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  1. Hi Room112, When you go to config go to tab of sounds, make sure that the volume 100% I had this issue but now fixed by what I mention above give it a try.
  2. I start the Beta version and was a popup asking to update the clip library when I click on Yes, I do not see any update see attechement. https://ibb.co/y0CxPwq
  3. Hi Mark, I am going to use it and will let you you know how it goes. John
  4. Hi Sarah what do you mean because of Discord, I am also on Discoard, but when I am using the P2A, I am not on Discord.
  5. Yes, only the level of P2A in the Windows mixer goes down?
  6. Dave, mine always set to "Do Nothing", I know this for sure as I use Multicrew Experience this software always show or set to "Do Nothing" for Prepare3D V5 start, I forgot to mention that this issue happend with Prepare3D V5. I do not tested yet with MSFS2020
  7. Hi Dave, just to give jou an idea what happen when I use Beta, on the Windows Mixer panel the Pilot2ATC volume goes to 3% . it does not matter how many time I set to 1000%, it goes back to 3%, on the printscreen you see for an example, I am not flying at the moment just give an idea, the other sound is stay 100% except for Pilot2atc, but this issue does not happend when I use Non Beta. https://ibb.co/7YKFR8Y
  8. Hi, Dave it seem I am not alone with this issue I did install the last Beta 1B but still the same issue, and yes I run Windows 11 but with the Default version, it works just fine, just to let you know.
  9. Hi John I use some voices from this website https://harposoftware.com/en/ They are not robotic.
  10. Hi Tom just make sure after clicking the validate and then click FILE button othewise you will never get any answer then you can press PTT button, let me know if it works. and also make sure the Microphone is on in your aircraft(Important)
  11. Hello Ray it works now not only to wow64 but I copy also to system32 and now it works thanks for your help
  12. I did copy it manually to C:\Windows\sysWOW64 folder, but still the same I copy it also just now to system32 and now it works 😉
  13. Hello Ray thanks for your respons I did as you told me also follow instruction from the link but I got this error https://ibb.co/6Jx51TD
  14. Hello Ray I installed the RC succesfuly and rebuilt the DB but when I start the RC the start button is not active any idea how to fix this? what I have done so far I reinstall the FSUIPC, but still the same result.
  15. did you check utility in the ORBX central?
  16. no just like the 777 UI, I did tell to Bryan 😉
  17. nice, and please make the UI like the 777 but a bit bigger 😉
  18. Thanks Ray will give it a try and will let you know.
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