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  1. I have sounds if I am outside of cockpit, but not if I'm in the plane. Is this normal?
  2. I've found most mountain ranges look much better with google. Rockies, Alps, Himalayan. The exception is New Zealand. Bing definitely wins there.
  3. Does anyone have any departing traffic when using live traffic?
  4. That was it. Forgot to move them back after update. THANK YOU so much. I love this forum.
  5. Since the update I have no approaches listed anywhere. (World map, G1000, G3000, GTN750, ETC. I also have no moving AI planes. Plenty of parked ones but nothing flying of taxiing. Also ATC treats all airports like un-towered airports. No option to talk to tower and request landing. Just pick your runway. No option to listen to approach traffic either. I saw the list of the fixes that are coming but none of these issues were listed. Is anyone else experiencing these or does anyone have a solution?
  6. ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B 34” Curved HDR Monitor
  7. I have an Asus 34in ultrawide monitor 2K and HDR looks phenomenal.
  8. I removed everything from Community folder and that appears to have fixed it. Now to start adding things until I find the culprit.
  9. Ever since installing new update the UK is full of terrain spikes or rather plateaus. London is surrounded by them. The Highlands are full of them as well. The rest of the world appears ok. Any suggestions?
  10. TBM930 and Cirrus are what I have tried. I'm assuming it's across the board.
  11. So happy to be able to now load a flight without a destination and then load a destination from the cockpit and be able to load and activate approaches.
  12. I found when I choose KTVL or KTEX as my destination, neither has approaches available in the Garmin 1000 or 3000.
  13. The up and down arrow keys move you up and down in your seat.
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