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  1. I have the same issue. It feels like stutter but it's the airplane itself that shakes unaturaly, not the whole sim. By the way... you're talking about Alt hold... I'm must be blind, I never found the Alt hold from the AP and figure it out that there wasn't any. Where is it located please ? Thanks
  2. Hi, In my option menu (developper ON), Winshield rain the "override rain rate" is now unticked. I wounder if by default it is ticked, cause I may have screw the options by mouse slip. Could someone confirm it is unticked by default please ? Thanks a lot. S.
  3. I see. I never trimed the rudder for take off. I prefere manually maintaining the line. Have you had this behaviour since the begining of the Mooney ?
  4. My problem is the control of the rudder after touch down. Not the float or the bounce. I have the feeling the situation has change after the update of the Mooney (or the SP3... ?)
  5. Hello everyone, I'd like to learn from your experience on landing the Mooney. Myself, I land full flaps at around 65-70 knots and as soon as I touch down it becomes very difficult, sometimes impossible to maintain the aircraft in the center line. A slight correction of the rudder makes the plane over reacting to it and by controlling its reaction with the counter rudder make the plane quit the runway. I have to say that I have already reduce the sensitivity of my hardware with FSUIPC and that in the air, the rudder is fine. As a matter of fact the take off is sensitive but not a problem. Anyone having the same experience ? Could it be the same code behaviour of the reaction of the planes in the air with elevator like if attached to a spring ? Thanks Souheil
  6. I have noticed no decrease of performance of the Mooney after MSFS last update. I don't know what could be your issue. Have you updated the Mooney itself as well ?
  7. I recommand the Net Limiter solution. It solved my problems with a limit of 5mb/s. Souheil
  8. I'm on the same boat. Since yesterday evening trying to download the same file over and over. I tried several times to close the whole process and start it again. No luck. I'v tried to be patient and let it do its thing for a few hours (6). No luck. And the good thing is: waiting for them to resolve the issue we can't even fly the old version. What a mess. Souheil
  9. Hi, After playing a bit with vertical synch in and out of the sim, I disabled everything in Nvidia and the sim to check how my fps would perform in a certain context. I can see my FPS not going any higher (ever) than 30. I restarted the sim and reseted Nvidia without any change. Any idea on what is containing my fps to this value ? I have no technology G-synch monitor, whatsoever. Thank for your help Souheil
  10. I thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I sure will use this knowledge. Best. Souheil
  11. I'm sorry, but what is the setting you name LOD please ? Thanks
  12. Hello, I changed the bandwidth data, turned on Vsynch with 1/2 refresh rate blocked at 60fps. It clearly helped with the stuters. Now which one of theses trickes did it for me is hard to tell. I have a question though: how much download data speed should I expect during a flight. Right now, my network activity shows me only 1-2 Mb/s of activity. That leaves me with a lot of headroom ( I have 50mb/s potential) Thank you all. Souheil
  13. Thank you very much. Will report if it makes a difference on my end.
  14. Okay.. with vertical synch On then, is it correct that both settings are fixed together ?
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