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  1. I submitted a ticket and received the following message: Make sure that you have win10 fully upgraded. We had some reports of this happening if there are to many entries in the sceneryaddon.xml. This is a known issue with P3dV4.1 and is fixed in 4.2. Can you check how many sceneries you have installed via the addon.xml way? Chris Makris Technical Support PMDG Simulations, LLC www.precisionmanuals.com I have lots of sceneries installed. So, I'm looking forward to the release of P3D v.4. :-)
  2. Dan, The initialization does count down and the 744 does function in P3D. The only deficiency I am experiencing is that the exterior textures do not load. I will submit a ticket as you suggest. Thank you!
  3. I don't use FS2Crew. I uninstalled the 744 and FSDT GSX, deleted the shaders folder, and reinstalled both. I continue to have no external textures for the PMDG 744. Below is a screen shot of the PMDG 744 Livery. None of the PMDG 744 house liveries display external textures on my machine. Likewise, neither the British Airway or Delta Airway liveries display external textures. I'm perplexed.
  4. Thank you for the input everyone! Like Dave, I have now deleted the shaders folder and it did not fix my problem. The picture Dave displays is exactly how the 747s look in P3Dv4.1 on my computer in the preview pane. The outside textures also look as shown in Dave's picture when I run the simulator. I only have the China Air livery added, which looks as is shown in Dave's picture. All of the PMDG livery aircraft look as displayed by Dave's picture. Likewise, according to the PMDG Operations Center, my PMDG 747 drivers are all up to date. I have also tried uninstallling and re-installing the most recent version of the 747-400 to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Update -- I turned off Envshade, and the textures are still missing. Is there any tweak that can be done to fix this. I've looked forward to flying the 747-400 in P3D V4 and am frustrated that I'm unable to load an exterior model while doing so.
  6. Hi Dan! An outline of the fuselage and wings are visible. The nosecone and livery textures are absent. The aircraft does initialize and is otherwise operational. I do use EnvShade. I will see if that is the problem. Thanks for mentioning the "shaders." I will report back and let you know my results.
  7. Sorry about the signature non-compliance. It's been a while since I've posted. "Exterior Textures Not Loading in P3D v. 4.1" I usually can figure things out. I've tried everything and have had no success. Any assistance or advice will be appreciated. My computer specs are below my signature.
  8. When I load an aircraft from the 747-400 QOTS II, the external textures do not load in either the preview pane or the simulator. When I first loaded the PMDG 747, I had problems with the external textures not displaying for the 747-400F, while the other liveries loaded fine. Today, no 747-400 exterior textures will load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Please help. FYI, my 737 and 777 external textures all load properly. Chuck
  9. Awesome! The time has now come for me to purchase P3DV4. I patiently waited for PMDG to upgrade their product lines. Now, that the team is now done doing so, I will make the purchase and enjoy no more OOMs. Thank you Robert and the PMDG Teams for all of your hard work! Chuck Rogers
  10. Likewise, the 23JUN2017 thread has not yet been updated. Could be it's all hands on deck for more important things.
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