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  1. petehowell57

    Cabri G2 @Popham

    Hi Nils I've just bought Popham, and I have every other ORBX product for X-plane. I have to say that with ORBX now supporting this platform, it's my favourite Sim at the moment. But there again I do mainly fly in GB. Pete
  2. petehowell57

    Cabri G2 @Popham

    Lovely shots. I assume this is the new X-Plane Popham? Pete
  3. petehowell57

    TrueEarth London by 3.

    Really great shots. As Turnandbank said, looking VERY real ! "As real as it gets" perhaps ?? Pete
  4. petehowell57

    Icing on the cake

    Superb screen shots. Well done. Pete
  5. Great video. All Sims are brill and have their pros and cons, but I must say I'm enjoying X-Plane11 more than P3D at the moment. I do have payware for XP11 but the range of freeware is outstanding. Pete
  6. Hi Recently purchased PFEtoXplane as I have PF3 and now seem to be flying in X Plane more than P3Dv4 (never thought I'd be saying that!!). Had a problem with installing the licence file, but an email to Multicrew drew a response and solution in less than 12 hours. Excellent customer service from Ben and Gerald. Many thanks Pete
  7. petehowell57

    Orbx EGHI / TrueEarth GB South

    Stunning video. How do you achieve such vibrant colours and clarity? Mine still looks grey and washed out. Pete
  8. petehowell57

    Orbx and XP11 Issues:-(

    Yep, working fine here. No installation problems. Just had to check it was in the correct position in scenery_packs.ini and all worked first time.
  9. petehowell57

    Ultimate Traffic Live Question

    Or right click on the app icon, go down the list and click on "Properties", click on the Compatability tab and finally make sure the "Run as Administrator"box has a tick in it. And I agree with the above, UTL starts automatically with the start of my sim (P3Dv4) O Pete
  10. petehowell57

    Super real looking sunset flight

    Great pictures as always Ryan. Pete
  11. petehowell57

    Simply the best!!

    +1. Excellent piece of software and so easy to use! Pete
  12. petehowell57

    A bit of XP11 action...

    Great shots once again. Have been concentrating on P3D lately. This makes me want to go back to X-Plane. Got a day off work, so I know what I'll be doing! Pete
  13. Lovely shots once again. Starting to tinker with x plane (normally fly P3Dv4). What art controls have you tweaked to get such amazing colours etc? Do you use reshade at all? Pete
  14. Once again brilliant shots. Ian Emms watch out, there's a rival about lol. Pete
  15. petehowell57

    XP11: a beautiful classic!

    Stunning pictures - and so realistic. Excellent! Pete