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  1. This is a good video of a example flight that shows how to take the best out of this FMS It helped me hope that you as well Clear skies, Jcmmg
  2. By trying to find answers looking into details, I've overlooked the biggest fact stated here. We like to pay for more functionality! NavData + Functionality = Fun NavData + default FMS like = Frustration Frustration + Money = The biggest Carenado disappointment for me. Carenado Airplane + RXP/GTN/ISG = Reasonable Solution Clear skies, Jcmmg
  3. It is very interesting what Izamm just wrote. This is my first carenado since their Cirrus. So it is the first that I own with FMS. After flying a couple of times and getting used to a different FMS, with a different logic and very limited functionality, I might get what this product was trying to do. Perhaps my expectations behind the Carenado navigraph FMS was set by my experience with other addons with FMS like, in my case PMDG J41. Hence my initial frustration. What I don't understand is that if the FMS logic is exactly the same as the one with FSX data on it, why so many complains in terms of functionality?, it has been the same functionality since the original model... By including myself, then it is the first time Carenado is touching a new audience with different approach to the sim, just by adding Navigraph data..... Sadly the group with too much time or that enjoy the methodology on the details of flight planning and execution .... The toughest audience... High risk, yes High development cost, yes I'm going to keep flying, learning Carenado's FMS, and reporting my final thoughts... Clear skies, JCMMG
  4. Hi All To work with the FMC it is frustrating. I manage to set a SID, STAR and arrival, but it took me very long time. So lessons learned: 0) Update your AIRAC, I did it with Navigraph, no problem. 1) Set your departure and arrival airports 2) Once your Departure and Arrival airports are set on page 1 of the FLP page, then press menu and you will get into the Depp and Arr procedure page. Select as shown in the video. 2.1) Ensure that your SID, STAR and Approach are correct. Everytime you change your SID or STAR or Approach it will delete all your route information (fixes and altitudes) 3) Check your SID, STAR and Approach restrictions 4) Once you are 100% sure, with your SID, STAR and Approach, proceed to add your route fixes with altitude. 5) Routes are not supported or I couldn't figure out how to add them. What I've done was to type: J101, -J101, +J101, LFK-J101, J101-JOT, LFK+J101, J101+JOT. Neither of them worked. 5.1) If you realize that you have the wrong STAR at this point, think again, it might be the correct one after all, particularly if you have 20 fixes in your route (Check point 2.1) 6) Fuel your airplane and fly. 7) LNAV: No problem at all. DTO not tested. 8) VNAV: It works nicely, however, the altitude is set on the flight plan fixes, so if the distance between them are too short, expect crazy vertical speeds. It doesn't calculates TOD or TOC., or I didn't know how to set them. 9) VNAV: I couldn't reach FL350, I don't know why, but if is a safety feature because the pressurization system can keep a 10000 ft atmosphere there, then, welcome! 10) The autopilot works well but it is too odd. 11) Flying without autopilot, very nice indeed! FINAL COMMENT: Carenado, I really appreciate your effort on delivering what we asked. This effort can be translated into sales as long as they create more inmersion not frustration! If adding an FMC with NavData is too hard, why not to repeat the success from the past, when you mod your flight decks to accommodate 3rd party addon like RXP integration! However, on this opportunity to preserve the 1980's look of the S550, please use ISG mod from Janek,. Clear skies, Jcmmg
  5. This is my initial report: I really like this segment of aviation, and so far for me the one to beat is the Citation Mustang from Flight1 (bought in 2009, close to 400 hrs logged on FSX) Price: they are very close, so close that I don't think it is arbitrary. PC Performance: They are close as well, but the Carenado Cessna S550 leads on this area. FSX Stability: Carenado S550 looks to be more stable, less susceptible of crashes if you don't use the "Startup Flight". You can jump from other aircrafts without problem. External Model: Both are great looking,Remember that the Mustang is a "vintage" FSX addon, so the S550 has more blink on it (in particular the external lights) Internal Model: Both spot on, I like them. The only small limitation on the Flight1 Mustang is the FS9 like night cockpit lighting, that does not deliver during twilight. Flight Dynamics: Both very stable, from my point of view, both spot on. Systems Model: Both are crippled, the Flight 1 has its advantages as it is unique. Although the G1000 is crippled, It does deliver more functionality than current Carenado's S550. Sounds: Both have room for improvements, but I'm happy with them. My general comments: I love the Flight 1 Mustang and I will keep flying on it, because is unique, there are no VLJ with a detailed G1000 with Navigraph in the market (Hence that is why it is pricey). However, If Carenado can solve current limitations and listen to us the clients, and delivers qualityin terms of functionality, I think that the S550 and the Hawker 850 XP are going to displace the Flight 1 (both jets are faster, beatiful and using the latest Carenado visuals). For now even at sales, the S550 with navigraph it is expensive as it is not a unique plane (it is close but not yet hehehe). Clear skies, Jcmmg
  6. I hope, Carenado can solve current limitations as they are putting on risk their future sales with the Hawker 850 XP. Clear skies, Jcmmg
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