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  1. Darn I was hoping for an upgrade to my Eaglesoft Twin Commanche, no auto pilot will probably keep me away, I do need to walk away from the computer at times.
  2. Blue Sky Scenery for photo real in the western US. They haven't added any more in a long time not sure if Gottfried is still up and running, the site is up though. BlueskyScenery,com
  3. Been up and down it many times, did you stop by Leggs Inn in Cross Village for some Polish "good eating"? You using Mega Scenery?
  4. Z98- Zeeland and 08C- Jenison, Michigan these are small local to me and way out of specs with Mega Scenery Michigan.
  5. Thanks Ron, setting up teamspeak now, looking forward to the flight, so going to teamspeak is the first thing to-do before FS? Do I need to set up a plane or can that be done Saturday?
  6. Hello fellow simmers, can anyone join? never done anything like this can someone direct me as to what to expect, ex. is there an order to taxi, formation and or landing? do you land and wait at every airport? Is this something for someone like me with mainly GA simple flying within fsx? I have many hours a lot of it on autopilot and gps. I see the signup sheet is full is there a limit? Do we talk to each other, or use default atc?sorry for all the questions I'm clueless. I use Blue Sky and Megascenery and ASN, will this work? Ken
  7. There's a few planes I could use it for, great idea Thanks
  8. I'm no lawyer, but Ive heard just as in music or video when you purchase a product , its yours to do with so long as you don't copy, or try to sell a copy. Can I play a DVD on all my dvd player, Yes, so why would I not be able to use a program I purchased on all MY copies of FSX? Just My Opinion Ken Heibel
  9. Still Flying the original Flight 1's Coolsky Super 80, Updated from the FS9 version work great still, and a blast to fly. No FMC but the Pro model has it.
  10. Just installed my F1 MD80 that I had from FS9, Went to Flight Aware and got AAY 482 KLAS to KGRR, FA showed actual miles as 1641, I did same flight in FS flight planner and got 1466, 175 less is FS planner that bad and if so is there another planner as easy to use that's more accurate? I like to track my miles flown, just me.
  11. I needed upgrade to Carenados Seneca V, had a reply and link in 4 days.
  12. That's what I miss in FSX F1's Cessna 421 would love to see a upgraded version I'd buy it.
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