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  1. I tried to open it tonight but I received a message that the web page cannot be opened. I now use P3d with Windows 10 but I recall it happening in Windows 7 on my old computer (with FSX), so it has to be something weird about AS2016, I guess.
  2. I have just gone through a rebuild of FSX (and my computer) and cannot remember how to get rid of the Red info pop-ups in the top right hand corner of the screen. Can someone give me the good oil on this, please? John G
  3. I used FSX Chatter once or twice (I think!) or was it files that came with something else? Anyway the last time I tried to get FSX chatter working I couldn't. I haven't gone back to it. As for Live ATC I don't use the chatter option (did when I used it several years ago) but it was too much stuffing around for me. What I do is make videos of my flights and I use the FSLive Archive files by downloading, saving and then inserting them into my timeline (I use Corel Video Studio). You can get chatter files on Radar Contact but lately I've given up on this program for awhile (my system keeps throwing the Radar Contact program into its waste bin - good program, though, and I've enjoyed it for years). Sorry this isn't any help. But I would like to see something that can incorporate live chatter as part of the flight sim program (out of the box) at some time in the future: perhaps a direct link from the flight sim interface that would set up a live chatter frequency (real time live chatter) before you start your flight. One day ...! John G
  4. I had trouble slowing this aircraft down both on the ground upon landing and in the air on descent. Tonight I discovered that I had the Speed Hold switch on the AP set to 'ON' (even though I had turned off the master AP power switch via my keyboard assigned key). Once I manually turned off the Speed Hold function on the AP I had no further trouble. Note also that bringing back the High Pressure Cock levers beyond the 'OPEN' mark on the quadrant even a minute fraction stops them! I couldn't figure out why I was losing an engine after landing, so it pays to be very careful with these. On the downside I don't like having to use Tool Tips and I think JF should think about some other method for a future patch. Other than that it is an interesting aircraft. John G
  5. Creepy! If it wasn't for my great grandmother pleading with her son not to sail on her I wouldn't be writing this (his father had just died and the son. my grandfather, was on his way to the new world - he caught the next ship to America and found his way to the Canadian Rockies where he worked as a logger and what-not, before making his way slowly to Australia. These videos are amazingly real! As I said it gave me the creeps, but has got me interested. Thanks for showing us. John G
  6. I have trouble with TrackIR and ASN. The two don't seem to want to work together on my rig. I don't use OPUS anymore however there was a check box in the OPUS interface to allow TrackIR with it. On my very last use of OPUS that checkbox didn't seem to allow TrackIR. Now I just use ASN without TrackIR, or TrackIR with the FSX weather option. John G
  7. Rob and Bert, I tried this in my Carenado Baron but now I can only drag the needle around the dial by holding down the left mouse button. No scrolling and no left or right clicking (I had left and right clicking until I tried this fix with FSCUIP - now that's gone and I still can't scroll). Clicking works on drop-down menus and scrolling and clicking works in the browser and other programs. I have experienced the same problem in the Carenado Beech 1900D, but only since installing the Carenado TBM850. I had uninstalled the TBM850 before trying the FSUICP fix so whatever it is remains there; perhaps the TBM850 placed something on the hard drive that wasn't removed when I uninstalled it, or it has changed something for all other aircraft somewhere in FSX. I have yet to re-install the Carenado TBM850 but at the moment there doesn't seem to be any point in doing that if I can't use the mouse in any other aircraft, other than going through this ridiculous drag thing. Using the mouse to drag a knob around is difficult because I find my pointer all over the screen, having to move my hand way too far. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys but I think there is something more to this. I hope someone can come up with the answer on these forums because I'm at rock bottom with my bag of tricks. Regards, John G
  8. I have this problem in FSX. I didn't have a mouse problem until I installed the TMB850 recently. Now I have a problem across all aircraft - the mouse wheel will not operate any knobs in any aircraft, even the MS Default planes. Left and right clicking in the TBM won't move the knobs either but will in other aircraft. I have a registered version of FSUICP but wouldn't know what to do with it to fix this problem - if that is what it can do. I have reinstalled the TBM850 but nothing has been rectified by that action. I changed my mouse (twice) and still the problem persists. My mouse drivers are up to date. I do not, as far as I can see, have the mouse assigned to anything else. Unfortunately this bug renders the entire aircraft useless. For other people to have this problem it has got to be something stemming from the TBM850, in that in my rig it has altered mouse functionality across the board, affecting other aircraft. If someone doesn't have a solution it will be goodbye to this aircraft. I have not yet asked Carenado for support, and judging by another response in the forums it appears they don't have a solution to offer. If anyone in the forums has the good oil on this problem, I will be very grateful for your help. Regards, John G
  9. Thanks, Keven. The problem has now been fixed - it was the user\username\appdata\local\apps\2.0. Once removed all worked fine. Thank you for your quick response. John G
  10. Hi guys, I need some help on this one. I purchased the PrecipFX program from SimMarket, downloaded it from Old Prop Solutions (all fine so far) as per the directions; unpacked the files and ran it from the .exe file. I then got a pop-up telling me the Application couldn't be installed and to contact the vendor. I have tried the install process several times, including a second download but I have the same fail problem. I have all FSX service packs and Acceleration. How can I get around this? I contacted the developer at Zinertek but they say they haven't heard of Old Prop Solutions. There is a large Notepad-format "Details" list but that makes no sense to me as I'm not that tech-savvy. I am afraid I'm bamboozled and would be grateful for whatever assistance can be provided. Thanks in advance, John G
  11. I have just experienced this problem for the first time today - it hasn't happened before. I was flying at FL195 and the Cabin DIFF HI light illuminated as I passed through 10,000 feet on the climb and extinguished when I descended through 10,000 feet. The Adjustment scales seemed to do nothing and the knob on the bottom left of those circular scales turns but doesn't seem to do anything either. I couldn't find anything in any of the manuals. John G
  12. Okay, I have read the above posts and have had no luck. In fact one attempt caused a further error message with a different missing file. I downloaded a paid for copy of the dll.files fixer program which I was told would fix the problem but it didn't (goodbye to 40 bucks!). I have used Radar Contact for many years over the span of several computers and never had a problem (this is my second machine with Windows 7x64 and it worked fine on my last one). JD has provided me with several solutions and none have worked. What I find confusing are some of the above posts which show the path to type in but the spaces (are there supposed to be spaces and if so are those shown in the examples correct or typos?). Could someone please confirm, if you would be so kind, an example as it would appear exactly in CMD Prompt screen? This would be a great help, I think - for me anyway. What I mean is an example in layout form as if you were entering it for real. I guess this sounds a bit lame on my part but I know there would still be others out there who would be confused because, like me, are a bit out of their depth. I wouldn't like to have to say goodbye to Radar Contact and would realyy appreciate more input from those more knowedgable and fam iliar with CMD Prompt and .dll files Regards, John G :Hypnotized:
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