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  1. Hi Gerard, I use your last preset with Uncheck Water Surface Tuning (12_PTA2-Saldo 4_3 v14 - Dec) as you mention, I got very bright grass do you know how to fix this ? the frist one HDR is on and the second is Off thanks HDR On HDR Off
  2. Hi Matt After reinstalling the Client as you mentioned, I got this, what does it mean the error?
  3. Thanks Simbio for the info, I will try as I have paid version of FSUIPC.
  4. Thanks for you reply Ephedrin, it seems pretty complicated indeed, the reason I am asking because I want to assign it to a button via FSUIPC, after reading your explanation, not sure if I can do that. but again thanks for your reply. I hope PMDG team read this and adding the key combi for EFB 😉
  5. Hello I just bought this 747-8 this week and I did search in the manual and this forum but could not find the answer, to popup the EFB I click on the the top of the EFB screen, my question is , is it possible to popup the EFB by using key combi? like shift+ 4 to popup or to toggle the FMC, thanks
  6. Yes, I am , and also the only person with an account 😉
  7. Thanks for the info Ray, I will do that.
  8. it is solved now, I forgot to run it as admin ;-),
  9. Thanks Ray I will it and will let yo know.
  10. what I have done so far update I FSUIPC and run the newest makerunways, but sitll the same result.