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  1. I move the browser window a little down when reading Avsim so that the ad banner is hidden behind my task bar. In that way, Avsim gets the ad money and I don't have to look at flashy ads. I don't mind static ads, but I despise anything that moves a lot. More than once it made me not buy something. Peter
  2. Yes, cold fusion was a bogus result, probably originating from contamination of their samples with radioactive materials. It was not reproducible in experiments at many other labs at the time. Cold fusion was an erroneous observation in a scientific experiment, but laser fusion is more like an engineering project: the physics behind it is well understood and success will ultimately be determined by wether they will sell energy or not. An independent reproduction is therefore not required (although other groups will certainly try if they ever claim success 🙂 ). There is also plasma fusion, which is the oldest attempt to harvest energy from nuclear fusion. This works by heating up a gas to extremely high temperatures (tens of millions of degrees) and confining the gas using a magnetic field. They also made progress recently by developing stronger electromagnets, but they have been trying to create more energy than they put in for the last 50 years. My gut feeling is that laser fusion is also at least 10 years away from success, if it comes at all. Peter
  3. I seem to be the odd one out here. I liked Carenado planes in P3D. They were really pretty and you could move most switches in the VC. Hence, you could pretend to follow an amplified checklist, even though missing a step was inconsequential. I grew tired of this after a while, but I had good fun with a plane before that happened. By contrast, I don't care for their airplanes in MSFS at all (I have the C182 and the Seneca, but rarely fly them). The reason is that the default airplanes are already good looking, and while one can move more switches in Carenado planes, the system depth is similar to default planes as well. I also dislike that one can only buy their planes in the market place, i.e., I cannot tinker with configuration files. Since in MSFS most airplanes are pretty, just making beautiful models does not appeal to me anymore. Peter
  4. Do not include any files that were created by someone else, except when you have explicit permission. Sending the author an email is a very good idea. And you should not include objects converted from another simulator, this is forbidden most of the time.
  5. It is not too difficult: - Register an account (for free) on Flightsim.to - Take the folder of your project that you created in the community folder and zip it (right click -> send to -> . zip file). - On flightsim.to, click on your username (top right corner) and go to "my uploads" - Clock on "new upload" and follow the instructions. You may want to prepare a few screen shots of your work, and you will have to write a text that includes installation instructions (usually, "unzip to project file and move it into your community folder") and an email address where people can contact you. Also, if you used any programs (like Gimp or Blender) for your projects, you should acknowledge it. And of course, you should not include any copyrighted material in your project.
  6. I have created a fictional water runway next to York Factory in Northern Manitoba, Canada ( https://flightsim.to/file/17413/york-factory-manitoba ). When I created that scenery a few months ago, I discussed water aerodromes with other scenery developers on fsdeveloper.com. It appears that support for water landings was non-existing when MSFS was first released. I think it was added in spring. At the time when I created York Factory, it was not possible to create docking stations in water yet (I tried ramps, but they would be filled with normal AI airplanes). My guess is that amphibious operations and more water runways will be added over the next year. Until then, creating them ourselves and publishing it on Flightsim.to may be the best option. Peter
  7. Very well spoken. You point out one of the reasons why I prefer flight simulation over the real thing. I wouldn't be a good real pilot, I get nervous too quickly and would be uneasy for the entire flight. The main reason, however, is that simming is so much cheaper and convenient. Peter
  8. The plane has not been updated for SU5 yet. As a consequence, the AP is acting up. Peter
  9. The only addon weather engines I know and have tried are REX (payware) and Unreal Weather (freeware). They do pretty much the same and set the weather according to the nearest available METAR station. I fly a lot in areas where METAR stations are scarce or automated (i.e., they do not observe precipitation or cloud coverage), and in these cases both products do not help much. I then use MSFS weather if it looks reasonable, but if it is obviously wrong (e.g., the infamous thunderstorms), I use Unreal Weather. I haven't used REX in a long time. Peter
  10. I should viciously attack you for that post ... ... just to help you making your point. 😉 Cheers, Peter
  11. I had both in P3D and almost exclusively flew the Connie for several reasons. (1) It is an iconic airplane. (2) The way A2A implemented the crew is, IMHO, much better than the automatic flight engineer in the DC-6. (3) I liked that one can hide the GPS unit. Yes, you can just keep it switched off on the PMDG plane, but it still sits there, and I wanted to fly those planes how they were flown in the 1950s. Having said that, both models are excellent and the MSFS DC-6 is by far the most complex airplane for that sim. I fly it a lot and really enjoy the model. To the OP: the PMDG NGX used to be one of my favorite planes in FSX. I simulated modern airliner operations for many years, but at some point I discovered that old airplanes and smaller turboprops are actually much more interesting. Much less automation. One has to be much more careful with engines, pressurization and weather. And navigation is a more complex task for the pilot. Peter
  12. Me neither. I guess my eyes are old and bent. Peter
  13. I've been waiting for the Majestic Q300 for FSX/P3D for about 10 years. I am sure that when they release the Q400 for MSFS, it will be mind-blowing; I am just not holding my breath. Based on this, and assuming that the generally less appealing graphics of the world in P3D does not matter to you, I would suggest to go for the P3D version now.
  14. Hmm. I would agree with the Editor whom she attacks. It is a subtle problem, and her opinion is not unfounded, but she completely ignores the Casimir effect. It is true that vacuum energy is not very well understood, but I conjecture that most physicists would also agree with the Editor. That doesn't make the hypothesis more correct, but the answer to the problem is more open than what the video may imply. Peter
  15. The OP is located in Germany. The word "dominant" in German does not have the meaning of a supreme ruler. It is more often used to describe, for instance, a soccer team that is far ahead. Maybe all the adverse reactions to this thread are caused by a mere language issue? Peter
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