full display at the store I frequent the other day. I forget the game they had running on it but it was gorgeous, no tearing, ghosting with brilliant colors and deep blacks, even in the crappy lighting that the store offered. Next on my list.
  13. Well, after selling my 1070 last nite i popped the factory seal off my 1080ti. In a nutshell: - the Haswell does not do the 1070 justice - the 1070 does not do the Coffee Lake justice I didn't think i had a nuther WOW in me ....this buiild just destroys p3d v4.2
  14. I think PMDG installed it ---if so, what's if for.
  15. PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    I just reinstalled (Feb 27th) P3d V4.2, the latest ver. of the 747 and active sky on a new puter* build with no issues. Actually. a new mobo and processor but using OS and drives from my previous build -Win7.