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  1. Problem found and solved. I was still using the old GSX excluded .BGL.
  2. Perfect angle. Its taken at around 1000 feet in slew mode.🙂
  3. you have it in P3D V4 or V5? I install the scenery in V5 the bridge appears, but it is not there in V4. Maybe something I install in V4 has a conflict.
  4. Just bought it from simmarket. Overall I am satisfied, but I am not seeing the new sky bridge that is advertised on the product page. I am only seeing the bridge shadow on the ground. Anyone has the same issue?
  5. Just purchased QW 787 and tried to apply the Tomato default reflection for it. Everything looks good except the engine inlet cowl (the silver part) at night Picture Here. For those who own and have been flying this aircraft with Tomato shade, is it normal or I am doing something wrong?
  6. I posted the same thing at Flytampa forum (http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10398&sid=f15923853e41b195abb3a1538d18ed5c). The developer apparently noticed the problem, but they didn't know why, and no fix yet.
  7. Perhaps I always have a copy of FSX in my harddrive so I don't need to do anything special to make it work. It would simply complain it doesn't recognize the flight simulator version when you press 'connect to flight simulator and start logging', but the most of the flight logging, map, and announcement work fine.
  8. I am using FS flight keeper for cabin announcement. It supports playing sound files base on flight event, and you can make your own sound profile for different airlines. Although It is a very old program and does not officially support P3D, it works for me in V4.
  9. This fixes it! Unload the default .Net 3.5 that comes with windows 10, and install the one found in Microsoft website.
  10. I think windows 10 already comes with .Net 3.5 which is required by UT2 according to https://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=ut2 I am trying to remove .Net comes with windows and use the installer I downloaded from the internet.
  11. My P3D V4 doesn't not want to load with UT2 server because it fails to load due to ' {smartassembly} is not available on this computer' error after I did a clean install of window. It had been working fine before and I already did the followings according to my online search on the problem: 1. installing the old simconnect provided in FlightOne forum 2. Install legacy all the simconnect in Prepar3D v4/redist/Interface/ The two methods above don't work for me. I am running out of idea so decide to seek help here. Am I missing others programs that I should install...maybe?
  12. Overall loving it, OOM is gone. No need to restart the sim, keep looking at the VAS counter, and refuse to change view in order to save VAS. Very stable sim. Bad or to be improved: Dynamics light needs some optimizations. Having FPS issue using 3x 1080p monitors at night with dynamics lighting enabled airport like KSFO HD V2. (currently running on a single 1080 TI)
  13. Running at 3 x 1080 screen, at daylight, I can achieve 40 + fps, but at night with dynamics lighting, it drops to 8~10 fps. If I turn off dynamic lighting, FPS back to 30s at night. Anyone has the same issue? That makes me thinking moving to 1080 TI if that ever helps.
  14. Confirmed VAS leaks in 378.78, Tested on a trans-pacific flight, OOM after 2 hours. Loaded the save flight, downgraded to 376.33, successfully crossed the pond without any issue. System: 6700K OC 4.2, EVGA 1080 SC
  15. I take that back, bought another 1080 and tried SLI. Yes, the FPS with heavy cloud was better but it also introduced mirco stutter.
  16. I have a 1080, and have been thinking doing 1080 SLI. With the price drop, I probably will pull the trigger in a week or two. :D
  17. I have been using FSFK for PA, I even customized different profiles for different airlines. But today it suddenly stops working due to no directx 8 or later installed error. Not sure why it happens but since FSFK does not officially support P3D, I wonder if there is any up-to-date add on does the same thing?
  18. p3d the way to go! Thank you for the shots.
  19. I wonder if there is a way to disable public announcement by flight crew that plays automatically?
  20. I asked the same question during the PSS fs9 era. The conclusion was the PSS T7 FMC was not fully functional as the real one. Now, we have the PMDG 777, I still have the same question. How can add the international dateline into FMC and have it display on the ND? I captured what I saw from justplane DVD (the Air canada 777-300er one), is it just a fix at W180?
  21. I have soft cloud and texture direct as well, I haven't pulled the trigger on ASCA. Yes cloud density is max in P3D setting. Surprisingly, different from ASN, the performance penalty from high cloud density is not much in AS 2016. Not sure what the Active sky team did, but good job.
  22. I don't normally post screenshot, but can't resist when I see this in flight
  23. That's a good point. I manage to make the upgrade notification disappear by adding a registry, so I will live with W7 before upgrading the CPU. I actually upgraded my non-sim machine by simply pressing the upgrade option. Everything is fine on that machine as there are not many programs. But for my sim computer, there are so many uncertainties with so many different addons. Meanwhile, I will just stick with W7 before major upgrade.
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