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  1. FSMP

    Weather radar and On board taxi camera

    Well, why can't you just INFORM the Vatsim Ground controller, that there is a follow car ahead of you, expecting you to follow him, and ask the controller if you can follow the Follow car instead, to the gate he assigned you. If he says YES, great -- go ahead. If he says NO, and you still want to use your "Follow Car" , disconnect from Vatsim, and proceed as you wish. Simple as that !
  2. FSMP

    Weather radar and On board taxi camera

    EXACTLY -- ie JSBsim etc etc
  3. FSMP

    Weather radar and On board taxi camera

    Thinking "OUTSIDE THE BOX" --- and this is exactly what this is -- thinking outside the Plane's weather Box. Here is an idea --- We all know that FSX generally cannot tell which cells have rain etc etc etc, so no weather Radar can tell what cells have rain, within the radar coverage. How about a system that actually generated an appropriate, SIMULATED rain cell map, based on the current weather (and maybe some user level control), and then INJECTED that rain cell weather back into FSX, while also displaying it on the Weather Radar. Then the two would match. FSX's rain generation is random in any case, based on injected weather information that itself, does not define where rain cell really are in the real world :- , plus some internal processing that is not exposed to the outside. So why not replace that FSX rain generation, with a system that is know, and is based on an area that extends out to the Weather Radar coverage ? Whose to say it would be any more or less Real World Correct than what FSX does, but it will be a known Rain map, that both the Weather Radar can display, and that can be injected into FSX, for the plane to experience. Maybe TECHNICALLY possible -- but a lot of development work, so probably not something that is going to make anyone rich ... but for many, PROFIT is not the only thing FS is about. So, no, I would not expect PMDG to be the ones to do this, but if such a system existed,maybe PMDG would embrace it as being "Realistic" enough, and design their VC, to be able to optionally accept, such a product. Maybe its a thing for the WEATHER Addon guys, to produce the "Standardized Rain Cell map", that other Gauge & addon plane developers can use, to produce their own, appropriate Weather Radar. If nothing else, a different way of looking at this requirement, that may have a solution after all.
  4. FSMP

    Weather radar and On board taxi camera

    Post deleted by author -- Not worth going there !!
  5. You are welcome to the constructive feedback, and the information confirmation. :rolleyes: No thank-you expected -- or received.
  6. Milviz King Air 350i Cockpit looks GREAT -- but one thing stood out as a major error. EMERGENCY FREQ Button is marked 124.5 !! (That could ruin your day) Correct EMERGENCY FREQ is 121.50 The choice of 121.5 MHz was made by the ICAO in conjunction with ARINC and the ITU.
  7. Typically, with Coranado, the radio stack may function correctly for selecting which radios you want to Receive on, but the selection of the Transmitting radio is often flawed. Often, there is no way to select which of the two Radios one is going to use as the Transmitting radio -- implying, that little or no developing or testing is done in a Multiplayer environment, :( One BRUTE FORCE way to get around this, is to throw in, say, the MS C172 Radio stack as a 2D pop up window, and use that to control the radios and the Transponder. Otherwise, its a question of getting into the XML and correcting it ... and for the Transponder, that is no small task !! My advise, if you need the correct Functionality :- (1) Throw in the C172 radio stack as a 2D popup windows, (2) Ask Coranado, to fix the issues, both for your purchase, and for future planes they release.
  8. That would explain why you do not see the issue, but if you did use the Transponder, as soon as you touch it, it would start to flood. However, it would seem that Carenardo may address the matter.
  9. I suspect either your server does not detect the Transponder flooding,( or, you did not alter your transponder from its initial value once you had joined the MP session). I believe that the "fsopen.co.uk" server software will show the flooding. You might like to try again, and this time, change the Transponder code, once you are connected to the server. That WILL start the flooding. Will be most interested to hear the results ....
  10. There is a good reason why some Laptops "THROTTLE" back their speed, to reduce heat ...
  11. Yes, same Transponder ? -- same code -- same issues
  12. Issue was reported to Carenado Within a few hours, there was a human response, indicating that the matter would be addressed. Impressive Customer support.
  13. Floods Multiplayer servers with repeated same Key Event <shame>
  14. If FSTramp is really INTERNATIONALLY causing errors in FSX ( past evaluation period or not), then I would suggest you do not use/buy it.). Consider a better alternative, like FSCommander -- also has FREE Trial period.. so why not try it and see which one you prefer, I was a great supporter of FsNav, but found FsTramp very disappointing, so I switched to FsCommander., which, for me, was a far better solution.
  15. If you cannot install W7 service pack (or any other W7 updates), this would tend to indicate that your W7 system has lost integrity, and probably cannot be relied upon to operate correctly.Since re-installing W7 (and all it's updates) takes so much longer than installing FSX, I would strongly recommend that you start again, with a CLEAN install of W7 - do all the updates, and ensure that W7 is operating 100% correctly, before Installing FSX (on your 2nd drive). Also, if you do not already, consider installing FSX in a "FSX" directory in the root of your non-OS 2nd Drive (ie D:\FSX), and not in the Windows default Program files directory. ( Will save you a lot of ADMIN/Permissions issues alter when running FSX and addons) Remember uiautomationcore.dll FIX