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  1. To follow on with the "gush"... Here is an example of how great TileProxy is (and Christian by inference). I've been doing some soaring lately - mostly with the DG808S sailplane and also the ATOS A.I.R. hang glider. There are some truly great/scenic places for soaring around the world and the slower speed is perfect for TileProxy. Here is an example from Juneau, Alaska - the Mendenhall Glacier. I probably should post this in "Great Places to See TileProxy" topic, but here it is:Mendenhall Glacier & Mendenhall Lake from cockpitMendenhall Glacier & Mendenhall LakeMendenhall Glacier - close-upAgain, Christian, thank you...
  2. I'm new to the Avsim Forum. First, I want to thank Christian for Tileproxy and MortenS for finding a way to add a Norwegian map service to Tileproxy. There are many, many spectacular places to fly in Norway (almost anywhere). Service 1 and Service 3 are very poor in Norway. Here are a few places I have actually been in Norway and flown over with Tileproxy/FSX...Also posted pix here http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=273745
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