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  1. It's about 4-6 minutes if I select a challenge, and about 10-20 when I do cold start from a ramp or stand. Agree, it's beautiful. There is a setting to switch off tooltips; Regarding the knobs - it's even worse with TrackIR, where your gaze is even more unstable - I do find it very annoying. It was my experience as well, I paid for the premium edition, and was totally disappointed with the airplaines and small jets, cessna doesn't even have the hud implemented - very poor. I do hope patches will fix this though, but there was no mention of any such improvements in the upcoming patches. I found that in FSX, keyboard support for typing was random, depending on the developer. I guess it's similar here. I found the rate of change to be changing when using mouse roll (up/dn) There are free 3rd party tools that will do better job that MSFS 2020 - I appreciate that it won't be integrated as much, but it's something. Check SimToolkitPro - completely free. This is not FSX, it's a different studio. I never found the camera views useful in FSX or FS2004 anyway. They were only good for showing additional instruments but that's all. I have NAV log, COMM, MAP, CAMERA settings all in their own windows on my second monitor and what's great is that the sim remembers the configuration You can skip to any point in your route by using the toolbar. ... I did not have a single crash in MSFS2020 like ever, not even once. X-Plane 11 did crash for me on my previous CPU i7 2600k and GTX 1060 alot, same for FSX, but that's due to add-ons. Asobo already mentioned that they are working on very accurate flight model for helicopters already, so it's coming. ... Never had any problem with comms, except for long waiting times when there's traffic, or hold-continue-hold-continue-hold-continue like 30 times when taxiing on few ocassions, but that was fun anyway. Apparently documentation is also coming soon, but not sure I will need it anyway. There are better sources. I expect quality add-ons to come with their own detailed manuals anyway. I think the price of the sim is very high all things considered, and it's a bit underwhelming after the first couple of flights. I hope Asobo is in it for a long haul, because it needs a lot of work to get it to a reasonable product level. Having quite accurate bing maps world in 3D, and good weather simulation is one thing, but flight simulation is a lot more than that, and most of the planes in MSFS2020 are not quite as detailed as they should be. My current spec: i5 9600k@4.3GHz, RTX2060S 8GB, Corsair V 32GB 3200MHz RAM, 2x 512G SSDs for OS and Games separately.
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