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  1. Thanks for the link. That should be an interesting plane. I never used the old one much.
  2. That worked. Many thanks. I like that add on very much and don’t want to miss an update.
  3. I tried that link. I was asked to react to the rules with the tick emoji but I can’t. Any help?
  4. Carenado and problems are a well known combo. Don’t waste your money on them.
  5. Yes, good news out of the blue. Always hoped for the Carenado 300 with the default G1000, but glad to hear that it’s by Aerobask. First day purchase for me.
  6. I agree 100% about your „but“ theory
  7. OMEN by HP - 17-an136ng I7, GTX1070. Secondary 27“ monitor for flying. FP settings medium to high, no FPS or stutter problems. See Google for detailed specifications. I have it in use for almost 1.5 years, no problems, I recommend it.
  8. Hi pilots, for a few days these new add ons are on sale. Got mine yesterday. First flights into Palma and Ibiza today. Well done, ORBX. I did not trust me eyes when I crossed a cool looking water fun parc on Ibiza’s 24 final. The whole scenery looks so real. South to the Canary Islands tomorrow.
  9. Yes I really do. XEnviro was my most hated add on. 1.14 was the first version that I liked but „going back“ to Open GL was no option. Now I have my fluid graphics and clouds that look like being up there. I like the way that clouds look like landscape. They still look a little bit like foam sometimes but no other clouds I have seen seen come so close.
  10. Hi José, what’s the current status? Installed or uninstalled? 😉 Stay safe.
  11. Yes Tony. Another nice flight this morning. Wonderful rain effects and clouds. Flew into Manchester to test the FPS. ORBX Britain and Aerosoft Manchester airport scenery. No problem, fluid 30+. It really enhances the sim now. X-craft Legacy flown.
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