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  1. I bought this airplane as a Christmas present for myself; very much looking forward to it as I really enjoyed the original JF 146. Since then, I've spent too much time flying it, and offer the following observations: I've been trying to learn to use the TMS, and find it useful on takeoff. Otherwise, it seems to cause the throttle inputs from the keyboard to sometimes get wonky (sorry, I don't have a better description of the problem). Making lots of throttle changes in sync mode has twice caused the master engine to get waaay out of sync! The FMS is as useful as a bucket of warm spit. I'd rather the airplane either had no FMS at all, or one that actually had more realistic functionality (and an EFIS to go with it). If there's one thing that really needs fixing, I submit the autopilot. Here are its known faults: From level flight in altitude hold, with the GS armed, the AP will often make a short climb to join the GS. When climbing or descending at lower rates, example 700 fpm, toward a selected altitude, the capture logic will change to a 1500 fpm rate with about 500' to go. No direct way to get from altitude hold to pitch mode. IAS and VS modes are sketchy at best, generally sloppy enough to be useless. That's enough for now. More reports as I progress....
  2. Wow, I'll try to go chronologically...B727DC9C172 (too young to fly then, have several hundred hours in them now)B737Piper TomahawkC-7OH-58CH-53C-141T-33Dash 7Nord 260C-130R22 (pilot)Bell 47 (pilot)UH-1 (pilot)Dash 8Bell Jet Ranger (pilot)Beech SkipperShorts 330C402C152 (pilot)C177 (pilot)MD80Piper Arrow (pilot)Citabria (pilot)Decathlon (pilot)Pitts S2B (pilot)E120BAE 146B757Piper Apache (pilot)Piper Twin Commanche (pilot)CRJE145Waco UPFC140 (pilot)A320Stearman (pilot)B777Acro Sport II (pilot)
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