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  1. sichars68

    LES Saab 340

    Hi neilhr This sounds like a problem during the starting of the engines, I believe you may have advanced the conditions levers to max too soon. Have a look at the manual. The support forum for LES products is here This has probably been covered already, if not make a new post. Everybody on the forums are very friendly and helpful.
  2. Hey Guys If you look at the developer blog, I believe WEDbot is the account that contains WED airports already in the 10.30rc1 update, so if you have updated to this release all the airports in WEDbot are already there. That's how I read it anyhow.
  3. sichars68

    NVidia Inspector Settings?

    Hi Flo I have tried the settings you have suggested and I am pleased to say that I am experiencing the smoothest flight sim experience I ever have. Thanks for the heads-up.
  4. sichars68

    KingAir C90B Auto Pilot

    That is fine Tom. As I say it's not really a major issue, I just have one of the landing lights switched on for taxi-ing. I mentioned the nosewheel steering, because I used to work in ground operations for a aircraft management company and we managed a KingAir 350. When it arrived back at out base airport at the end of the day we would need to manouevre it back into the hangar with a tug and there were two marks on the nose gear strut that you we not allowed to turn beyond, it had a really large turning circle. We would always need to turn it through 180 degrees and it would be about a nine-point turn. I am not sure how the C90 compares with this, but I always adjust this in PM myself so not an issue. I say again, many thanks for taking the time to answer and try to accommodate all the users requests/questions.
  5. sichars68

    KingAir C90B Auto Pilot

    Hi Tom I have managed to do a bit of testing of the file, and I am now not getting any light spill from the taxi light. This isn't a problem to me as such, because I just turn one or both of the landing lights on, and they are both fine. I just know you are very particular about getting these small details right, which is to all our benefit. I do also find the nosewheel seems to turn too quickly and too far, but this is something I usually change myself in PM(for most models), as it is impossible, in my opinion to get this right for all users given all the different control hardware we use. Otherwise the flight model feels really good, and it is excellent to see the default aircraft being improved on.
  6. sichars68

    KingAir C90B Auto Pilot

    Many thanks for all this Tom. I will let you know how it goes with the test file
  7. sichars68

    KingAir C90B Auto Pilot

    Hi Tom Yes I have the autopilot between the seats, seems strange this. If you could send me an alternate version for testing that would be great.
  8. sichars68

    KingAir C90B Auto Pilot

    This is what I am seeing Tom
  9. sichars68

    KingAir C90B Auto Pilot

    Hi Tom I've just been taking a look at the KingAir after the latest update and I think it is really improving nicely. When flying it I am starting to get that same excellent 'actual flying' feel that I get from your MU-2. One thing I have noticed though, when in HDR mode the taxi light seems to shine backwards under the fuselage, and I can't see any light shining forward through the cockpit window. I am liking the changes to the Baron also, and I know you said there is more to come, which is great. Keep up the good work.