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  1. Garrett67

    Your age?

    Personally I prefer 18 over 12, but that is me.
  2. Garrett67

    Your age?

    I'm now 46
  3. Garrett67

    Your age?

    I'm 46 now lol
  4. I remember when 6GB HDD's just came out (1999 maybe?) and we all said "You'll NEVER use that much space" LOLI currently have a 320 GB hard drive and I think I have about 140 GB's left. I believe FS (and associated files) take up nearly 40 GB's.
  5. Garrett67

    FSX: Acceleration Progressive Taxi not working

    Did the Beta team do ANY flying ? One flight would have caught so many of the problems that are being discovered.
  6. Garrett67

    Whats Wrong With AVSIM?

    Wasn't there a message somewhere , perhaps on the main page about more downloads, unlimited downloads? It was something like that but anyway, ever since then the pages have been S-L-O-W !
  7. Garrett67

    Interesting FSX versus Reality video

    That is cool, thanks for sharing.
  8. >>I had to disable UTX... one of the aircraft carriers was on>land out in the middle of the ocean, where there shouldnt' be>land.>>There was a patch posted yesterday by Allen Kriesman for UTX>USA that fixes those issues.>>Follow this link:>>, I saw that after I posted.. Thanks.
  9. >Seems that Ultimate Terrain X USA has issues as well..>Puts land where there should be water!..Lake Erie is gone! and>there is land in my carrier missions as well..>>I had to disable UTX... one of the aircraft carriers was on land out in the middle of the ocean, where there shouldnt' be land.Also, FSGenesis has issues in that when you start the chopper mission that takes you up the ski slope (can't remember the name of the mission), you start on the edge of a cliff created by FSG and you better go full throttle very fast or you'll fall to your death. It took me 5 or 6 times to get airborne so I could save the mission.EDIT: I just saw the post about the UTX Patch. I'll try that out.
  10. As you know FSXMissionguy (since you helped me) that I just started with choppers, so that doesn't help much. That machine is a different beast as soon as you hook something on that cable but I won't give up but I'll make sure I save often so I don't have to start from the beginning ;)
  11. The only place I notice jaggies is the cockpit shadowing, it looks terrible but I haven't really messed with the settings to correct it yet.
  12. Yeah, I managed to do it several times. I didn't need the speedbrake to land, just to slow down after taking off. The carrier landings aren't that bad really compared to lets say...........Picking up a crate with a chopper and setting it on the back of the truck. I never laughed so hard in my life when ... well, let the picture do the talking. Oops!!... it only rolled about 25 feet after it flung off the cable!
  13. First a question, where is the speed brake on the F-18????Next, that has to be the most difficult thing ever! Trying not to fall out of the sky while attempting to line up with a moving runway.. I managed one landing after about 1.5 hours of crashing into the edge of the ship. I think I just cost the gov't about $100 Billion.
  14. In aircraft carrier training mission, I have an aircraft carrier sitting in dirt/grass off the coast of Florida. I never fly to Florida so it may have already had land extending out into the ocean but I haven't figured out which add-on it is .
  15. >Is there actually a way of checking whether DX10 is enabled?>Did you notice any difference like FPS improvement?I believe there is a checkbox in the settings to enable DX10. I'll find out in a few, going to install it now.