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  1. I'll be relying your disposable income, time and expertise to find out where this new card fits in with the flight sim community. 🙂
  2. FunknNasty

    Motherboard help?

    Seeing and believing are both often wrong -fog of war But! I'm glad you brought that up: 1) did der8auer test P3D v4.3? 2) why I would never recommend readily available hi-speed memory to someone; the memory is expensive compared to 3200mhz and usually comes in with higher latency than what I'm using. Which brings me back to the Apex and Samsung B-die memory: the Apex eats hi speed memory and cares not what the memory is "rated" at, hence my rated 3200mhz c14 running at 4133 c17.
  3. FunknNasty

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    Oh geez ...the motherboard cleared it's throat when we didn't mention it by name... :-)
  4. FunknNasty

    Motherboard help?

    My remark with the Formula was in concern to hi speed memory.
  5. FunknNasty

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    You didn't give my monitor any love ...that's kinda like the GoldenState Warriors playing without Stephen Curry.
  6. In my world the champ is the champ until proven otherwise. Intel has been the single thread champ for many years .....You want to challenge that notion? Then you prove it. OBTW, my 8600K is $225. My money sez the 8600K I own and operate for P3D V4.3 will wax any AMD processor at any price.
  7. FunknNasty

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    which part? ...the clouds or the smoke stacks? :-)
  8. FunknNasty

    BIGGEST Holes Ever Made By Humans

    Not quite to the scale of your find, but orbx Nor-Cal does a great job with the Kaiser Permanente cement quarry just a few miles west of the Apple Hq in the Cupertino hills ....pretty much looks like the thumbnail above if you give the mesh a chance to fully populate. You'll fly over it if using the BSR to Menlo approach into SFO.
  9. FunknNasty

    Motherboard help?

    The RoG Code and Hero are good, but after some reading over at the ROG boards I'd probably stay away from the Formula. Why the four sticks of memory preference? Otherwise I'd recommend the Apex.
  10. FunknNasty

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    Yeah. LAX is like ordering for that company dinner or dinner for that wedding reception; you can choose 1 of 3 entrees ( chicken, fish, or beef), choose 2 of 5 side dish offerings (corn, potato, rice, fruit, or other), and a drink ....anything more and you pay.
  11. FunknNasty

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    LAX take off LAX approach
  12. Yeah, I'm not confident that this thing will bring anything more to the table (p3d 4.3) than what a current properly tuned Coffee Lake already brings. With my current setup it's the GPU that is the bottle neck not the cpu.
  13. Mobo: ROG Apex Cpu: 8700K or 8600K Ram: GSkill 3200 c14 2x8GB Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG279Q GPU: GTX 1080ti anything less (or more) than the above and you run the risk of ....well, see the P3D forum -if you're using P3d 4.3. Optional: PS/2 mouse and keyboard, Win7 Pro other recs: P/S Corsair Rm 750x, Samsung EVO drives,
  14. FunknNasty

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Dude??? Gerard is your protege, Fix it!!! 🙂 ...I mean you started this 16 core, 3 gpu, 4 8k monitor stuff ..... now clean it up. <vbg>