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    PPl SEL, took check ride in a Citabria 7ECA, Fly's Citabria 7ECA,7CKAB,Cessna 172-N/P/M/SP,and Piper 28/161/181's.
  1. It looks good but just a heads up I painted this paint a few years ago and it's in the Avsim library. I have a your -800 paints and they are fantastic.
  2. HI, Not trying to hijack this thread but I'm having the same issue. I was doing some back and fourth with Ryan and I replied to one of his questions on January 16th 2015, I waited for a reply which never came so on January 24th I wrote another reply saying "Hello?" Still no reply back from that so on January 28th I sent another reply, "Hello again? Anyone?" I never did get a reply back from anyone and now for the past few days its change to "Waiting for you" but I'm not showing a reply from anyone. Thanks,
  3. In order for GPU power to happen you need to turn in on. After wheel chocks are on, look under where you select 1 or 2 plugs. The option under it is what needs to be turned on in order for GPU power to come on line.
  4. That's correct, only the -200LR/F have the minimum take off weights. The provided FCOM does provide most of the performance data for:PD.10 -200 GE90-76B, PD.20 200ER TRENT892, PD.50 -300 PW4090, and PD.60 -300ER GE90
  5. PMDG did provide the performance charts for the 777X, both LR and F, it's in the FCOM Vol.1. PD.30.1 gives you Minimum Takeoff Weight.
  6. They are completely rebuilding it from the ground up, it will be a completely new plane with the quality of the 777. The existing was was originally built for FS9 and then brought over to FSX.
  7. What was the date in FSX? I have found if you set FSX to a date in the future that is past the cycle then you will get this message. The aircraft reads the date and time info to what it is in the sim not the computer.
  8. I did a Southwest Airlines 737-7H4 classic that was requested by email. It is available for download http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=178340
  9. Really? It's about a 250 Mb link. Let me look. I just looked. Everything looks fine. Takes me about 3 mins to download. When you tried to do ti something might had been wrong with AVSIM servers at the time. Try it again and see.
  10. My pack of 10 Southwest Airlines registrations numbers and 2000'th 737NG built. is available for download. Download link: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=178297 It has 6 -700 and 4 -800. It also includes the 2000'th 737NG delivered. These are the following registrations numbers: -700:N431WN, N432WN, N737JW, N740SW, N7740A, -800: N8601K, N8606C, N8610A, N8614M. The registrations numbers have there own custom cockpit equipment that corresponds to when they were built. I also have included my "Dirty Wing" on the older -700's and everything else has a clean wing. The bump maps are provided by Chris Hicks
  11. I have my pack of 10 Southwest paints almost done. Will try for this weekend. I am going to try and paint a 737-700WL Southwest Classic paint and will try to do the new Penguin One paint.
  12. @riftin11 This is what you have been waiting for. I just uploaded it to AVSIM, So give it some time to show up. Also as I had another request via email to release a back of about 6-10 Southwest planes all ranging from old ones to new ones all weathered differently and all the old ones will have dirty wings and the newer ones will have clean ones, I will do this. I will also do the 2000th NG also in this pack. Also I have made the spinners weathered using real world pics of mine from southwest -700WL. Bump Maps are provided by Chris Hicks.
  13. I will be more then happy to do it. Give me sometime because I am finishing up another paint.
  14. Thanks guys. It's now available to down load. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=176550
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