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  1. Cheers! <vbg> ....It was your guidance that put me behind the wheel of an Apex. Best mobo I’ve ever owned far.
  2. I’ll give you this Sam: i don’t have a cpu issue with where and how i fly using p3d4.3 with the 8600k. My ceiling issue is with gpu load. And I think, based on what some users here have reported, i can solve by installing another 1080ti. The problem is i can only recommend an apex and i’m not so sure they are readily available anymore.
  3. Ain’t touching this subject. In that video Roman was scratching his head....if he’s scratching his head I’m sitting down and not saying uh thing. 🙂
  4. Post deleted. I’ll defer to Westman.
  5. Thanks man! at Sam regarding 9700: I do
  6. I’m still amazed these bench publishers don’t test with the fastest verified memory associated with the tested mobs, especially with coffee lake, so we can get an idea of how the imc performs. this bologny of using the same memory for the amd comparative is so wrong.
  7. Pretty sure he was using HT. The power draw and temps should be managable with HT off; with that said, it should be a worthy upgrade for anyone coming from a 4 core processor and maybe even a 6 core.
  8. For reference : my cinebench single thread score is 225. 5.0 / 4133 memory
  9. FunknNasty

    P3Dv4 Orbx KLAX FPS Hitter?

    no ....what are your specs? If you're on a ddr3 system then that 2400 memory is just fine, can't really do any better than that. I did try a 3000mhz memory kit on a ddr3 system ...I ended up selling the kit for the best 2400 kit I could find.
  10. FunknNasty

    P3Dv4 Orbx KLAX FPS Hitter?

    The test bed I used: midday (I think it was late spring - clear skies or fair (shouldn't make a difference) - Orbix So Cal and FSDT LAX - PMDG 747 in take off position at 24L - unlimited fps no vsync - my usual airliner ai traffic pm me for test method I think you're in for a pleasant surprise with that new hardware.
  11. FunknNasty

    P3Dv4 Orbx KLAX FPS Hitter?

    The short and easy answer is no. "( love KLAX area)" Yeah me too! and I'm a Bay Area guy. EDIT: Oh, and that 2400Mhz memory ....Michael? In my memory testing, i did test a 2400 C10 config, not good. 🙂
  12. FunknNasty

    P3Dv4 Orbx KLAX FPS Hitter?

    yeah, that's where my system setup differs from yours, my system isn't tied to the monitor. ...Oh, this may not be relevant to the way your system is setup, but LAX is also the place where I can show a 10% performance pop using 4133 memory over 3200.
  13. FunknNasty

    P3Dv4 Orbx KLAX FPS Hitter?

    I happily do, and with great satisfaction, LAX at least twice a day with the PMDG 747 and Orbix So Cal. In fact my system is propose built just or LAX. I usually do morning and evening flights. General of thumb for all weather 24/7 flying into and out of LAX is: I do not use vync (for fps), especially on approach; and frame rates must be locked (to prevent hard stutters associated with 100% gpu load with DL on), especially at dawn or dusk during take-off roll or on flare to the rnwy .
  14. FunknNasty

    Upgrading Cpu

    well, i can't. but i did read somewhere, and understood it as, that he purchased a 3600 c15 kit .....maybe it was someone else. My apologies