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  1. Under the section in the aircraft.cfg [General] atc_type=BOEING atc_model=B772 This works for me. Regards Matt Williams
  2. Very sad to hear this news. I spent many hours flying his boeing 767. It was my introduction to flying a complex aircraft all those years ago. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends, and thank you to Eric for your contribution to our wonderful hobby, and for sparking my interest in flying. Regards Matt Williams
  3. I for one appreciate the wonderful work that Garry Lewis, Juergen Baumbusch, Philippe Tabatchnik, Johan Clausen and Kyle Meeks give to us freely. It enhances our hobby, gives us a fantastic sense of emersion and makes such a difference to our flight sim world. Regards Matt Williams
  4. I had almost exactly the same experience as the guy in the video about two years ago. Having flight simulation as my main hobby since my early twenties (I'm now in my mid fifties) my kids bought me an introductory flight lesson for my birthday. With thousands of hours sim experience I had never flown a real aircraft before. I did my 30 minute introductory flight and was absolutely blown away. Loved every second of it. Instructor let me take off and we flew a circuit. I kept glancing to my right to check the instructor and his hands were in his lap, I was flying! I was amazed at how familiar everything was and kept having to pinch myself "you're doing this for real". Definitely the biggest difference is the forces you experience at the controls. The bumps and turbulence etc. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Like the video as well the instructor let me line it up for final, told me to keep that picture of the runway/threshold in my head and in we came. To be honest I had my hand on the stick and my eyes glued to that threshold the whole way down so I never glanced across to see if he hand his hands on the controls but we did a nice landing and he commented afterwards that my flight simulation had served me well. I think he was impressed. Sadly I haven't had the chance to go again.
  5. They have updated the schedules just recently. You can update the models. They are yet to introduce Powerpack which enables flightplans to be imported, but are planning to do so in future releases. Regards Matt Williams
  6. Very sad news, condolences to Tom's family and friends. Regards Matt Williams
  7. First files I search when looking for an AFCAD. My thanks too Ray. Regards Matt Williams
  8. Thanks for the heads up Chris, lots of Aussie sceneries I hadn't found. Cheers mate. Regards Matt Williams
  9. Christopher, I havn't used this scenery, but with other scenery that installs outside the Addon Scenery folder I've moved the Afcad that comes with the scenery into the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Sometimes this has worked without problems, sometimes it has caused issues with the particular scenery. My other suggestion if your still having problems would be to visit the FSDreamteam website forums. I believe the UK2000 scenery is popular so I'm sure you will find a resolution to this issue. As I said before sometimes it just takes a bit of trial and error to make it work, but I've always found a way to get it working. Regards Matt Williams
  10. Had this problem a few times. It might take some detective work, but for me it was usually a conflicting afcad file. Also sometimes if using add on scenery in a different folder other than "Addon Scenery/Scenery" folder. Hope this helps, I've always been able to resolve these issues, it just might take a bit of trial and error. Regards Matt Williams
  11. Thanks Vaughan, I only have FSX installed, AS2012 just doesnt seem to recognise my FSX AppData Folder. I have no idear why this is happening. I get weather and all seems to work as it should, it just wont install wx influenced graphics. I thought that maybe I had a corrupt FSX.cfg file or something, so reinstalled FSX to no avail. I am using Bojote tweak to inhance performance, but I suspect many do and do not have the issue I am experiencing. Thanks anyway for your reply. Regards Matt Williams
  12. I have installed AS2012 SP2 Beta and when starting AS2012 I am given an AppData read error. It asks me to navigate to the AppData folder, which in FSX is "C:/Users/MyName/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX". I then get a message stateing "Valid FSX/P3D AppData Folder not found. Graphics will now close". Not sure what is wrong here, otherwise AS2012 works fine, it just wont install WX influenced graphics. Any help would be much appreciated. OS Win7 64. I have seached forums here and at Hifi and read manuel but haven't been able to find a resolution. Regards Matt Williams
  13. I've been adding the new FAIB AI models to my AI traffic and noticed that they come with a 'Logolight allways on' texture. Install instructions suggest this file should be added to the main FSX texture folder. I use Ultimate Traffic II and AI logolights remain on after dark. I was hopeing to achieve the same effect with the new FAIB models, but so far they remain dark until the aircraft starts to taxi. 1.Should the FAIB models remain lit up after dark? 2.If so, how specifically do I achieve this? Thanks for any assistance. Regards Matt Williams
  14. Hello fellow simmers, as yet I haven't purchased AS2012 as I'm on holidays, but have spent some time reading the user guide (cover to cover in fact). Something I have noticed is that some of you are using 'Enhanced Route Coverage' while in DWC depiction mode. The guide states on page 58 that 'Enhanced Route Coverage' is not relevant to operation in DWC mode. I was wondering if having both these options set may be causing some conflict. As I understand it Enhanced route coverage would be more relevant to flying in Standard Depiction Mode. It might be worth a try repeating your flights with Enhanced Route Coverage unchecked while in DWC mode to see if this makes a difference. Just a thought.Matt Williams
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