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  1. nonflyingdutchman

    How is the new Virtualcol CRJ series pack?

    Their best yet. Great looks. Easy to operate. Much better than the other one imho. Great fps (ideal around big airports)
  2. nonflyingdutchman

    What kind of AA do I need to prevent this?

    create mipmaps with imagetool
  3. nonflyingdutchman

    Flight Unlimited 3 memories

    I remember the runway and taxi lights were great, fading in the distance...
  4. nonflyingdutchman

    Socata TB-9 and TB-10 from Just Flight released

    hi bert. finally able to ask; how big is the interior.mdl? anything over 10 mb induces stutters on my system. but I guess by the details of the aircraft is big... thanks! paul
  5. nonflyingdutchman

    Shadow anti aliasing

    this may help; GROUND_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=4096. its in the p3d.cfg paul
  6. nonflyingdutchman

    XtremePrototypes Classic GLJ 25 SE Review

    great stuff! hows the performance? the series 20 was a bit of a hog on my rig... paul
  7. nonflyingdutchman

    Is there a way to have ASN autostart when you launch P3D?

    I start asn once and leave it open, then it starts everytime p3d starts
  8. nonflyingdutchman

    just thinking about this

    add a panel and sound folder to the aircraft folder
  9. nonflyingdutchman

    HTC Vive + P3D + Flyinside = Mind Blown!

    samsung says its working on an 11k display. This would be the solution for vr :smile:
  10. nonflyingdutchman

    just add gauges is selling a crj200 vc. me thinks it's being used for the crj200x that's under development...looks great! anyone? :wink:
  11. nonflyingdutchman

    Russian Airplanes

    suprunov design yak 40. all russian text and gauges
  12. nonflyingdutchman

    737 ACE Yoke

    perhaps a bit more dead zone in control settinngs
  13. nonflyingdutchman

    CLS MD 81/82

    try reducing flaps lift in the aircraft.cfg, and/or if cruising level or nose down, reduce cruise lift scalar
  14. nonflyingdutchman

    7 Hours with P3D V2 and still Microstutters

    the only way for me is default aircraft; any great looking and fully equipped ac and I get stutters as a bonus. all sliders to the left is a no go for me. I need the full visual experience to get immersed (orbx). i4570, gtx 770, ssd only
  15. nonflyingdutchman

    What Would be Your Next Old School Aircraft for P3Dv2?

    how bout xtreme prototype lear 24? all steam inside, (pocket) rocket science outside ^_^