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  1. What's this default scenery you speak of?
  2. VLJ510

    Can you save a plane in distress ?

    Well real world pilots not only have hours on home PC simulators (if that's their thing), but more so high-end level-D simulators where they are tested on emergency situations on a regular basics. I'm sure they would not be in the cockpit if their employers doubted their ability to handle any and all situations and had tested them beforehand in a controlled environment.
  3. Well now you're speaking further past the topic as to why you're changing PSU in finding out why you're getting this problem. Sounds like problems exist past FSX. First speaking it sounded like your process of elimination fixing this only involved FSX/PMDG and the fact "everything else was changed on your rig accept the PSU & SSD" as the problem left and only FSX/PMDG was effected; not overall PC booting problems, etc. Knowing that, you may have a PSU problem. However I still think you'll have the problem you're having inside FSX when you get that running. I've been running this PSU in my sig for 5 or 6 years! Also I'd beg to differ in what a high-end CPU is, (not saying mine is anymore as its 4 years old, but at the time was marketed as a high-end CPU) and that for its time a 2700k was a not high-end CPU compared to the range of what was on the market then at the time (lots of people ran that CPU all over the FS and overall gaming community. Indeed was good bang for your buck and a good overclocker, but was never marketed as a high-end CPU) and 3770k is (in my opinion) a mid range CPU where again, your bang for the buck is good, but not a high-end CPU when the 3960x, 4960x are marketed as high-end CPUs with Intel black labels and 3930k, 4930k marketed as lower high-end CPUs. For the LGA 1155 socket, that CPU (3770k) was high or the highest, but doesn't really stand out as a high-end CPU in regards to how Intel markets it CPUs and what was on the market at the time it released.
  4. First I'm not saying you're wrong... I have a surge protector that monitors the power specs. FSX never uses over 600 watts so its not a taxing amount of watts for something not to be getting the power it needs. Internally it might be something with the PSU, but I doubt it and if its the problem, there are a fair amount of people with PSU problems making this happen where FSUIPC save, etc, etc didn't fix. Has PMDG reached out to these people with the problem to sort it out?
  5. Well I think its equal in the scene that if 100 people are running high-end hardware and 100 people are running pretty acquitted FS hardware, the amounts of people having problem 'X' are same in ratio just about; that goes for this problem too, not just high-end systems are seeing this hiccup. As well so many variables are in play, its hard to point a finger when problems like this arise and the community chimes in to help. And throughout my MSFS history (back to 98) I've had my fair share of problems and seen people on weaker systems run stronger. Really I just wanted to chime in with some threads I've seen on the topic where people having this problem have had their problems fixed, as well that I'm running the same CPU with a 30+% overclock and all is good. Saying that, I'll say others here run the 980x in the 4-5GHz range and are going fine. And even higher end rigs then all of ours here posted so far not seeing this and sure some that are too. Now it seams everyone is looking at their hardware. Maybe delete/disable UT2 (or whatever traffic add-on) and see if that rids the problem, run FSX in DX9, etc. Because I own UT2, but got rid of it as it got in the way a lot and used some frames I wanted back and run in DX9 and don't have this problem and get 100% smooth gameplay with the NGX and 777 in stressful simulation; of course minus the AI traffic. I also don't use virus software on my simming rig as its just used for FSX and video editing GoPro videos so I don't have that variable in play. Lastly like you I'd think high SSD/HDD activity doing this. But many here are also running normal 7,200/10,000rpm HDD and SSD who also get this problem.
  6. I don't have this problem with NGX or T7. My specs are in my sig. I don't use any AI traffic and running in DX9. ALso using ASN with REX textures. Saying that hasn't it been said that FSUIPC saving in flight can make these freezes happen. Seams to have worked for some: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/420194-no-more-pauses-or-freezes/ This guy seamed to have fixed his problem, same problem you're having but with the NGX: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/350779-strange-freeze-then-un-freeze-problem/
  7. VLJ510

    PMDG 777 Landing Gear won't retract!

    First forum rules ask you sign your real name to get forum support. Secondly it sounds like an activation issue, you'll likely need to contact PMDG support via their ticket system for assistance. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/Default.aspx
  8. VLJ510

    Predictive Windshear Warning Preview (SP1 Beta)

    I want to fly the 777 today, but seeing (and knowing) soon the plane will be this much better has me spoiled just seeing it. I so want to fly this service pack.
  9. VLJ510

    What Is Your Favourite Jet Route?

    For a longer 737 flight I like KTPA or KFLL to KLAX or KSFO -- For ETOPS flights I like PANC to PHNL, PHLI, or PHKO. Or KLAX/KSFO to the Hawaiian Islands. For a mid range 737 flight I like KMDW or KBUF to KFLL or KTPA For a short hop good for limited time in the 737 I like KTPA to KFLL or KLAX to KLAX or KSFO. If you have a bit more time KPHX to KLAX or KSFO For the 777 I only fly long flights. I like OMDB to KDFW, KLAX, or KSFO. For little less time in the 777 I like VHHH to CYVR, KLAX, or KSFO I fly a lot of routes but these are the ones I do most. The reason why is because I enjoy the third party add-ons from FlyTampa, FSDT, and FlightBeam
  10. VLJ510

    Pmdg 777 Voice Warning During Landing

    It means you're below the glide slope to the point the GPWS is warning you. I'm sure others can go more in depth.
  11. VLJ510

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    ACA 8 about 10 minute ahead of the real flight. VHHH - CYVR. Just below the Aleutian Islands chain now. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA8
  12. VLJ510

    What addons do you use with your 777?

    Yeah I removed UT2 as well. I will admit it is (was) nice to see the airport busy. However not only was the FPS hit not worth it sometimes at larger airports IMO, but the traffic got in the way sometimes. As for the topic I use. PFPX for planning FS Commander for looking at gates and taxiways. Active Sky for weather injection as well textures (have REX, but their SP2 fumble I uninstalled and bought ASE) Airport Enhancement Services for pushback Topcat whenever there T7 profile is done but worked well with it already support products.
  13. VLJ510

    Cockpit light in the external model

    I think some people ask for this on the NGX where when using the external views the cockpit light could be seen. PMDG I think said it was a limitation or not possible.
  14. VLJ510

    Relevance Of "grid" on PFD

    7160N is not far off Greenland's coast and in the situation of decompression its be best to know whats below when approaching the divert, IMO its best to keep it on. Haven't seen a cockpit flow that says turn it off after climb or over water. Also why would Boeing add the option to show large bodies of water if it wasn't meant to be kept on over water? Also I doubt Google will yet anything more then FCOM on GRID headings. Also the terrain feature is not a radar but rather a database of terrain. If it was a radar if would not know the terrain behind say, a mountain as the 'radar' would be blocked. As well wouldn't be able to show terrain that's beside the plane (90 degrees left/right).
  15. VLJ510

    Relevance Of "grid" on PFD

    From what I understand its just another heading to reference if the ADIRU fails. If the ADIRU fails, SAARU (Secondary Attitude Air Data Reference Unit) would work but would need heading input every 10 minutes. Not 100%, but FCOMv2 pages 11.20.5 and 11.31.8 makes me think that. I've seen this on my 3 or 4 polar routes. Maybe someone else can hit on this.