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  1. Ralf Maylin


    „Uninstaller“ is some kind of running gag here at the forums. Yes, most of you are right, I installed the other one. After I updated my NVIDIA drivers I noticed stutters every few seconds in XP11 and I‘m still unhappy with the ground effects that prevents landung smoother than 600ft/min. Autoland is affected too and FPS are around 25. So yes, better call it co-installing but I was in the mood to talk about the Uninstaller again, lol. Sure I wait for XP11.x. Maybe it’s like going to bad place after marriage for 30 years. Just kidding, would not do that.
  2. Yes, call me the little Uninstaller now. Lol. Off to the other side...
  3. Ralf Maylin

    Ultra Weather XP

    New version 2.4 installed today + hotfix. Best look/FPS balance.
  4. FSGRW and UWX. Good performance and plausible weather. My choice. Skymax: In general very nice but I have to tune settings so much down, it never looks that good on my PC. Xenviro: Performance is better than Skymax but worse than UWX. Too many new problems with every update.
  5. Ralf Maylin

    G1000 aircraft

    I decided to go for the Twin Star. Very good Aerobask quality, as expected. Nice G1000 to play with. I’m still a beginner but it has many nice features to explore. Flying this bird in the pattern is so much fun, handling is well, nice crafted model and still easy on FPS.
  6. Ralf Maylin

    Business Jet Suggestions

    The Eclipse is well done and fun. You may also consider the Carenado Phenom. It’s G1000 is far from perfect but the plane, currently at 1.4, is a pleasure to fly.
  7. Ralf Maylin

    G1000 aircraft

    Thank you gentlemen, I have a look at those.
  8. Any good payware GA aircraft that use the default G1000?
  9. I fuel it up using „set“ and „get“ after calling the fuel truck. From memory, I‘m away from the computer now, I add cargo and pax by editing the perf page of the EFB and press „set“.
  10. José, I was talking about the FF 320. Vr is always 126 or 127 kts, no matter how much fuel/payload I add. The Toliss does a more reasonable job.
  11. The take off Speed calculator of the AA 320 is broken. Use this instead: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/for-pilots-19/popular-calculator-to-calculate-takeoff-parameters-in-from-airbus-type-36340.html
  12. Ralf Maylin

    Am I being Airbus Silly ?

    That makes two of us. Glad to have both and waiting for more... 321 hint hint lol. Peters models found the way to the Mojave desert eventually.
  13. Ralf Maylin

    Ultra Weather XP 2.2 anyone?

    I have It in use to get better FPS, the clouds are editable in many ways and that works well for me. Had a few crashes with Xenviro and used Maxx products before. I recommend it.
  14. Early Christmas announcement.
  15. If I understand that right, they are looking looking for experienced Boeing simmers to test the A320.