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  1. one thing that would be important to know is what type of aircraft you are flying and also if you are flying in VFR or IFR conditions. lets look at a basic high performance single engine aircraft in VFR conditions for this example. when you are downwind from the landing and abeam the runways numbers, you would do your first notch of flaps and lower the landing gear. turning base you would use your 2nd notch of flaps and check to make sure your gear is down, and turning final you would use your 3rd notch of flaps and again check your landing gear is in the down position. this is a very simplified version but that is the just of it. If you were flying in IFR condition and flying an ILS approach, a general thought would be 1st notch of flaps over the outer marker, 2nd over the middle and 3rd as you exit into VFR conditions while the gear would come down at the outer marker i think. ( it has been a real long time since i shot an actual IFR ILS approach ) If you are flying a B737 this is obviously going to be different.Kyle
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