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  1. Thanks Guys for your replies. I finally managed to get it fixed by using the repair feature on the installer so all good now and enjoying this fantastic aircraft in P3D V4
  2. Hi fellow Pilots I am hoping someone can help me with this one? I recently switched from FSX SE to P3D V4 so have had a complete clean install of P3D v4 after completely deleting FSX SE so started with a clean slate. I Have installed the 777 and the 777-300 expansion pack with no problem and I am able to download and install liveries also with no problem. However when I installed the NGX I only had the base pack and expansion pack showing in the drop down menu of the OC, nothing in between Tried re installing the NGX to no avail and get the same result. Am I missing something here?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I eventually found them in the LM folder on my C Drive even though I have P3D installed on the D: Drive so not quite sure how I got it installed in 2 locations I see a reinstall coming up.
  4. Hi I have recently switched from FSX SE to P3D V 4 and repurchased the 777. I am unable to access the documents in the Operations Centre. Where are the documents located in the Sim so I can try and access these by bypassing the Ops Centre? Thanks
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