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  1. It gets worse. ORBX App offers Paypal but if I choose it, it freezes. Well, more whine now. The new card will arrive next week.
  2. Thanks Mitch. I take my seat to your right and promise not to touch things, my bottle of whine is open now. Enjoy your flights, captain. I stand by for screenshots. Cut me out from the fotos, was not able to visit the barber shop for some weeks now, lol.
  3. Damned, my credit card was locked today after a fraud attempt. I have to wait until the new one is shipped.
  4. Good morning pilots, yesterday I tried to assign the PFD popup to a joystick button but could not find the command from the list. Anybody got that working and could tell me the correct command of the joystick menue? Thanks in advance.
  5. That matter is really annoying. I’m looking for a way to edit the World Traffic flights plans to Sunday only flights. That should give us nice and semi realistic static aircraft from Monday to Saturday.
  6. There’s nothing wrong with the Kodiak. Today, at the different forum I read something about it being underestimated. I noticed some strange ground handling, was able to steer it around corners using the pedals. That, and the bad screeching brake noise disappeared after adding the REP package. What I like most is modern avionics and the STOL capabilities in one plane.
  7. Thank you for your inspiration, I have ordered the Kodiak. If everything goes well, I will have 10 days off from Friday and will enjoy St Bart and Saba by Airworthydesigns. Thanks for your answers, I am still looking forward to the Islander...
  8. Thanks a lot, Olderndirt. From avionics, the Kodiak looks best to me. Since I started flying the TBM 900 I appreciate flying a G1000 equipment plane very much. Is it worth to pimp it with the REP add on?
  9. Hi pilots, I‘m looking for your recommendations on a STOL aircraft, to visit places like Saba and St Barts. What I own is the DHC6, not bad but I try to limit my virtual flying to top notch aircraft. How is the Kodiak by Thandra? Or should I wait for the TorqueSim Islander to be released? Any others? Many thanks in advance.
  10. If you are a TBM fan, have a look at the Hotstart TBM 900. One of the best XP11 GA planes.
  11. Thanks for all your answers, that all makes sense to me.
  12. Yes, I will follow the glide slope indicator and the flight director. During visual approaches with no procedure available I will ignore those lights and follow visual judgement. Thanks for your help.
  13. If I see 4 whites it’s perfectly centered. If I see red and white, glides lope shows I’m low.
  14. I have postet this at the org too, because over there is the official support forum for the Airfoillabs B350. But I know about the knowledge floating here around so I try. When I follow the flight director on an ILS or RNAV approach in the B350 the angle seems right and I can fly down to the touch down zone and make a greaser landing. But the runways VASI shows 4 whites. If I switch to visual to have 2 whites and two reds, I come very low. That happens at many airports when flying the B350 but not with other planes. As soon as the runway is VASI equipped its always full white. Have you ever heard of such a funny thing? I think there’s something wrong with the view point in reference to the outside.
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