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  1. Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 & various Mega Airports 30% Off at SimPlanet Offer valid through November 13th.
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  3. ...some nice offers here. Regards, Lukas
  4. Pisa X San Giusto Airport 20% OFF for 24h at SimPlanet. Offer ends September 2nd 2015.
  5. Lukasvez

    Aerosoft Discounts at SimPlanet

    Link to 4th week:
  6. Lukasvez

    Aerosoft Discounts at SimPlanet

    Please delete. Double post
  7. As part of their one year partnership with Aerosoft celebration, SimPlanet is offering discounts up to 30% on Aerosoft add-ons for one month (starting today), with discounts changing every week.
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  12. You must have really stepped on the brakes to vacate so early!
  13. Lukasvez

    Orlando to London Gatwick

    Very nice!
  14. Lukasvez

    Into the Soup

    Looks very realistic!