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  1. My issue is solved after copying the files Keven sent me.
  2. Hi Keven I uninstall and reinstalling 777 aircraft and also the 777 Immersion, as yesterday only the 777 Immersion, but still the same resulit, just wondering if there is anyone else has this issue? or I am the only one.
  3. Hi Keven I uninstall and reinstalling as you mentioned but the same result.
  4. Hi Keven no, should I do that?
  5. Hello After Updating for P3Dv4.2 777 Immersion looks very strange see attachement. I do not have this issue before updating, is there anyone else has this issue?
  6. Hi Chris Thanks for your quick reply, I change the viewpoint as you mention more forward, and it is fixed now, this topic can be closed, thanks for super support.
  7. Helllo This is nothing to do with update V4.2 Just wondering if someone has the same issue as I have, see attachment, as you can see the space between right and left side of the wing with the same flaps position is not the same. 10 left 10 right 30 left 30 right I use chaseplane to view this view, could anyone tell me how to fix this? thanks
  8. Hello After update to P3D v4.2 and PTA and Install PTA v2.61 my sea color and ground color become white, can anyone tell me how to fix this? thanks
  9. johnliem

    which one of FS Global

    Thanks Christian for your reply and explanation, much appreciete it
  10. Hello I would like to get FS Global product, but I do not know wihc one, can anyone tell me what is the diffrence between these two product, thanks. FS Global 2018 FTX FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX
  11. johnliem

    HUD green line center

    It is solved now by changing the point of view, thanks
  12. johnliem

    HUD green line center

    Thanks for your reply, but I did try it but it does not work , as I center the captain seat in the middle of yoke, but I will take a look again.
  13. johnliem

    HUD green line center

    Hello can anyone tell me how to make the HUD green line center, thanks