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  1. AA flies SBGR (Sao Paulo) to SBGL (Rio) before following to Miami. The route is so short the durations may vary from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the runways in use. Some other airlines do that stop as well before the long haul part.
  2. Hi Bryan, I think the purpose is to avoid piracy. I'm waiting for a response from Dell, let's see if they have any suggestions. Vistalizator doesn't work. When you start setup it says Windows 8 users don't need it and then closes.
  3. Hey Bryan, Yeah, I know Microsoft says that "everyone can download language packs", but it's not completely true. I have Windows 8 Single Language in Portuguese It came with my computer and it comes with many new computers here in Brazil and some other non-English speaking countries (Russia, China, Spain, etc), the "emerging markets". There's very little information about it, but it seems to be identical to the non-Pro version except that you don't have any way to change your language or upgrade the system at all. It offers for me to buy an upgrade to Pro but when I try it says it's not available for my country. Not even if I wanted to expend the extra money (which I could spend on fine addons) just to have voice recognition, I can't. I'm stuck with it. I can't do a clean install either because of the key in the BIOS. So I guess I won't be using voice control. Well, thank you for your help, Bryan
  4. Any alternatives for those that bought computers with Windows 8 Single Language? That version doesn't support language packs and it seems it can't be upgraded.
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