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  1. I don’t see the higher GPU utilization as being a problem but rather a benefit to overall performance. The fact that your graphics card is being utilized to render the scenery more is a good thing as it allows the CPU to handle other tasks in the sim. And there is also a difference between GPU core load and GPU memory load. Many of the best optimized P3D 4.5 sceneries and aircraft do a much better job of utilizing GPU power to reduce the CPU bottleneck that has always limited the FSX/P3D sim platform.
  2. All in all this is a good update. I am still using my own AFCAD where I have edited parking sizes to better reflect aircraft type parking. I also am using my own placed GSE and also trees that I added from the older version using instant scenery. Having no problems with SODE or the PBR textures. I am impressed with the performance given the size of the airport and the number of aircraft. It runs silky smooth for me running a complex airliner and even with 150+ aircraft on the ground. This is still a little lower quality than flightbeam or flytampa but overall it is very well done. Also very nice to have an update of this extent for free, especially three years after its release.
  3. Unfortunately I don’t think anything has been addressed yet to fix this scenery. As it stands now this scenery is unusable as far as I am concerned. Horrible flickering, stutters galore, and lower FPS than any other payware airport I own. And frankly like I previously posted the quality of the models and texturing is mediocre at best. There are a number of other problems too such as with the AFCAD and night lighting. You’ve got to wonder if anyone even tested this before putting it on the market. I hope a number of these problems get fixed at some point, but for now I have just removed it from my system. Overall this has been a very disappointing purchase.
  4. I had been waiting for this scenery for quite a while and was concerned that the project had been scrapped after not seeing a CVG update on the Skyline Simulations Facebook page for the better part of a year. First thing is that they seem to have their website and server issues fixed. I was able to buy the product and download it with no issues and at a high speed. However once installed it has unfortunately been mostly disappointing. Like many people have already stated the AFCAD is a total mess. Most spots at the terminal are not properly coded and are badly misaligned. And the DHL facility was omitted completely. The terminal layout is also outdated as people have previously mentioned, with terminal two and concourse c still present. I was hoping to have the option to simply remove these objects from the scenery folder, however it appears that the terminal complex has been consolidated into one large scenery file. Also missing is the significant DHL ramp addition north of taxiway n, which was constructed in 2016. The terminal details and texturing also frankly do not look as crisp as I expected from the Facebook photos. I don't know if those were supposed to be for this version or if those were for a newer version still not released. I also have some annoying texture flickering for example the Delta logo on the hanger which really takes away from the immersion. And despite running P3D 4.5 and having all those PBR textures in the folder, I am getting mostly just a bunch of flickering and not the reflections and metallic look that I get at LatinVFR Miami for example. And finally, I am having some performance issues with lower than expected FPS and micro stutters. Perhaps this has something to do with the very large number of texture sheets (normal maps, lit maps, ect.) that have been converted from Xplane? I really hope that some of these issues will be addressed. It is obvious the developers at Skyline Simulations have a very high level of talent based upon some of their other products and what has been showcased on their Facebook page. However this scenery in its current form is in need of some significant work.
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