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  1. Here's how I use presets using Addons Linker. I have multiple airports across the USA I store in my alternate community folder. I have presets for Eastern US, Central US, Mountain US, and Western US airports. If I'm planning to fly to airports in the Central US only, I select the Central US preset I created so only airports belonging to the Central US region are loaded into my MSFS Community folder. The way I create a preset is: 1) Clear out all options selected in AddOns Linker. I believe there is a button (disable all addons) or menu item at the top that does that. 2) Select the airports or items you want to be included in your preset. 3) Under the Preset Menu, select "Create New Preset". Give your Preset a Name and click OK. 4) To test your new preset, clear all the options selected (using the disable all addons button). At the lower left, click the drop down box next to Preset and you should see your newly named preset - click on it to select it. To the right of the drop down are several buttons. One has a box with a green checkmark, with a mouseover that says "Apply the Selected Preset (cumulative)". Click that button and all the airports or scenery you added to that preset will be selected and added to your MSFS Community folder. Hope this helps. If you're still having trouble, send me a private message and I'll go into more details. Good luck.
  2. I'd love to see KTUL, Tulsa International Airport done in VerticalSim quality. It's got a nice mix of airline, GA, and some military (F-16's with the 138th fighter wing of the Oklahoma ANG). It also has a maintenance base for American Airlines. There is a version done by msfscenerybuilders that's slightly better than default but still lacking. Might be a bit on the larger side but a nice airport project to do. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. I did see one of those FeelThere ramp defects when taxiing out on a flight today. I hadn't run into one before today. I bought the airport through Simmarket so it's not an issue with just the MS Store / Marketplace edition. Hey Denny, I have to give a shout out to a fellow Parks College grad! I graduated from Parks in 1986 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a BS in Aviation Maintenance Engineering. I too was sorry to see the old Cahokia campus close. I actually have never been to the new Parks facility at the SLU campus but I hear it's very nice. I enjoyed my Parks experience too!
  4. I'd like a more complete version of KCPS too. I fly there on occasion in real life and in MSFS. I can't make any promises but if I get some time during the July 4 holiday, I will try to make some updates to KCPS with the SDK. If that happens, I'll let you know, fppilot.
  5. Hi Ryan, I would be happy to provide you the version I have of ALN. I'll send you a PM and figure out the best way to get a zip file of the airport to you.
  6. Liked your comments on KALN. I fly a Mooney M20J out of KALN when I can afford to put fuel in it! 🙂 The airport restaurant had great food but it became a "COVID casualty". I may have downloaded your FSX/P3D version of St. Louis Regional. It was certainly better than the default airport! In MSFS, KALN has few, if any, buildings or hangars so I used the SDK to add some hangars and make it look closer to real life. I've never uploaded it to flightsim.to or other sites since it relies on the freeware Orbx scenery Fairways (OG20) for the T-hangars. One of these days, I'll rip out the Orbx dependency and add something from the SDK library or one of the other freeware libraries and upload to flightsim.to
  7. I have both RWS and FeelThere versions of KSTL. Of the two, I think I like the FeelThere version a little better and here's why: 1) The RWS scenery takes up a bunch of RAM (26GB to 28GB of my 32GB of DDR5 RAM) when loading the airport. It's one of the few payware airports I have that requires that much resources to load. To RWS credit, they did release a new version that fixed the FPS issues I had with the initial RWS version of KSTL, but I'm still not sure why it requires so much resources to operate. In bad weather or heavy AI traffic situations, I've run into performance issues due to the lack of memory overhead. In comparison, FeelThere uses about 16GB to 17GB so I have more room for bad weather, AI traffic, etc. 2) With RWS, there are also some issues with missing Boeing manufacturing buildings on the east side of the airport and some buildings to the south of the terminal where it appears that a flatten region went too far. KSTL is my "home" airport so it kind of ruins the immersion factor with the missing / flattened buildings. FeelThere's version does not flatten the Boeing buildings, and even includes the Boeing logo on the building exterior. 3) In real life, runway 11-29 rises slightly in elevation looking to the west. With the excessive flattening in the RWS version, runway 11-29 is missing that rising terrain. With the FeelThere version, you can see that rising elevation in runway 11-29. Neither scenery has great night lighting although I like FeelThere's terminal lighting a little better. My only complaint with the FeelThere version is that the jetways do not connect with AI aircraft. Kind of ruins the immersion factor. Hope this helps.
  8. I assume you're referring to the app Process Lasso, maybe?
  9. You can install the latest version (now 0.9.5) via the Experimental Branch. This will always contain the latest version while the stable branch will only be updated after reaching important milestones. How To Update Open Aerosoft One Install the version you would like to use
  10. I'm trying to find the information, but there is an experimental branch on Aerosoft One where you can get the latest releases. The 0.9.2 release is the stable baseline. Their plan is to upgrade the stable baseline as the feature set matures. If I can find the information on hwo to access the experimental branch I'll edit here or re-post.
  11. These new updates to the AIG models, AIM and AIGTC updates sound fantastic, especially the new visual effects! I'm super excited to see the new models and effects. Much thanks to AIG!
  12. Thanks Kai! I'm very happy to hear AIG is on this issue even if it is a lower priority. It's long overdue to see better GA traffic in the sim.
  13. The link to that map is wonderful! Haven't seen this before but it's well done! Thanks Ed!
  14. Which SWA livery was causing the performance issue? I have several SWA liveries for the PMDG738 (and the PMDG737). I'll be on the lookout for issues if I know what livery to be aware of. Thanks!
  15. I purchased Reg Designs PHLI (Lihue, Kauai) and I am very pleased. They did a great job with the airport and surroundings. For those virtual pilots who fly around the Hawaiian Islands, I also highly recommend Northern Sky Studios. They started out creating some of the smaller airports (Kapalua and Hana airports on Maui) and a couple of airports on the island of Molokai. They recently branched out into a much bigger project, creating Maui's primary airport Kahului International Airport. They did a fantastic job there as well. What I really enjoy with their airport sceneries is that they model not only the exterior of terminals but also the interiors in extreme detail. And they are also easy on the pocketbook! I also purchased a couple of their Alaska airport sceneries too! I couldn't be happier with their work.
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