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  1. did you check utility in the ORBX central?
  2. no just like the 777 UI, I did tell to Bryan 😉
  3. nice, and please make the UI like the 777 but a bit bigger 😉
  4. Thanks Ray will give it a try and will let you know.
  5. Hello As the title said suddenly no sound, see the option https://ibb.co/xmzwzfn I rebuild scenery DB but still the same resuld no sound, normally as we know when the RC start we can press the number like 1 or 2 but I do not hear any sound, any idea how to fix this thanks
  6. is this correct? I update it from PMDG Operaton Center I see this https://ibb.co/7pHMZZp when I look at FMC for 747-8 I see ths https://ibb.co/8XcMhjY thanks for the update.
  7. Hi Gerard, I use your last preset with Uncheck Water Surface Tuning (12_PTA2-Saldo 4_3 v14 - Dec) as you mention, I got very bright grass do you know how to fix this ? the frist one HDR is on and the second is Off thanks HDR On https://ibb.co/ygmHPgx HDR Off https://ibb.co/1mpJhWq
  8. Thanks Simbio for the info, I will try as I have paid version of FSUIPC.
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