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  1. There seems to be a lot of speculation, about what Microsoft may or may not do, and why they may be doing certain things. It's all very well to want the revenue stream that it is assumed that addon developers have enjoyed, but the real question is, will Microsoft be able to afford the Man hours, at Microsoft's Engineering overheads, to develop anything close to what so many addon developers have produced, many times, while getting a ROI that is below minimum wage. The SIM that the the avid simmer now wants is so far in advance of anything FSX can evolve into, without a costly major redesign, that one has to wonder if there is really still a market to support such a major investment, especially in the current world eccomonic state, and with the recent changes in what people now consider to be entertainment. "I want it, I want it now, I want More, and now I'm Bored with it -- give me something different" -- looks like Micosoft Flight may well be giving the majority what they want.
  2. The information that seems to be missing, from figuring out if your Rudder Pedal brakes could be "Sticking" with standard LINEAR "0-100%" Brake Pedal Calibration, is :- "At what brake appication amount (say on a scale 0 to 100 ), does the PMDG Brake simulation start applying the minimum of braking." ? ie How much FREE TRAVEL is simulated in the Brake Pedals before braking starts.?
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