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  1. pedroqe

    TOPCAT for the NG and 777

    Sorry. Just did. Browsing both forums, got them mixed up. Thanks, Michael
  2. pedroqe

    TOPCAT for the NG and 777

    Hey everyone Regarding the Take-off performance calculator in PFPX, is it possible to choose which of the resulting de-rate settings to append to my OFP after the calculation? I want to take-off from SBSP, which is a short runway in the middle of São Paulo, and I know 737 pilots will always use full thrust there (and even 27K for the 800 SFP). So I wanted to append the full thrust info to the OFP, but it will always use the best de-rate possible. Is there any way to do that without having to open TOPCAT? Appending the Scratchpad to the end of the document would also help.
  3. pedroqe

    new ngx radar questions

    Didn't work, George. You have to setup a signature to your account, then just put your name and whatever else you want. You can even put images. Cheers
  4. pedroqe

    noise abatement

    ] Hey Artur, I think 250 until FL100 is more of a safety restriction. Noise abatement is something like V2 + 20 until 1500 AGL, or 190 knots until 6000 ft, it depends on the airport. Those info can be input on takeoff page 2, not on climb page, and it is not included in airac database for PMDG.
  5. Yeah, but not with such good quality, David. Here, this is a full flight from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, the busiest route in Latin America. You can also try the ones from Just Planes, but their best videos are not free.
  6. pedroqe

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Looks exactly the same to me, except for the psychodelic windows media player visualization effects on the screen.
  7. pedroqe

    Very informative videos

    Mark you are right, they do turn AT off. I guess there is no rule that says it should be on. Maybe the pilot feels more comfortable doing it manually, specially if he spent years flying 737s, 767s or 747s before the 777.
  8. pedroqe

    Shortest scheduled 777 flights?

    AA flies SBGR (Sao Paulo) to SBGL (Rio) before following to Miami. The route is so short the durations may vary from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the runways in use. Some other airlines do that stop as well before the long haul part.
  9. pedroqe

    You Choose! 737NGX or 777?

    a) Similar b ) The 777 is a little bit better, got some more features since it was released later, but nothing that really makes it much better than the NGX, except for some of the sounds. c) Not a pilot d) No e) No f) Any of them, you won't get the best FPS but you can fly with no problems with similar performance. So choose the one you like the most. I prefer the NGX because I love the 737. You can land on smaller fields with it, so it gives you a much wider range of destinations. The 777 has a little more immersion and will be even better once the SP1 is out, but if you don't like long hauls it won't really suit your purpose. I vote NGX.
  10. pedroqe

    Businessjets - are you interested?

    I think the results of the poll won't really reflect reality of the PMDG customers opinion, since the people that participate in the forum is just a small sample of the costumers and most of us are huge fans that would probably buy anything PMDG produced. Even then we see that about 1/3 would not be interested. I would definitely buy a PMDG Business jet, but I think we all want PMDG to sell successful products that will enable them to grow even more.
  11. pedroqe

    Simple fix for bouncing on landing

    It does say in the 777 introduction that it might happen if you have mesh resolution set to less than 10m. For me it does. Some sceneries really require that you have it set to 5m or even 2m, or else roads that run beside a cliff will be on the cliff at some points. Though, for most sceneries I just set it to 10m and be happy.
  12. pedroqe

    VNAV descent oddities

    I'm having the same problems. I haven't been able to do a proper VNAV descent, and disconnecting my controllers didn't help. I'm not talking about final approach, but since FL200 or higher. - On my first flight I had very bad weather at descent, and the AT would go 90 N1 at every gust, and it oversped at about 6000 ft. I assumed it was because of the weather. So I reset my AS settings and decided to try later at good weather. - On the 2nd and 3rd flights I've had the exactly same issue as the OP. So I descended with FLCH and V/S. - On my 4th flight I started with FLCH from T/D. On the 3rd and 4th flights engine would go from idle to 45 - 60 N1 with FLCH selected even with controllers disconnected! So I had to descend with my hand on F1. - On the 4th flight the auto throttle got me to 10 knots above selected speed (Vref+15) and slowly rising to 15. Wind was 3 knots head wind and no gusts. - I've tried two more simple take-off and landing flights to reproduce this last item but it didn't happen again. That's all I had time to fly until now. I didn't save any screenshots from the flights because at first I thought I was doing something wrong, but as soon as I have time I will try to reproduce the problems and share everything I can with PMDG.
  13. pedroqe


    Hi Bryan, I think the purpose is to avoid piracy. I'm waiting for a response from Dell, let's see if they have any suggestions. Vistalizator doesn't work. When you start setup it says Windows 8 users don't need it and then closes.
  14. pedroqe


    Hey Bryan, Yeah, I know Microsoft says that "everyone can download language packs", but it's not completely true. I have Windows 8 Single Language in Portuguese It came with my computer and it comes with many new computers here in Brazil and some other non-English speaking countries (Russia, China, Spain, etc), the "emerging markets". There's very little information about it, but it seems to be identical to the non-Pro version except that you don't have any way to change your language or upgrade the system at all. It offers for me to buy an upgrade to Pro but when I try it says it's not available for my country. Not even if I wanted to expend the extra money (which I could spend on fine addons) just to have voice recognition, I can't. I'm stuck with it. I can't do a clean install either because of the key in the BIOS. So I guess I won't be using voice control. Well, thank you for your help, Bryan