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  1. ivota

    VCALC Alert

    VCALC calculate T/D (top of descent) on the route and show remain time to t/d (hh:mm:ss). When reach T/D, there is a "message alert" on GTN screen. There was not (sound) audio alert. I asked is there option to enable sound (audio) alert (example as horn). Also one more question, Is possible to show t/d on map?
  2. ivota

    VCALC Alert

    When I engage VCALC, there is a alert message to inform me on GTN display. Is there option to engage sound alert too?
  3. I lost all hdd data (photo scenery for x-plane). I am a little lazy to download file by file (again) from this free photo scenery website. http://zonephoto.x-plane.fr/Cartes.php I ask if there any big files (torrent, Dropbox...etc) for photo scenery.
  4. Can someone test and report the Real Weather Connector? I need to know how the plugin load a new clouds? The frequent freezes (2-4 sec) while changing clouds its fixed?
  5. Try Xplane10 B) http://rotatesim.com/
  6. GTX970 347.25 ----> It seems better then 347.52.
  7. 337.88 doesn't support GTX 970 !!! (no hardware detection) So what next? Wait a new driver!!
  8. This is a complety true. I just tested FSX and XP10 with a new gtx 970. GTX 970 only improve XP10 performance. Looks great. My settings in XP10: I have same results in FSX (ATI5870 and GTX970), blaaahhh!!!
  9. ivota


    Great project Mario, thank you for starting it. I use OSM scenery in Xplane 10. Its look very nice. There is a small tool to conevrt OSM map to Xplane scenery. I like to see OSM scenery in Fs2004 or FSX. Maybe better in fs2004 (better performance). I am gonig to download your western EU OSM scenery and install in my fs2004. See you.
  10. ivota

    Flight1 Software - Thanks!

    Yes, I agree :db: I got full refund for Airsimmer320.
  11. Thanks for this, great. I just tested. thanks a lot. EDIT: Hm, it seems program used wrong STAR. (VBA2B is correct, but is not good choice).