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  1. The "cowl flaps" - oil cooler doors are located on the bottom of the nacelle just outboard of the main landing gear and are correctly tied to the cowl flaps handles. The inertial separator doors are internal and not visible from the outside.
  2. Please do! I sent a list of annunciator faults to Carenado hoping they would get fixed
  3. Nice review! A quick note on the cowl flaps, they control oil cooling doors to managae your oil temp and yes they actually are called cowl flaps in the real plane.
  4. Having flown these for thousands of hours in Alaska, I'm really looking forward to this one. And yes - I have been talking to Carenado.
  5. Do you have FSUIPC installed? I just completed a new build and the first plane I installed was the NGX, which crashed everytime I ended a flight. I then installed FSUIPC (registered version) and the sim behaves beautifully now.
  6. HAve you tried dx10? I was having the same issue flying from Anchorage to Seattle, everytime I approached KSEA, it would crash with dx9, since switching to dx 10 it's not a problem
  7. Pedestal issue: 2. Cabin Pressurization switch should be three position (currently two) DUMP - PRESS - TEST with PRESS being the normal position, DUMP depressurizing the cabin and TEST testing the system
  8. When I flew out of Barrow, AK we would suspend operations at -40C only because Jet A would start jelling around that temp. We had lengthy discussions with our chief pilot and operations manager who pointed out that the POH has a minimum fuel temp of -56C, however when our fuel provider was reporting jelling at -42C we decided that was enough!
  9. Thats normal, it burns fuel from the AUXILLIARY tanks first, then the main tanks.
  10. There is no switching between tanks. The nacelle tanks feed the engines and the main tanks transfer into the nacelle tanks. You can check the quantity of either main or nacelle by using the selector switch between the gauges, the system works as it should, I suggest you red Kurt's tutorial.
  11. The only one that comes close is the Flight1 King Air B200. Updateble Navigraph G1000 with WAAS, realistic FDE, excellent model and textures, and realistic systems including penalties for not operating it correctly.
  12. Carenado's 1900 is coming along quite nicely, every so often they post updates on their incoming projects page and they have quite a few recent screenshots of it.
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