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  1. I'm not sure, I'd like to know as well. Maybe in FSUIPC you can assign an axis to the tiller? I used this all the time with FSX. Haven't tested it with MSFS2020 though.
  2. Modded Bonanza? What is changed and where can I get the mod?
  3. I think that could be true and then the culprit would be PFPX. Are the RTE files for the 747 any different from the NGX/777 ones? As soon as I find time for another flight, I will! :wink: I see. However, in my case it didn't allow me to change anything.
  4. Kyle, I tend to agree with you, as I have never had any problems with saved panel states before (in the NGX, that is). What could be wrong with the route?
  5. Yes, I did use a saved panel state. I guess that was the problem. It was my second 'real' flight with the new 747. The first was from EHAM to KJFK; this one was the other way around. After landing at KJFK I saved the flight, loaded it and flew back to Amsterdam. I use this practice with the NGX all the time. I always load a saved flight (and thus a saved panel state) and never have any problems. It's probably dozens of flights since I last started a flight from scratch in the NGX. Never had any issues with that plane.
  6. Thank you all for your replies! Dan, thanks for your suggestion, but neither of those things worked in this situation. Anything I tried to add, change, delete, etc. was just ignored by the FMC, without messages or anything. Kyle, the route was generated by PFPX and loaded into the FMC through the request flight plan feature on the RTE page. When I used RTE2 as a workaround I used the same procedure.
  7. I'm currently in a situation where I can't solve a route discontinuity. In fact, I'm unable to do anything on the LEGS or RTE pages at all. It just ignores every input and I can only navigate using HDG SEL. I can hardly imagine this is correct behavior. I hope you can help me! EDIT: I just now tried selecting a DEP/ARR to try if that would resolve the problem. However, even when I try the LSK for a specific runway, it displays 'INVALID ENTRY' on the scratchpad. EDIT2: I found a workaround by loading the route into RTE2, so I can resume LNAV navigation. However, when trying to load the route into RTE1 again, I get 'NO ROUTES AVAILABLE'. Kevin Schepers
  8. I've found another slightly annoying issue with this module: while flying, the MCP displays the magnetic heading. When turning the HDG knob on the MCP to change the Sperry AP course, the module first sets the course to the displayed magnetic heading value. Is there some way to keep the AP course at the current value when turning the HDG knob, instead of first switching to this other value?
  9. Jens, that's indeed the case, but it's no problem at all! However, it could be you get a user module creation error. In that case, follow the instructions above and the module will work.
  10. Thanks for your reply! There actually is, but it seems to be a dummy: Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks for the module! However, when I select it in LINDA, I get this: Does anybody know what could be the issue? I tried (re)installing LINDA 2.8.7, but I still get the error. I found out that my download of the module only contains a linda folder and not a linda-cfg folder.
  12. Since I do have LINDA, but do not have an MCP Combo module, is it possible to edit the LUA file in this package so I can assign its functions to my M Panel using 'vanilla' FSUIPC? I'd really, really appreciate it!! :)
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