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  1. I'm sure ms did alot of research before embarking on such a huge mission, but so did Airbus before starting building the A380.....
  2. Why blame monkeys? They would never ever do such a thing 🙈🙉🙊🤡.........Clowns however...🤡
  3. I like to compare vr to ev's, first slowly but then accelerating as tech gets ahead and folks get convinced of the benefits. I read that in the 1910's streets of ny city were horses and carts only but just a decade later cars filled the streets despite people first weary of the noisy and smoky machines....
  4. Years ago I tried the rift v1 and it was terrible! Haven't tried or owned anything vr since (still trackir) but I did see the future then...... Will only use new fs in vr with a headset with at least 200 degrees fov and/or foveated eye tracking at 8k per screen. Devs are working towards these specs so I'm hoping at fs release maybe....
  5. from the earliest beginnings ms fs always required latest hardware to run best
  6. And no 737...yet?? Maybe they did the max and now it's grounded😂
  7. if pessimistic testers at seattle are blown away at this early stage already, imagine a year from now the final product....I really cannot see a reason to stick with any other flightsim. This is so much different than anything we have right now. If only for the weather😍
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EGTS
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