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  1. Although I do not own the Duke, I recall that issue somewhere - the solution proposed was disabling the crash detection. Please try this and give us some feedback.
  2. Try to disable ice effects in VC in config panel. It should be in FSX's PMDG\JS41 folder. There was a lengthy discussion on this flashing at PMDG/Turboprops subforum.
  3. Please start with saying something like 'ground crew from the deck' - You will obtain a contact with the ground this way and You can ask for pushback afterwards
  4. Speedbird, You could try to do a clean driver install and create a custom profile afterwards. I mean not using the 'MS Flight Simulator X' fron thr nVidia Inspector, but create a custom profile pointing to Your FSX.EXE file. I assume You have UAC disabled, right?
  5. I use it for choppers, warplanes and RoF 1WW simulator. It does handle the job pretty good. If You fly "hands on" You may consider removing the "big spring" to have a lot less tension on the centering force. The hardware is outstanding, the software is powerful, but far from perfect.
  6. Send it to GF and ask for a firmware upgrade. The current one is A25. You can check Your firmware when booting the device - in left course selector look for a 'Axx' indicating firmware revision. I remember bell ringing, the newest firmware does not work with PDMG747 hardware driver, since it does not contain serial number anymore, but please ask GF team for details. I have gone this way because I had similar issues - all the rotaries turned in one direction generates movement in sim in both directions.
  7. I guess it is little easier IRL - You have huge screen, more sounds, more depth of view and You risk more that starting again from active. When flying straight and level, You should pre-brief an altitude, direction and speed. For slowing down, just retract Your power a tiny bit. When turning smoke system, the leader said 'smokers...' (then You put Your finger on smoke activator) 'one' - that's the time You flip the switch. 'Smokers...' 'Two' and You do not have Your back 'on fire'. Also, it helps a lot if You pre-brief the bank angles in turns, the rate of turn and other parameters, which will help You keeping 'tied' to the frontman.
  8. My guess, renaming of aircraft.cfg files would be just enough. You won't see them in A/C selection list, but still have the files, which could be needed on different panels (3rd party add-ons uses sometimes default sounds from out-of-the-box hangar)
  9. vc10man, do You have FS2Crew? I believe it renames default WAVs for some FO callouts
  10. Sorry, that should be: I remember doing two things - changing zoom in cameras.cfg and default flight. Now I do have zoom 1.00 everytime I start a flight. Do You have EZCA by a chance? I believe it sets 0.4 in zoom
  11. There is a %AppData%MicrosoftFSXCameras.cfg file. Open it with NotePad and seek for:[CameraDefinition.xxx]Title = Virtual Cockpit //If You want to change VC zoomInitialZoom = 0.7 //switching to 1.0 will give You 0.7 zoom scalar in a new flight and when resetting zoom
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