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  1. For now, if you want just for 'enough' data for takeoff rather than 'extremely precise' one, I'd recomment get used to manual calculation using 'the documents'.. I really tried hard to understand takeoff performance recently, but all the methods results different output. Manual calculation using FPPM, the excel sheet for 777, Utopia.. All different output with same data. (Utopia is based on 'experience' record according to readme file in it - so I think it is generally acceptable for PMDG, too.) But ultimately, I realized that with these calculations(including FMC calculation that does not care about RWY length), there's no way to get perfect V speeds without getting TODR, ASDR.. (maybe I'm wrong at some part of this..) So if you want a 'complicated result' with 'simple' method, TOPCAT is your answer. (But I doubt that buying this program is worth for everyone because the update for their whole product is a little bit slow.) I do use manual calculation, and double check with Utopia when I fly T7. Both two results have no big differences, so I'm happy with this. (I know the actual V speeds will be less than these values but it is acceptable for me..) Hope this helps you to decide. :lol: (If my English is readable though :wacko: )
  2. I don't think I did something wrong.. The only one seems broken installed 8 liveries.
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