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  1. If FSTramp is really INTERNATIONALLY causing errors in FSX ( past evaluation period or not), then I would suggest you do not use/buy it.). Consider a better alternative, like FSCommander -- also has FREE Trial period.. so why not try it and see which one you prefer, I was a great supporter of FsNav, but found FsTramp very disappointing, so I switched to FsCommander., which, for me, was a far better solution.
  2. That's because you have us all well trained to read your documentation. :p0126:
  3. To run a Lua script with FSUIPC, doesn't FSUIPC have to be a Registered Copy , while "PatchSIM1friction=Yes" works, even if not registered. ??
  4. Pete, Does FSUIPC's LUA support using LUAC ?? (dofile ? ) It might be an incentive for some Commercial developers to develop sophisticated Lua based addons, knowing they have some protection of their IP.
  5. Ref: http://fs-mp.com/sim1 This page was created earlier, to provide a place for Johan to publish his patched version(s) of sim1.dll, so that others could provide feedback. It grew a little, as Peter Dowson came onboard, to provide a FSUIPC solution, and the page referenced his Beta version(s) of FSUIPC, that has the Friction processing added. Now that things have settled down, and are not changing on a day-to-day basis, the page has really served it purpose, and would be removed, except that doing so would make a lot of references in this forum, reference a deleted resource. As far as FSUIPC is concerned, the links to version of FSUIPC (on fs-mp.com/sim1 ) are only for Historical Reference to support this forum thread. Those that use FSUIPC should always refer to Peter Dowson's support Forum, for links to download FSUIPC.
  6. Peter, Does FSUIPC do some patching of VISUALFX.dll as well ?
  7. With the introduction of Peter Dowson latest version of FSUIPC, the USER is now in direct control of what planes they choose to modify the Friction on. ie, If PMDG have tweaked their plane to handle as published by Boeing, then you may not have to add a Lua Correction file for the PMDG 737NGX. If you don't like the taxi performance of the Microsoft C172, then you can change it to whatever you want, using FSUIPC. Maybe someone in the FS Community will even put up a website, with Developer and User contributed Friction Lua files for a selection of popular FSX aircraft. ------ What Peter Dowson has done is truly an exciting breakthrough. How it is starting to become possible to alter the Internal working of FSX, in real time, with simple Lua scripting. Yet another way to put new life into FSX !! Possibilities are endless. Just for the ability to be able to change the Friction in real time. (1) Brake Pad wear simulation. (2) Tyre wear simulation. (3) Brake failure simulation. (4) Brake fade at high brake temperatures, (for those that do not already do this). (5) Random ICE patches on Runways in cold weather. etc
  8. Hook Can you give just ONE example of an Addon Developer altering an original Microsoft FSX dll ?? (For ANY reason, including retaliation from Piracy) Just one ??? Just more Conspiracy Theories. If any Developer was doing this, it would be all over Internet, including Avsim. Note: Modifying their OWN dlls, to combat Piracy does not count . if they do that -- GOOD FOR THEM !! The Dates that the OS associates with a file, has nothing to do with the CONTENT of the file itself. The Date/Time can change, while the file Content remains the same. Typically, altering the CONTENT of the file, will cause the OS to change the Last Modified date, but that date can be changed again, back to the original, with other tools ! However, it looks like you have an ORIGINAL FSX-XPACK sim1.dll
  9. It's time to STOP all these Conspiracy Theories about developers (Like PMDG), altering FSX system dlls !! It just isn't something that any credible addon developer would do. ---------------- FYI: Checking to see if files have been patched, by looking at Dates, or file size is pointless. For example, if anyone is going to hack a dll, typically the hacked version will be exactly the same size as the original, To verify if a file has been changed in any way, you either have to do a bit-comparison with the original file, or you can compare a "Checksum/Hash" of the suspect file, with that of the original. There are many Checksum-Hash programs out there, including a few official Microsoft ones. For Example, the MD5 checksum of FSX-Xpack's sim1.dll is AA1E58712B94C86237CC5C9384B2D1FD The Patched version of the same dll, as patched by the Friction Patcher referenced earlier in this thread is 4F6A88625FA585812A1D5DC4A781E4B3 Both version have EXACTLY the same File size, and the patched version "could" also have been modified to have the same "Creation" and "Last Modified" dates. Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD5 ------------ Here is a list of the MD5 Hashes for the dll's in my FSX directory. (FSX-Xpack) As far as I am aware, theses should all be original, un-hacked files !! # Generated 12/5/2012 8:01:46 PM # MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org) 0d7ea2d38feac2c8548ee3efb3ea70a3 *TCAS2v7.dll 0ecce9cea6c56a3e98adce6bc29bdf01 *dxgi.dll 1009376ec83b63f000521c617fb73a73 *simprop.dll 10d5ce2eaa76efb52898b105b930c71c *ui.dll 14939b975924b6c5d23858e03a9069d9 *sldlext.dll 1e4a1336e6631e58f5537c6f0cb73fa4 *visualfx.dll 2a40376d2f76e956d1afb4c879ea228f *controls.dll 2a66a9d0b286bd04f49beefa0ad2097a *simpropext.dll 38f5519a7ab53f0158969dd62045e4eb *CFData.dll 3ba8970b13128331669b8168b0c08694 *fs-traffic.dll 3cc353c046f7d5de931fe54f235c07b8 *virtavia.dll 4241b57394a66bd65261a8d6d2cf3a40 *symmap.dll 457aa5d60fb72039bfa2c4551bc0c320 *panels.dll 45ae090b09daa2cafac56001a5f7ff8d *demo.dll 47134891ff607723f18e602d564b2609 *simpropace.dll 4bcce2f6581bb46564155f3576028987 *lua5.1.dll 4e7fa35986592192869618162804be8e *ablscpt.dll 4f66e60554e839afcff0fde67f217c3e *window.dll 50fd6d0569bb9d495e816d637d45d049 *multiplayer.dll 58bf8a90aad43f1b8ebe527ea7b56965 *FnpCommsSoap.dll 59a00b5048b1359c6c65745cb8bed073 *esftchk2.dll 60bf983a58823b7a575249cbf29cea87 *gps.dll 643318ef92639efe0c95ca3310f5fb7b *facilities.dll 6804e1752f07ed86d658e806e328da5c *livingwater.dll 6a0d9eb9e01e68e5d1d2c3ffb586b5a1 *g3d.dll 6f6d32969b4615fc12b5dbdddc974ae2 *GaugeSound.dll 6ffe1ee74d55507843eea6cdb441688b *main.dll 70f849a142ca5e205826aa77768f8db5 *SOARRec.dll 753535668187c3d2dbc0f9551646de39 *mspacres.dll 78491d521448613e9fd437765d183f3d *fe.dll 81a29e6e1b3caab6509dd5317a1eed04 *util.dll 8d6a25920e035ac9b1b0f597d405339f *simscheduler.dll 9e549eb25925cdf884ac7a2f4be5f67a *g2d.dll a1791768b05ef27b79ec40ab1c749937 *xuipc.dll a498f17ac0156459621563e36ed9b391 *FSSound.dll a58dd86057f24c23ae25cab8df0e7e32 *fsui.dll aa1e58712b94c86237cc5c9384b2d1fd *sim1.dll aba57975fc0a7ca633dd2311b8da8f3a *flight.dll b2bbd51b3a9885f07eb46d0b96c96398 *mspac.dll b96477f5c7bd1d0cb8fd679dfedc1a24 *Ckpsound.dll bd37e9627516818490dc1b4b5c219b64 *sound.dll c30374a958b82a18e771fa656e14266b *api.dll c46a35d1894dd144dfbeefc27fd0d63b *atc.dll ca69970d05994a0758337e13c23638ea *terrain.dll de9be9e9415a3675e28d7506e67eea40 *acontain.dll ed7e865a8aecd91dedc3759679778ac9 *weather.dll ee048bcfce7ba81ad9e753fefcadcb9d *GameuxInstallHelper.dll ef6829b11239cb2a021af36971758ea3 *language.dll f25268e7e1f40009a2dd21598946fe06 *ai_player.dll ff823c45cabda432a0598f8b0c2ec960 *eula.dll Plus one PATCHED dll 4f6a88625fa585812a1d5dc4a781e4b3 *sim1.dll.patched ============ MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org) is a neat program. It will produce a TEXT "MD5 Checksum" listing of selected files in a folder, or group of folders, and save them. At a later date, the same program can compare that list with the current file's checksums, and tell you if any have changed. Nice Utility to have in your Toolbox !!
  10. Suggestion: For Lua Example, maybe add Microsoft's ORIGINAL values in as Comments. This would proved a good reference to those original values. ie ipc.RestoreFriction() ipc.SetFriction(WHEEL, CONCRETE, ROLLING, DRY, 0.030) -- 0.0?? ipc.SetFriction(WHEEL, GRASS, ROLLING, DRY, 0.060) -- 0.0?? ipc.SetFriction(WHEEL, GRASS_BUMPY,ROLLING, DRY, 0.070) -- 0.0?? ipc.SetFriction(WHEEL, ASPHALT, ROLLING, DRY, 0.025) -- 0.0?? ipc.SetFriction(WHEEL, SHORT_GRASS,ROLLING, DRY, 0.050) -- 0.0?? ipc.SetFriction(WHEEL, LONG_GRASS, ROLLING, DRY, 0.060) -- 0.0??
  11. Great approach -- looks very clean and usable. (but then one would expect no less from you Peter )
  12. It would seem that the current preferred way for users to alter these Friction parameters is by using Luna script, through FSUIPC. (Thanks -- Peter to the rescue once again !!) However, I've never written anything in LUNA, and I suspect I am not alone here. Would someone proficient in Luna, like to write a couple of template scripts: One that has the original Sim1.dll parameters for reference, and one that has the modified values that FSUIPC has. These would provide a consistent reference for anyone, experimenting with values, as well a forming some good documentation of theses parameters. Before someone says "Why not learn to write it yourself" -- here is one good reason. Even if I, and others do finally learn enough to write this script, if there are any errors, resulting in the expected values are NOT getting correctly patched, then we will be providing feedback on suggested values that are incorrect .. resulting in a massive amount of misinformation. A standard template for this particular script would be the most efficient and accurate way to get everyone on the same page.
  13. Yes, Capish -- Thanks, but this leads to another question. Is there any modeling of tyres that have grip on the surface, then loosing grip and skidding, and the associated modeling of "automatic breaking systems" with anti-skid ? Planes with Anti-skid options -- is this really simulated, or just approximated somehow ? Maybe, if LUNA can patch these parameters in Real time, Luna could be used to help simulate more complex braking systems ?
  14. Thanks for the correction. I am still a little confused. FSX refers to Breaking Friction and Sliding Friction. Are these FSX's terms for Kinetic and Static friction, or are Breaking & Sliding Friction something different ? Ref: There are two forms of friction, kinetic and static. If you try to slide two objects past each other, a small amount of force will result in no motion. The force of friction is greater than the applied force. This is static friction. If you apply a little more force, the object "breaks free" and slides, although you still need to apply force to keep the object sliding. This is kinetic friction. You do not need to apply quite as much force to keep the object sliding as you needed to originally break free of static friction.
  15. My suggestion was to make the individual, customized AIRCRFT configuation file part the aircraft file set, (ideally supplied by the developer for his aircarft), and have FSUIPC be the mechanism to read that file, if it was present in the aircraft folder, and use it to dynamically PATCH sim1.dll in memory. This way, any changes to the sim1.dll, is directly associated with each aircraft, and is part of that aircraft file set. When get a new Aircraft, it would either come with its own sim1.dll Parameter Config file, or else the FSUIPC would use, either the Microsoft Standard sim1.dll or a generic Modified version. Old aircraft would either use The Standard or Generic parameter set, or it would be possible to generate a New Custom Aircraft parameter file, for that specific aircraft, by putting it into the aircraft folder. These custom aircraft files would be created, either by the Original Aircraft Developer, as an update, another developer, or failing that, by the Flightless Community.
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