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  1. Same issue here, without any tweaks or addons, everything is vanilla. Completely unusable after the latest patch, even after restarting the sim.
  2. This is great news. I am quite confident in what they are doing, but why do I smell that future world updates (regional updates with some handcrafted airports, landmarks etc) will be sold as DLC? Certainly there is a lot of work and costs involved, including handcrafted airports from a 3rd party dev. It would be very pleasing if they would update the whole globe like that for free, but I don't think it is going to happen, as much as I wish it would. Nonetheless, the world as it is now is already looking terrific and way more than acceptable despite a few flaws. More than happy about the progress.
  3. My FPS have increased from 20 to 25 at EDDF in the 787 and I have less stutters. Also, guys, THERE ARE POWERLINES NOW! AT least, that's what I just witnessed while touring around ELLX.
  4. Currently I am fiddling around with Facetrack NOIR but there are still some glitches that make it hard to smoothly track my face. How does this app compare?
  5. While I am really happy for all the Airbus folks here, I am wondering if there are any plans on a similar project regarding the 747 and especially the 787?
  6. Also impressed with the sounds. Not only the engine sounds, but also how the environments, instrument switches etc. sound.
  7. For me HDR does not seem to work 100% of the time. My monitor is a BENQ EX3501R which supports HDR and with other games (i.e. Ori and the Will of the Wisps) it works flawlessly. It only seems to get enabled when I ALT + TAB in and out of the sim somehow.
  8. I have not flown for hours yet to see how far up memory usage goes. How much VRAM do you have? Note that if your GPU does not provide enough VRAM, your physical memory will be used to complement graphics memory.
  9. Also confirm no crashes at all with 16GB RAM. At my native resolution of 3440x1440, memory usage is about 8-9GB, high-end setting.
  10. Absolutely agreed. Today's kids have way too high and unrealistic expectations and there is a great number of them who are quite misinformed, judging by some threads I have seen here and on steam. I was hyped for this sim and am still blown away by how good it performs, looks and flies, despite the lack of some features and the presence of bugs. A milestone in gaming technology for sure. No reason for MS & Asobo to be let down by all the negativity, they have done a fantastic job IMO.
  11. Same, the launcher crashed at 391MB left to download... Now it won't continue.
  12. So the content manager crashed at 391MB left to download... Fired it up again and now it's stuck at "Please wait". How long does this take?
  13. Yeah it's just sad. I mean, I used to fly in FSX and P3D with tons of graphical improvements and absolutely loved it. But I admit that none of these improvements, except for some 3rd party scenery, come close to what we see in this new stock sim. Everyone, enjoy your sim, but don't bash on what others are going to enjoy in a few days.
  14. If similar performance with a 1440p ultrawide will be achievable in the final build I will be more than happy. Edit: Could you please do a fly-over at NYC in the 747-8 for example (same settings) and report back on frames? That would be a good performance test. Oh I see it's not your video.
  15. I agree that there is still room for improvement. I feel like this is just the beginning and they might look even more real in the future as soon as updates start dropping in. Considering how the 2D sprites in FSX/P3D look, this is a massive leap.
  16. This is beyond impressive. Just look at those beautiful fluffy clouds as soon as he breaks through them after 5:30.
  17. Hoping for VOXATC to support MSFS2020 in the near future. Sure there will be VATSIM, but for "offline" flying there is nothing better imo.
  18. Not yet but I'm on the fence. On the other hand I am thinking about buying standard first and, since an upgrade to deluxe/premium will be offered via in-game marketplace, maybe upgrade at a later date. In the meantime I could watch some videos of the additional content and if I like what I see, go for it. Pretty much a win-win. Might as well be a good tip for some of you guys.
  19. I would not think so. You get 10 extra planes and 10 handcrafted airports with premium. Usually you pay 15-30$ for an addon airport, so if you do the math... 🙂
  20. Ridiculous pricing. Not only that, only now they come up with charging the price tag difference when you switch platforms. Why wasn't that already the case with FSX/P3D? A lot of people moved from one sim to the other. Already paid twice for the NGX, third time is not gonna happen..
  21. The dealbreakers for me would be bad performance, no 3rd party addons and the most important, no more Azure AI support after some time. It's already concerning enough to stay online all the time for scenery generation and what if one day MS decides to shut down their cloud platform for flightsim because of whatever reason... that would render the sim useless wouldn't it?
  22. That's quite unfortunate as it takes away some of the immersion, oh well 😐
  23. @ark I noticed that with the PMDG 737 NGX for example, the sound gets partially cut when I switch to the KV2 window and I need to click on the simulator window to get the audio back again. The mute option when switching focus is unchecked in P3D. Any tips to avoid those annoying cuts?
  24. Came back after taking a long break from simming and forgot that the fast scrolling was implemented on my 777 but not the NGX. It was a nightmare keeping the mouse steady while scrolling to 3700 feet with Ezdok2 camera shakes and AS16 putting in some nasty turbulence...
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