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  1. And what about Alaska? Is it possible to activate it?
  2. The same is for me - "I started by running the install for the Games for Windows Live client. It would not run. It came back with some sort of goofy "network error". Then I tried running the install for Flight. Of course, it would not run because the GFWL Client was not installed.". In my case I have to use Steam version as they replaced Games for Windows with Marketplace and as a result I lost my Games for Windows account, passwords, codes and everything as well. So, I have a Steam Flight with all the DLCs "installed" according to Steam and I am not able to play "my" DLCs - I have only base pack - 2 planes and one island.
  3. With my old GTX 970 I had to scale down my native 3840x2160 to 50% to keep my FPS at 20-23 (was at about 30 with the same settings at 60% of Render Scaling before the update, and was about 40 before all the updates), however at 50% of Render Scaling and with FPS 23 it looks and feels like at 60% with FPS 30 before. Clouds are definitely more pixelated now for me. Night lights look more natural but a bit too bright for my taste (yes, I agree that there is a need in some atmospheric effects here, IRL lights may look as bright as here and not as bright depending on atmospheric transparency). From the beginning there are no night lights for sea traffic, except flashing trails after small boats ant it looks that big vessels do not move at all. AI air traffic... in my case it works only for the airport of departure(I checked at Dubai only so far and there were a lot of planes to/from this airport but other ports were empty. Traffic planes switch off Nav lights after landing. LODs for trees looks strange - they pop up just in front of my plane at every setting - it is like not being able to see a cap of coffee in your table when you try to take this cap.
  4. With this update when we enter Options/Controls and click on Sensitivity a window opens telling us that there is a 50% of "Sensitivity". I have no idea what this new Sensitivity is doing (just regulating a rate at which the control is moving?). I think this is control affects all the axis at one time, and this is not enough from my point of view. I'd like to have a separate regulation for trims, throttles and other axis. Currently I can not quickly, in one second, drop down my flaps with axes to simulate " 1 potato, 2 potatoes..." take-offs as it takes few seconds to deploy flaps, I can not slow down my axis-driven trim wheel and I can not move the trim quickly with buttons because buttons work too slow (and again, again and again they forget about axis for ailerons and rudder trims, will they ever realize that if they are doing axis for elevator trim, they have to do the same for other trims, isn't this clear enough? How many years do they repeat this issue in every aviasim from Microsoft?), I can not add throttle quickly as it takes few seconds now.
  5. Not working for me anymore, DLC content is checked as installed on Steam but is not available via the Toolkit.
  6. Now look at traffic on water, please. No navigation lights, nothing. Boats are not lighted at all. I can see only flashing trails after some small boats. It looks also, that big vessels do not move at all, they are static.
  7. I had to reinstall my Win 10 and now when I try to reinstall MSFlight (Steam) the FilghtToolkit does not help me anymore to restore my purchased content. It does not show any content available. Is FilghtToolkit still operational?
  8. Did they model counter-rotating propellers and flight dynamic preventing critical engine handling problems?
  9. Just a small real-life picture. The quality is not good, I am sorry.
  10. Yes. There are more crosses, ICRC logos, Super King Air logo, masked "Operated for WFP by Solenta logo". I need some time to prepare materials about ICRC fonts, emblems etc. I'll let you know.
  11. Hi, if you decide to do this one, I can give you some detailed images and info.
  12. Well, I think that the topic starter just thinks that femailes start their engines without remindings:)
  13. Just check your mixture control. When you restart your challenge Flight! sometimes cuts it off. Advance your mixture control and your engine will restart as your mags are On in most cases.
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