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  1. ok thank you sir. will check it out
  2. Im getting these red X's sometimes, my FTX is ordered below my first add on airports and I have ORBX Vector used for airport elevation issues. Im using P3Dv4. I assume it must have something to do with either a landclass or AFCAD issue? https://imgur.com/PhyXxiJ
  3. There is actually a nice video series for the PMDG from this guy, very detailed, 21 parts:
  4. Hello all, Came accross this content and it seems to work on my system for v3 installers to be used and installed into v4 versions, any thoughts? Copied into a text editor and saved with .bat ending, placed into your P3D root install folder....
  5. Hi Matt Downloaded the latest version but it asks for activation each time I load up PTA 2.52 added the exe file to the firewall exclusion as well and anitvirus software to no avail. thanks Edit: nevermind, works now after few trials, changed compatibility to run in win 7...
  6. Hi Matt I am also trying to pay but its unsuccessful, i tried both with my Visa and Paypal. Any solution? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the download on your website. confirmed it works great. just need to tweak performance as it kills smoothness in some areas, but it looks fantastic. well worth it which features in PTA to set which use the least resources btw? or which ones have the highest impact? thanks
  8. Ok thanks pal. How does that work with winter textures for example? If you don't fly in summer for instance where you have more grey and white textures and not lush green. Well guess will have to try it out. Thanks for your help on this Happy new year mate
  9. Great, thanks mate will do. On another note, I am using Rex for textures, which is possible too? I understand that the result will be different of course. Cheers
  10. Hi mate. I am running PTA 2.01 and can't load the haze.ini file you provided. Cant seem to find the PTA 1.xx version as well. What should I do now? thanks much
  11. Hi MJ That did not work, i have to edit the location in AppData Roaming LM P3D location. if i use this location C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3. I see no AI traffic but when I use this location : C:\Users\stephan\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 I see AI traffic and the menu entry in the add on bar, but i dont have any VC with this option... edit: ok got it to work now, I removed this line: <NewConsole>True</NewConsole> now the VC appears and AI traffic is started with add on entry, nice. will give it a try now if all works thanks much everyone!!
  12. thanks Graham, do i have to edit both exe.xml i have two locations for the exe.xml files ok updated it in only this location: C:\Users\stephan\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 no errors on startup which is good but no traffic...do i have to set traffic on under settings as well? normally this externally controlled... ok updated it in only this location too: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 no error and started up but also no traffic :-( edit: ok the path was wrong at the end. now i get a red stop sign for a few sec then sim starts. but still no traffic here is the exe.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_btstrp_config_manager</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Name>UT2</Name> <Path>C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe</Path> <NewConsole>True</NewConsole> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="3,0" id="exe"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Flight Recorder</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>G:\Prepar3D\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Flight Recorder\AS-FlightRecorder.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Name>UT2</Name> <Path>C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe</Path> <NewConsole>True</NewConsole> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> edit 2: okay so I removed the entry in this location : C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 and i see traffic now from UT2, but i have no VC now. my entry must be still wrong in the exe.xml ? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_btstrp_config_manager</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Name>UT2</Name> <Path>C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe</Path> <NewConsole>True</NewConsole> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document>
  13. Hi Graham, thanks. hmmm. still nothing. this is how it looks like now: in C:\Users\stephan\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_btstrp_config_manager</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Name>UT2</Name> <Path>C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe> <NewConsole>True</NewConsole> </Launch.Addon> in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="3,0" id="exe"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Flight Recorder</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>G:\Prepar3D\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Flight Recorder\AS-FlightRecorder.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Name>UT2</Name> <Path>C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe> <NewConsole>True</NewConsole> </Launch.Addon> in the same location for the simobjects.cfg: [Entry.0] Title=Default Airplanes Path=SimObjects\Airplanes Required=True Active=True [Entry.1] Title=Default Avatars Path=SimObjects\Avatars Required=True Active=True [Entry.2] Title=Default Rotorcraft Path=SimObjects\Rotorcraft Required=True Active=True [Entry.3] Title=Default Ground Vehicles Path=SimObjects\GroundVehicles Required=True Active=True [Entry.4] Title=Default Boats Path=SimObjects\Boats Required=True Active=True [Entry.5] Title=Default Animals Path=SimObjects\Animals Required=True Active=True [Entry.6] Title=Default Misc Path=SimObjects\Misc Required=True Active=True [Entry.7] Title=Default Submersible Path=SimObjects\Submersible Required=True Active=True [Entry.8] Title=Default Weapons Path=SimObjects\Weapons Required=True Active=True [Entry.9] Title=Default Countermeasures Path=SimObjects\Countermeasures Required=True Active=True [Entry.10] Title=UT2 Aircraft Path=C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\Simobjects\UT2 Aircraft Required=False Active=True in the fsx.cfg under [Main]: [Main] User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft ProcSpeed=7080 PerfBucket=7 Maximized=2 Location=440,130,1480,908,\\.\DISPLAY1 HideMenuNormal=0 HideMenuFullscreen=1 DisablePreload=1 thanks and sorry for the troubles. appreciated, thanks I just got an xml error by active sky mentioning an error. so my typing or spacing must be wrong...
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