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  1. +1, I'd love to see both these birds also, my favorite 737 livery is probably that United scheme
  2. That's going to be beautiful Marcelo! :(
  3. Thank you so much Marcelo, I know you will do that beautiful livery the justice it deserves!
  4. Mine's gotta be this 'ribbon' livery, I'd appreciate it if one of the fabolous repainters out there could re-create this one, I would greatly appreciate it! :( :(
  5. That livery has already been done by PMDG, it's on the repaint page. Just click on the 'Downloads' tab on their main page, then click on 'Add-On Liveries'
  6. It's on avsim.com, just do a search for "pmdgairtran.zip".
  7. Sorry Steve, I guess i meant thanks for considering it, I don't say exactly what I mean sometimes. :(
  8. Thanks for giving that livery a shot Steve! Take your time, btw, nice job on the BMI livery
  9. And just a little pet-Peeve, why is it when people request liveries for the classic 737s they seem to ask for it on a 600??FYI the 400 is closest on size to the 800 the 300 is the same size as the 700 the 500 is the same size as the 600 My bad, I thought it looked a little long to be a -600. That's why I named the airline it was from so that the repaint pros could figure out which fuselage it would be best replicated on.
  10. If any of you repainters out there have some free time, it would be cool to have either one of theseBEAUTIFUL liveries! FYI, the "rainbow palm tree, lol" livery is a Skynet Asia Airways 737-400, maybeit could be done for the -600? Love the "ribbon" on the BBJ also.
  11. Chris, your repaints are absolutely top notch, especially the "dirty" ones. Maybe at some point or another you could take a stab at one of these?
  12. Now that we have the SI One livery thanks to Darth, we need this one!
  13. Both of these would be nice, if someone gets some free time
  14. Both of these are definitely a MUST HAVE!!!
  15. +1 for both the TWA and United (white/blue) liveries!!! Too bad I don't have any paintkit experience, I'd do them myself
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