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  1. The "cowl flaps" - oil cooler doors are located on the bottom of the nacelle just outboard of the main landing gear and are correctly tied to the cowl flaps handles. The inertial separator doors are internal and not visible from the outside.
  2. Please do! I sent a list of annunciator faults to Carenado hoping they would get fixed
  3. Anybody else getting a bandwidth limit exceeded message when they go to the Realair website?
  4. Nice flying plane, very stable, I would be able to trim it out and fly hands off for quite a while. Ground handling was a bit tricky, the long nose makes it impossible to have any forward visiibilty, especially with a heavy load, it was like flying a taildragger.
  5. Absolutely would love to see one. I have about 1500 hours in these up in Alaska and they are sorely missed in the FS world.
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