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  1. as355f

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Entered those exact settings and have had no trouble. By chance where I flew today (YMML) had a really dirty day with heavy rain and visibility down to ~300ft. Not a bad test and the 5870 had no glitches whatsoever.OTOH yesterday it was constantly stuttering with CS B763 over water.BTW addons are REX2, My Traffic 2010, FTX AU Blue and CS B763.EDIT: Catalyst 10.4 finalMy sound is dropping to around 10% of its normal level but I'm sure that's another issue altogether.
  2. as355f

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    So what you are saying is that FSX won't use any more than 4 cores?
  3. as355f

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    15 or 16 was the same for me. It would only run on 4 cores.
  4. as355f

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    *******, firstly thankyou for the work. You have put in an enormous effort.Regarding [Affinity Mask] I have an AMD 1090T 6 core cpu, should I use 14 or another value?I can get 4.7GHz in turbo mode (singlethread) so it is very fast. I suppose that leads to another question, should I enable or disable turbo?Thanks in advance.Pete.