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  1. Thank you JWvdH, hadn’t noticed those extra buttons! Pete
  2. Forgot to mention, "Preset" facility is set up by yourself, so you can make them up to your own personal taste and flying requirements. Pete
  3. Only just seen new update available - had a very busy few days! Also haven't had time to thoroughly read all the 13 pages of comments, so I apologise if this has already been said. I know one or two people have mentioned AddOn Linker (freebie). Excellent software. It has presets available, so I have one marked "Empty" which with one click removes everything from the Community folder, one marked "UK" which loads up UK airports, scenery etc and so on. Brilliant piece of software. Loading update tonight. Might just press the "Empty" button first although I appreciate it might not be necessary! Best wishes everyone Pete
  4. Hi folks, Sorted. The reinstallation of windows had changed the ssd drive letter. Changed it back to the original drive letter(I took a photo of the original desktop just in case) and it installed and effectively repaired the situation. Just shows it's so easy to overlook the obvious at times! I'm still not sure whether I've installed my bought edition but I've now cancelled my Gamepass (ends 25/1/21), so I'll see what happens then! Pete
  5. Hi folks, sorry if this has been asked before but can't find answers at the moment. Here's the problem. Windows 10 crashed the other day. Fortunately I was able to reinstall using a USB stick. This left me with a windows.old folder which meant I got 95% of my stuff back on - phew. However, I seem to have lost part of msfs cuz it won't now start. The packages were on a separate ssd so they're still there. I've been running msfs via Gamepass but I've now purchased the standard version through Microsoft Store. Can I simply install the bought version effectively over the top of the existing one, and will this "repair" it, or should I uninstall the Gamepass version and start afresh? I'm so happy to have the OS system back online but devastated that I've lost msfs. Any help would make an old man very happy. Thanking you in advance, Pete
  6. Wow! And I thought I was being clever putting rubber bands inside my Saitek Cessna yoke to improve its operation lol. Great work guys 😀 Pete
  7. I tend to use XP11 more than P3D at the moment as I feel that ORBX TE GB series looks more realistic and sharper on my system. So I made the decision to keep XP11 and remove P3D to provide SSD space for MSFS. If I don't like MSFS (unlikely I guess) then I can soon reinstall P3D.. Exciting times ahead!! Pete
  8. Hi Canine I used FSX and P3D for many years and I still have P3D loaded, but I eventually decided to try out XP11. At first I didn't like it - probably because it involves a new learning curve, but I'm so glad I persevered!! I assume you're a "tube" man whereas I fly low and slow so I can't help much with questions directly involving airliners. When designers produce scenery etc they often use "stock" items like fences, hangers, people etc. These are all contained in areas called "libraries". When you download an airport for example you may be asked to also download certain "libraries" that contain the objects needed to make the scenery look correct, or even operate in the correct manner. A list of the required "libraries" is attached to the instructions given with the scenery. A very useful site is X-Plane.org which has loads of free scenery, aircraft, utilities etc A very useful utility is called XOrganiser which makes organising scenery etc very easy. It has equivalents in P3D that you may already use. It does cost $12.50 but I think it's worth every penny. It's difficult to comment on disk space etc as it really depends on what and where you want to fly. I fly mainly in GB so I have invested in ORBX True Earth software which takes up quite a lot of disk space. Hope that has helped a little. I now fly XP11 98% of the time, so I suppose I'm hooked!! Pete
  9. Ah yes - thank you. Silly me lol. Got carried away by the beauty of the shots😀
  10. Hi Maximilien I see you didn't install any driver. I have just purchased a Multipanel and it didn't work when I plugged it in. I then Typed "Logitech Multipanel Driver" into Google and found a few sites pointing me to a Logitech Multipanel driver. In my case I was looking for X-Plane but there are P3D drivers too. I loaded the driver (very quick), plugged in the panel and it worked beautifully. I understand you only need the one driver and all panels should work. It is worth a try. Best wishes Pete
  11. I'm a great ORBX and X-Plane fan. I do have P3D v4.5 and I have been tempted to try V5 but a video like this makes me hesitate to spend the money with LM at the moment . I would love to see an equivalent flight with P3Dv5. I suspect they would look very similar. Great to see both these wonderful SIMS progressing. Nice video mhimhi !!
  12. Hi everyone. Hope you are keeping safe and well. I've just picked up 5 of these bargain deals and although I admit I'm no expert on these matters I must say the detail is great and for 6 Euros each they are brilliant. Well done SimMarket and JustSim. Pete
  13. I obviously didn't know Jim personally, but from reading his many contributions to the Flight Sim Community I considered him a friend, guide and mentor during my Flight Sim learning curve. Yet another life sadly lost to the world. Rest in Peace Pete Howell
  14. Hi I have both P3Dv4 and XP11 and I have to admit my flying is almost always in XP11. There are pros and cons (as always) in both sims but I find the quality of the scenery in XP11 is far superior, but with the following caveats 1) I like to flow slow and low 2) I tend to fly mainly in the UK and use ORBX products 3) I'm not bothered by the lack of seasons. If it's a direct choice between XP11 now or wait for FS2020, then XP11 wins hands down in my opinion. After all, if FS2020 proves to be as wonderful as we may hope for, then you could buy that when it appears and have the benefit of both sims !! Pete
  15. I think it's so important that whatever FS you use, it makes you happy, satisfied and fulfilled. My son uses FS9 (he's 30) and is very happy. I use X Plane (I'm 70) and I'm very happy. We are all individual human beings and that is very much reflected in which FS we like to use. I'm not too excited about FS2020 as I'm sure there will be pros and cons, but I am excited that our hobby is flourishing and gives so many of us pleasure. Pete
  16. For years I flew using just a stick (with rudder twist ) and throttle combo. It worked fine and I got quite adept at landing GA aircraft under most circumstances. Then for my 70th birthday I was treated to a second hand Saitek Cessna yoke and throttle combo (no longer available new) and a pair of MFG Crosswind pedals. OMG what a difference. My whole experience has changed so much (for the better!). Now I feel like a real pilot and landing smoothly has become trickier but so much fun (using X-Plane). Yoke plus pedals = realism + fun! Pete
  17. I am fortunate enough to have P3Dv4 and XP11. As many say, they both have pros and cons. I fly GA stuff so the ORBX TEGB software in XP is fantastic. I also like the way the controls are set up and I have recently discovered Real Traffic in both sims. What I like in particular about XP is if I simply press Shift + 5 it takes me to the control tower of a chosen airport and I can pan around at my leisure. I use this in conjunction with FlightRadar24 and I can see real traffic coming in to land or take off and find out where they are coming from or going to. I haven't found an easy way to do this in P3D yet. However, if I want to fly in more exotic areas then I tend to go with P3D. So no particular favourite, just enjoying the wonderful choices available to us. Pete
  18. Hi Nils I've just bought Popham, and I have every other ORBX product for X-plane. I have to say that with ORBX now supporting this platform, it's my favourite Sim at the moment. But there again I do mainly fly in GB. Pete
  19. Lovely shots. I assume this is the new X-Plane Popham? Pete
  20. Really great shots. As Turnandbank said, looking VERY real ! "As real as it gets" perhaps ?? Pete
  21. Great video. All Sims are brill and have their pros and cons, but I must say I'm enjoying X-Plane11 more than P3D at the moment. I do have payware for XP11 but the range of freeware is outstanding. Pete
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