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  1. I have beta-tested the Beaver with VR and it worked beautifully, but that was of course not with the 40th anniversary edition yet. Maybe something changed there?
  2. All good points, but knowing me, I wouldn't do a walk around if I know everything will be just fine. Some airplanes do have failures like you mention. I think it would be good if FSRealistic had a kind of API for developers, so that they could place visual effects on the fuselage if a problem was triggered. Reminds me of the good old times with A2A in FSX. They actually had a good walk around implemented.
  3. Do I correctly understand that the walk around is strictly a camera effect? No occasional problems are spawned, like a broken light or a blocked pitot tube?
  4. I am not a real pilot, but I had the pleasure flying in a small airplane recently, and the pilot used a moving map. It was a cheaper system, so not at the same level as Navigraph, but it shared many features. I also know that https://foreflight.com/ is used by real world pilots, and that looks pretty similar to Navigraph. Some flight simmers use Foreflight as well, but it is more expensive than Navigraph. Peter
  5. Well, the in-sim plugin is essential for VR, it is the main reason I even bought an ultimate subscription. It is really a bummer for me that VFR maps are not available in it.
  6. I really would like to see that statistics. If you have a source, please share it here. You don't need it (for instance, Steve Jobs did well without one). However, it really, really helps. Imagine person A, who hangs out with a lot of people who only talk about the latest football results, and person B, who hangs out with people who talk about their latest assignments on logic. Person A and B may be equally intelligent, but person B will for sure be better trained to work on difficult questions in law, medicine, investment ... I have a science degree, but I lift my hat to anyone with a philosophy degree who took their studies seriously. A well trained philosopher is much more useful to society/business than a badly trained scientist or engineer. At the end, what matters is what you make out of your degree. Peter
  7. Me too 🙂 I once even had the dubious pleasure to work with punch hole cards. But that system was totally outdated already 😄
  8. I am happily flying the new KingAir 350 mod and the BAe 146. A larger turboprop would be nice, but until the Dash-8 or the ATR-42 are released, those will keep me very much entertained in the regional flight segment.
  9. I have used pretty much all options mentioned in this thread. Especially when using VR, Navigraph is really impressive. I have seen previews of the new VFR and weather features that Navigraph will soon include, see https://fselite.net/content/navigraph-charts-8-in-beta-testing-check-out-the-new-preview-video/ . I think Navigraph charts will become pretty much unavoidable at that point. It is a bit expensive, but you get up-to-date data, Simbrief integration, and really easy access to all maps and charts. I use it for VFR flights already now, and can't wait for the new version. Highly recommended.
  10. Correction: the big dials are tank selectors, not fuel valves. The fuel valve switches are gone, no need to set them. Another reason why you may have issues starting the engines is if you haven't updated the airplane to the latest version. There have been some changes between SU9 and SU10 (I believe, or between 10 and 11) that have an impact on engine performance. Finally, I always switch on external power. Not needed in principle, but I often was able to start the engine only when it was on.
  11. The fuel valves are the big red and yellow rotary switches on the ceiling in your screen shot. To start the engines, do not forget to remove pitot and engine covers etc. You do that on the scratch pad that is located in the door of the copilot.
  12. It's the old terminal of CYFB and is still around. The new terminal is red 🙂 https://airportimprovement.com/article/privatepublic-partnership-building-new-terminal-iqaluit-intl
  13. I can't say much about ProATC. I used it in FSX/P3D and it was OK, but for MSFS, the best choice with VR may be Pilot2ATC. It has voice recognition and works fine with VR, as long as you are prepared to memorize the most important phraseologies. If I recall correctly, Pilot2ATC has a trial version (I think ProATC may not, but I am not sure). Just give it a try and see if you like it. Peter
  14. Good movie, but I wouldn't say that there is reason to be optimistic. All she says is that something odd is going on, not that there is any evidence whatsoever for cold fusion. But she is right: if there is something going on that we don't understand yet, and if the research is relatively inexpensive, it is a good idea to put some funding into it. Peter
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