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  1. Although I do not own the Duke, I recall that issue somewhere - the solution proposed was disabling the crash detection. Please try this and give us some feedback.
  2. LeeL, BK needs an audio signal, no matter if it comes from Your MoBo or external card connected via PCI extension slot. You should be fine with build-in card.
  3. Try to disable ice effects in VC in config panel. It should be in FSX's PMDG\JS41 folder. There was a lengthy discussion on this flashing at PMDG/Turboprops subforum.
  4. The ever best plane with BK is a Aerosoft Catalina. I UseBK LFE set and with volume in mid range, a friend of mine literally jumped almost breaking my Yoke platform when I started port engine for him (he was at the controls).
  5. Please start with saying something like 'ground crew from the deck' - You will obtain a contact with the ground this way and You can ask for pushback afterwards
  6. Speedbird, You could try to do a clean driver install and create a custom profile afterwards. I mean not using the 'MS Flight Simulator X' fron thr nVidia Inspector, but create a custom profile pointing to Your FSX.EXE file. I assume You have UAC disabled, right?
  7. This is analogue device. You need to feed it with an audio signal. You connect the LFE output of Your card to BK's amplifier and the amp has wires for the transducer. Amplifier is included in the kit, but if You purchase only the shaker, there will be no accessories. Please take a sneak peak at the producer's web page, there You can find some nice pictures on how to connect it in different scenario. I have mine switched (from Advance to LFE) in a matter of 10-15 minutes, the most difficult part was raising the platform, on which my FSX setup is based - the rubber isolators for LFE are more soft and lower.
  8. Somebody called me? So there I am. Buttkicker LFE is awesome. Is has 300-1000 Watt output and made my T40 speakers AC Adapter fall off on first tryout. I can compare it to BK Advance kit which I still own. The best scenario for BK tests are: - crash on purpose - stall with Accu Feel - sideslip with Accu Feel - turbulence with AF - and my extra one - Rise of Flight and AA explosion near my 'old school' crate. Do You need to know anything specific?
  9. I am so satisfied with the Buttkicker Advance (300W transducer) that I have purchased LFE Kit (1000W). Of course my wife is not as impressed as I am... I like it in RoF most - You can literally feel the AA guns shooting.
  10. Guys, do any of You tried the fix with PMDGs JS41? I have found, that speeding slowly to ~25kts and bring props to beta (~3-5% Torque, 72% RPM) it took more than a minute to slow down to ~12-15kts. Is that OK? I used tarmac for this.
  11. I use it for choppers, warplanes and RoF 1WW simulator. It does handle the job pretty good. If You fly "hands on" You may consider removing the "big spring" to have a lot less tension on the centering force. The hardware is outstanding, the software is powerful, but far from perfect.
  12. Send it to GF and ask for a firmware upgrade. The current one is A25. You can check Your firmware when booting the device - in left course selector look for a 'Axx' indicating firmware revision. I remember bell ringing, the newest firmware does not work with PDMG747 hardware driver, since it does not contain serial number anymore, but please ask GF team for details. I have gone this way because I had similar issues - all the rotaries turned in one direction generates movement in sim in both directions.
  13. It depends how Your floor is constructed and how You will attach it to the chair/desk/seat. I have four rubber isolators beneath the simpit and Buttkicker Advanced (300W actuator) attached directly to the frame. You can feel the vibrations in 2-2,5m radius when standing on the floor
  14. I am using BK Advance for a two years or even more. It is a good investment in both props and jets. I had to tweak some of the sounds (MilViz Cessna 310 is one example) since my unit was bottoming out. My world of advice: get the strongest sub You can afford. Why? More shaking more immersion. My Piper Cub shakes my whole room. And the more power to the actuator, the more heat it generates. In small units, thermal protection will kick in and You are without immersion factor for a couple of minutes - believe me You will be mad when Your landing gear is already down and You do not feel Your plane under Your butt...
  15. vc10man, do You have FS2Crew? I believe it renames default WAVs for some FO callouts
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