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  1. qqwertzde

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Right, it depends on the computer you have. I bought both, compared them, and now exclusively fly the Aerosoft A320. I don't simulate failures, and the compromises I have to make with scenery settings to make the FSL work nicely on my rig are taking away more immersion than I gain from having more system depth. Peter
  2. qqwertzde

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    That very much depends on the system. All that systems simulation in FSL is very heavy on the CPU. On my system, which combines an older processor with a newer graphics card, the FSL A320 does not feel great at all. I can only fly it to default airports (with an fps of around 20). Flying it to a complex airport scenery results in fps < 10 and often a CTD. By contrast, the Aerosoft A320 has probably the best frame rate after the Majestic Dash 8 on my system. Performance is really something that needs to be considered when deciding between both models. Peter
  3. qqwertzde

    More of long flights, what about the shortest?

    53 seconds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westray_to_Papa_Westray_flight Peter
  4. qqwertzde

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    China Clipper
  5. qqwertzde

    Pilots Life

  6. qqwertzde

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Actually, Mathijs of Aerosoft stated that the release would happen "within the next two weeks". And that was last week. Take it with a grain of salt, but I'd bet that this gem is just around the corner. Peter
  7. qqwertzde

    Unread Content not working

    It's back 😞
  8. qqwertzde

    Importing Flight Plans

    Yes for those which use the default GPS, the flight plan is then loaded automatically. No for any of the planes that I own with a custom FMC. If I recall correctly, flight plan import is possible in the Phenom 300 as long as the Navigraph extension is not installed. Peter
  9. qqwertzde

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    Hi J25OE, I guess my description was not precise: at least on my system, it is impossible to get into the red range for some Carenado airplanes, even with all levers at max. I have observed that with the B350, B1900D, and S340. Peter
  10. qqwertzde

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    "Study level" is not a well defined notion. You will find a lot of heated arguments about whether a specific plane deserves that classification or not. I like to avoid it and instead describe what you can and cannot do. Carenado planes are hard to beat when it comes to looks. Another plus is that almost all buttons in the VC are working, so you can follow an amplified checklist quite closely. However, many buttons do not have a real effect, so you will not notice if you made a mistake (e.g., if you forget to switch anti-ice on or not under icing conditions). Also, Carenado prop engines are very forgiving, you can often run them at full throttle during the entire flight if you like, with the rpm gauge just touching the red range. I personally like Carenado planes and own quite a few. If I want to fly a challenging airplane where my actions have immediate consequences, I fly more advanced models like the Majestic Dash-8, A2A Connie, PMDG DC-6, or Aerosoft DC-8. However, I sometimes just like to have a nice trip without too many challenges, still following amplified checklists. For such a more leisurely flight, Carendo planes are perfect. Peter
  11. qqwertzde

    Avionics do not turn on

    The plane should (officially) work in P3D 4 and does so on my system. Maybe try a reinstallation. Peter
  12. qqwertzde

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    I have the FSL A320 and the Aerosoft buses for P3D v4. On my (somewhat older) system, the Aerosoft version has about 40% better frame rate. I can fly the FSL only in areas with sparse scenery without watching a slide show. So, at least for me, it was well worth to spend the money on the Aerosoft version. Peter
  13. How did you do that? Peter