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  1. First forum rules ask you sign your real name to get forum support. Secondly it sounds like an activation issue, you'll likely need to contact PMDG support via their ticket system for assistance. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/Default.aspx
  2. I think some people ask for this on the NGX where when using the external views the cockpit light could be seen. PMDG I think said it was a limitation or not possible.
  3. I've had no problems landing this bird, not sure if its the FBW logic or what. But I was watching some Just Planes 777-200LR videos and they seamed very much at ease landing it. One pilot on the polar route seamed somewhat new as the Captain was giving a little guidance and motivation landing and the first officer whom again seamed new greased the last landing of the video and the Captain congratulated him.
  4. It's hard to compare the MD-11 production with the NGX production as they IMO are taking it to a whole new level now. And even providing information not in the FCOMs no matter how many times you've read it. Groundwork should be longer then the full production of the MD-11 (or other past productions for that matter) from what I see in terms of length, depth, and historical/side-facts. Not to forget the quality in witch they have stepped up too. For those who read the FCOM 500 times; right on, good for you! But I rather just read two times or so then have the videos to really drill it in as I'm more a visual learner anyways and only takes 1 or 2 views and I got it, plus I got other things to do! Compared to reading manuals witch is bland to say the least and take more to comprehend vs seeing it done. Also the video provide a bit more information as to real world SOP and a pilots duties as that interest me just as much as the plane itself. I'm not in the aviation profession. If your a regular Joe like myself there is nothing wrong with this investment nor AoA business model IMO.For those B*****ing about it not being done all that was stated at the get go and it's not a big deal really. How were they to have the videos without the plane, I forget this is the Internet were many lack common sense. Like y'all haven't waste money before on something dumb & finished object or software that offered nada in return; at least these are and will continue to be useful. Or they could have "nickel and dimed" charging just for the one video lesson at a time! Y'all act like it's some CaptainSim development (or should I say underdevelopment) where they 'think' they have something finished yet it's not... ever!I just got the GW package for now and will wait for the FW too start production to buy that. I didn't go all out for the CP as I knew production would take some time and guessed the offered savings would be best kept in my pocket and not theirs. But know even though I paid up front that AoA track recorded from 747 and MD-11 videos and feel I'm already or well on the way to getting my moneys worth. But I'm not a penny pincher whose going to cry over paying for something that might take a bit of time and don't mine supporting FS developers as well. I'm sure if they (AoA) waited until all it was done and produced they likely not have the up front capitol to hire and have time available to do what they're doing at the fine quality in witch they are, even if it came in segments. I rather have something come as it's ready, then them have a hole bunch of video back stored up until every single thing was finished. This is going to be like 40+ hours of videos so if you wanted to wait by all means that's your right but I think it's just as stupid to do so if you 1.) like AoA past productions and 2.) would like the NGX videos as well but only saying no for a simple fact that it's not all produced as some here think it's stupid to buy unfinished video production as some here compare production of video to a plane witch is really dumb! You need all the plane you however don't need 40+ hours of video at once... but hey if some you guy read FCOM 500 times then maybe you do have the time for 40+ hours of video watching! Like AoA is going to leave us dry.
  5. In regards to TCAS AoA in past productions have talked about TCAS but hardly as they go in depth here within this 30 min video. I learned alot that the manual did not discuss but did hear things I already knew. I'm not in the aviation field so if your one already a pilot knowledgeable about transponders ins and outs then this is not for you.
  6. I'm not completely upset or disappointed... yet and even what disappointment I have a bit rest on my shoulders.First I did not go all out and get the "Captains Package" too jump on the savings offered. Reason being was I was betting my money held in my pocket rather their bank account offered the real savings with what I knew with information AOA had given about their ambitious, product coverage, and depth. I'd knew this take some time along with what I knew about video production, not to mention fact checking and rechecking, along with proper & tho row investigation beforehand. So I just went with groundwork for now; so I'm not as invested as some here. But I too now am kinda like really! To be polite I'll just say I think a lot of this is a result of over ambition but know in the end it will be pulled off.Some take is that the PMDG provided manuals are more then enough and I agree 100%, if you like the plane and the level of simulation most here do you should enjoy the manuals and learning however. Heck it even showed in a emergency situation how to use the escape ropes in the cockpit. But in that want to learn more or do it better I find AOA helps and that just manual learning is bland and boring, even hard to fully comprehend first go around and why AOA is there to make one stay that much more in tuned to the lesson. So this is taste v.s taste talk really.In the end once deeper within production (plane flying) I'm sure most will be happy with the product we get and might even learn something not in the manuals witch some might have already as were not all on the same skill level. I hope two things, one AOA sees the need to set it up and two, we don't get too hard on them. However if you did go all out with the Captains Package and now after this long this is all we have and nowhere near the video showing flying or information over the elementary simmer level they should be able to refund to at least just groundwork for 'X" amount of time since that's all they've gotten and for AOA to say that at least them and/or their past outlook has not preformed as expected by us or even themselves speaking realistically. They should have to earn the money back as it was handed over on a unknown production timeline with a lot of speculation because they wrote, talked, and made it seam like once they had the plane these videos run like crap though a goose.
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