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  1. Get a REAL flight planner! The current iteration is a PITA! I've read the quick guide and the FP won't respond to my double clicks to create a multi stop plan. Geez....Looks like I've bought another PIG in a poke.
  2. Problem has been occurring for some time: Have ATC window unlocked and on second monitor. When select a new center frequency, The GPS keeps switching between new freq and old freq for a couple of minutes then settles down, often with old freq under the cursor. Have to keep selecting the new freq oftentimes 3-4 times before I accomplish a freq change. GNS is in almost all of my aircraft (Have a very crowded hangar) Primarily occurs in A2A Cherokee, but also evident in RealAir Beech 76 V2, and Carenado C337 amongst them. Anyone know what's wrong? I've reinstalled FSX, the aircraft, and the Reality GPS several time over the past months, still having this problem.
  3. I had same problem trying to activate with Flight 1, used IE instead of Chrome, but, you've probably already tried that I bet. An email from Flight 1 told me their servers don't like Chrome . . . .go figure. Charlie
  4. SteveHalpern: Okay, on a whim I used Internet Explorer to install the product, AND, worked!!!!. Looks like Flight 1 doesn't like Chrome or I have something wrong somewhere. Thanks!!! Charlie
  5. SteveHalpern: Followed the instructions at Flight One's site to the letter. I have installed Other software from F1 this way for rebuilds and not had any firewall problems. I should have tried disabling Avast. Let's try this again. . . . . . . . . .Thanks!
  6. The usual caveat applies to this: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. . . . . Have downloaded the file three times, won't install with the provided key. Way to go Flight 1!
  7. Hmmm. Mine installed without that warning. I'm not sure what's going on there Sir.
  8. I used Pro_Flight_XPlane_Plugin_7_9_50_1_X64_Software for my Multi and Switch panels along with SPAD )probably redundant) and they work fine. Charlie
  9. Noob question here: where in FSX.cfg should ForceVCShadowMap be placed. CHarlie
  10. I'm a blue-collar guy: Pest Control near KATL. Many of "my customers" are pilots (DAL & SWA) and work at ATC (TRACON and Approach). Keeps me on top of commercial activities.
  11. I like the app, but, it froze after 2 hours into a 5 hour flight (KPUJ, near Atlanta, GA to MYNN) Had to close and restart program. Then at end of flight after zoom to closest level for approach, the program shut down FSX and I lost all logbook data. Simconnect worked both times I started the program. BTW: it doesn't play nice with FSXWX, had to remove the weather program to prevent "fatal errors" this morning. Hope this helps . . . . Charlie
  12. Finally. Some instructions to set up my yoke without having to decipher engineer-speak. Thanks!
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