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  1. TBM930 and Cirrus are what I have tried. I'm assuming it's across the board.
  2. So happy to be able to now load a flight without a destination and then load a destination from the cockpit and be able to load and activate approaches.
  3. I found when I choose KTVL or KTEX as my destination, neither has approaches available in the Garmin 1000 or 3000.
  4. The up and down arrow keys move you up and down in your seat.
  5. Can anyone with the release version tell me if the sunken bridge issue has been fixed?
  6. I also have DD's Seattle Airports which include them all in great detail. It's a must have if you have DD Seattle.
  7. Anyone having any luck with Synthetic Vision working with P3D V5? All the keys show up but nothing happens when they are pushed. Same results in Cessna 182.
  8. Anyone having any luck with this in V5?
  9. If I'm running P3D in 1080P does setting texture res to high or ultra have any affect?
  10. Running P3D V4 on a 2500K @ 4.6, 16 gigs ram, and a 1060 video card. Runs smooth without issues. Most settings are high. I use AirTraffic Manager when I'm around the huge/busy airports to cut down on traffic and it helps a lot. I do fly mostly helos and GA. No PMG airlines.
  11. I had a similar problem when pausing track IR. Turns out the flaps were configured the same key as my joystick for the button I used to pause it.
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