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  1. Well, that just shows how well it is made. You actually can wreck the engines, get into trouble with pressurization and so on. The same happened to me initially, and it took me a few flights to figure out how to fly the plane without getting into trouble. By now, I can comfortably fly it under almost any conditions. Manual/documentation: Yes, the user guide is relatively sparse, but it has almost all information that one would need to perform a flight properly. Some information is missing, but that is only due to Beechcraft copyright, not because Milviz is lazy. In addition, there are some good Youtube videos that teach you how to deal with this machine, starting from cold and dark. Links to these videos, as well as some (not a lot) additional performance data, are provided in the user forum. Is the KA 350 on a level with FSL/PMDG? A small turboprop is not as complex a machine as a major airliner, so there are certainly fewer pages in the PL-21 FMS than in that of the A320. However, I have the impression that all systems are modelled almost as well as they could be. There are a number of real KA 350 pilots on the user forum, including a very helpful KA 350 instructor. Their comments seem to indicate that the plane is pretty close to the real thing. Not perfectly, but most limitations are caused by the limitations of P3D. Performance: I don't have the greatest hardware, but the 350 flies very well on my system, with frame rates consistently above 30 and normally 50-60. Only at major airports does the fps drop to about 20. This is much better than the FSL A320, which is not flyable at major airports and only gets to maybe 20-25 fps over the open sea. I much prefer the KA 350 over that jet. I think the best comparison to the KA350 are to Majestic Dash 8 and to PMDG Jetstream 4100. I would say that the KA350 compares favourably even to the Q400, but only because the graphics of the Q400 are a little older by now. When it comes to systems, both planes are fairly similar. The same would be true for the Jetstream if it was available for P3D, and that comparison is based on old and very fond memories of the plane when I still flew it in FSX. Peter
  2. One very happy customer here. I almost exclusively fly the 350 now because it is so well made and so much fun. I only had a few minor issues when I got it in December, and they have all been fixed. Great work, Milviz. Peter
  3. Right you are. However, I never got when I should use the heart instead of the upvote. I think a single option would be more meaningful. Peter
  4. It speaks volumes that this is still early access for P3D when the XP version is not, despite being launched 1-2 years later. TG ruined AI traffic for me in P3D 4.5, I have hardly any traffic at my airports at all. I won't install it in any future flight sim. Peter
  5. Orbx Bella Coola and Stewart, as well as Ketchikan and Juneau in Alaska and Claresholm and Airdrie in Alberta. Simaddons Castlegar and Prince George.
  6. I have used Vatsim, VoxATC, Pro-ATC, and Pilot2ATC. Vatsim is by far the best choice, but it requires flying online, with current weather, and you have to plan your flights according to where you have ATC coverage. However, no ATC program can replace the interaction with a human controller who may make mistakes, may be friendly and helpful, or sometimes really busy and impatient. If you never tried Vatsim or IVAO, I strongly suggest to give it a try. There is also PilotEdge, which is probably the best human ATC option. However, it is pricey and you are confined to the Western United States. I therefore never tried it. I have used VoxATC alongside Vatsim to have ATC in areas with no Vatsim coverage. That was the perfect combination if VoxATX worked for me. Unfortunately, I got the "fatal error" message on 90% of my flights, so at some time I simply gave up on Vox. I have also used Pro-ATC and liked it in general, but it does not have voice interaction and is a bit more intrusive than Vox. I am now using Pilot2ATC and like it. It has voice recognition and generally works similar to Vox: during a flight, you just have to interact with the controller via voice. Before a flight, you have to file your flight plan first, which is kind of realistic. Also, it has a ton of help functions if ATC does not recognize your communication (which happens a lot to me since I have an accent). It is definitely worth giving it a try, as there is also a demo version. I tried the PF3 demo and didn't like it. I found it way too cumbersome to set up. Peter
  7. My wife sent me this link and asked me if she should do that 🤣
  8. It is in the KA350i support forum, not the "completed products" forum. You need to be logged in and have purchased the plane in order to access the support forum. Peter
  9. Seems like 737 MAX orders are now cancelled. COVID-19 could dramatically reduce the demand for that plane. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4336759-big-boeing-737-max-cancellation Peter
  10. PMDG asks their customers to repurchase all airplanes they may have in FSX for P3D, even at a higher price. I would therefore definitely not buy the 777 before P3D 5 is out and PMDG made an official announcement. Even then I would wait: what if a year from now you decide you will use MSFS 2020 and have to purchase the 777 again for that platform? It is just too expensive a product to buy it again every year. Peter
  11. Is the passenger cabin modeled? I couldn't find any screen shots that show this.
  12. I have concentrated on the region Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea so far. Lots of desert. The desert looks definitely better than ORBX Global LC (the edition for the entire world), but it is not photoreal and has some repetitive elements. The Ethiopian highlands look very nice with a mesh installed, and, together with a freeware HAAB, it captures the spirit of the landscape around Addis Ababa quite well (I have been there, so I can compare it to real life). I would say it is not as nice as South America, but a massive improvement compared to other solutions for Africa. I am happy with it. Peter
  13. ORBX is just fine with a somewhat newer graphics card. FSL A320 is really heavy on CPU because of all the systems modelling. On my 7-year old PC, I also get very low (<10 fps) frame rates with it, even though I have an updated graphics card. That's the reason why I prefer the Aerosoft A320, where frame rates stay above 15 fps even when I fly to heavily populated areas like Aerosoft EDDF with ORBX Germany installed. Peter
  14. I have the Captain Sim L-1011 and the Aerosoft DC-8. The L-1011 is, in principle, well made, but I only flew it a few times. It is just lacking something. Maybe the systems aren't modeled as meticulous, and also the plane has really a lot of switches and buttons. In real life there were three people on the flight deck, and you notice that when you go through an expanded checklist. Also, the many interactive switches require a lot of CPU/GPU resources, so the plane has a relatively low frame rate on my older system. The DC-8 is one of my favorite P3D models ever. Michael has really found the perfect balance by not modelling those buttons and levers that are not needed during normal flight operations (such as the cross-feed levers, for instance). That does not mean that it is a lightweight model; on the contrary, all normal operations are modeled in great detail. The engines are quite a handful, you really have to pay attention to the gauges in order to get them/keep them working. The CIVA INS is very well implemented and includes drift that needs to be corrected on longer flights. Highly recommended. If you had issues with other Aerosoft products in the past: this plane was developed by a single person (Michael), so it has been created outside of the usual Aerosoft development procedure. I never had any issues with the DC-8 at all. Peter
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