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  1. Did you try cleaning the pad with water or alcohol wipes and let it dry? It should become almost like new afterwards. At least that's the case if they are still using the 3M pads.
  2. I can only speak for the Bravo throttle. From the buttom of the desk to the bottom of the clamp turn knob its ~3 1/4 inches. But I think the Alpha yoke uses the same mounting solution, so it should be the same for it. So yes, the only option for you is using the adhesive pads on the buttom of the mounting plate. I don't have any experience with it but I think it should not harm your desk if you want to remove it afterwards, at least I haven't heard something bad about it yet,
  3. I use it only for display and use the popout panel to control it
  4. Thanks for the help, but i think i will stick to my single gns530 since it has graphical problems.
  5. Sadly even if I copy the gauge to the gauges folder it didn't find it. I only need the config panel to detect it so I can set up the 430+530 dual mode. I currently have the gns500 mode and used the rxp tool to integrate the gns530 into it and it works, but wanted that dual mode.
  6. There is no rxpGNS2.dll in or gau in my D:\Spiele\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\gauges folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FltSim\64 < copied and renamed the rxpGNS2.dll to rxpGNS.dll and also copied the rxpGNS.dll to D:\Spiele\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\gauges folder. But the Duke Config Panel still can't find the gauges
  7. Sadly this doesn't work for me with P3Dv4. The gauges are installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FltSim\64 or C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FltSim\32. Renaming them there doesn't do anything and if I copy them to the gauges folder where p3dv4 is installed also didn't work (tried both 32 and 64bit dll)
  8. I'm having the same problem. Can someone explain this more in detail?
  9. I'm pretty sure rxp won't work with p3d so even if you use the setup it wont work because rxp doesn't support p3d thats why many here are waiting for the mindstar gps panels which will work on p3d.
  10. sorry I couldn't help you, but this might be a p3d problem ? maybe someone else can help you or you can try to mail the devs. they usually answer your mail within 24h
  11. did you have your fsx/p3d installed under c:/program files ? if yes did you start the config as an admin ? right click on the exe and click run as admin maybe you also have the file write protected.
  12. do every airport addon work or do you have to use the aerosoft addons ? but I think if I would have to choose it would be gsx
  13. good to see ... I hope we will see the reviews in the near future. I haven't tried x-plane at all, but i'm really interested in it and its addons. maybe in the future I'm also a x-plane user. But until then I hope to see many reviews on youtube so its gets more exposure.
  14. I think froogle wouldn't mind if they said that they won't support review samples for whatever reason. He complained that they didn't even bother to answer his emails ... a simple 'no' would be enough, but not even answering an email is sad.
  15. thanks for the clarification ... If the shop was mentioned than I can fully support the decision. but I doubt we are allowed to to discuss sales in the bargain basement. is there another forum section where we can discuss the worth of sales or should we just ask about the product without mentioning sales which would be logical. edit: or do we use the question tab on the bargain basement forum for that ?
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