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  1. How does this work for area of North off the equator and south of the equator? And the equator? Is there a check box for each? So crossing over from North to south would be winter fall to spring summer trees to the south? cheers mike
  2. Thank you for your response as i am looking to purchase the 777 quadrant. Is it quite heavy? durable? Thanks mike
  3. reverted back to previous driver too many issues for me on this one
  4. anyone else having an issue with display is only showing 120hz instead of 144hz? game ready driver thanks mike
  5. Hey guys, Anyone using this quadrant? thanks mike
  6. Asca for now for myself. vol clouds has potential! Not quite there yet needs smoother outer edges and definition and also cirrus clouds then ill make the switch. mike
  7. seems to me its a dx12 issue that needs to be addressed by LM
  8. Perhaps it’s one or some of the addons causing it? mike
  9. Curious to know how many addons you have installed? Mike
  10. Thanks may I ask what setting for vsync option in ncp if using P3d v4.5? for a 144hz monitor With no variable refresh option? thanks mike
  11. Yes, I have mine set at ultra using a 1080ti. mike
  12. Wow great update with this feature on ultra. smooth locked at 30. well done, keep at it asobo! Mike
  13. I have launched msfs and it notified me of an update. it diverted me to the ms store, thou no update is there under downloads and updates. Am I missing something? thanks mike
  14. Hi, yes I have done so. still nothing. i am running latest drivers also mike
  15. My freesync monitor with my 1080ti gsync is not showing up in the drop down Menu in ncp . I do have a hdmi cable, do in need to purchase a display port to have it work,? thanks mike
  16. I’ll have to try this I have a free sync g5 Samsung monitor thou could not figure out how to set it up using a nvidia card. thanks mike
  17. I figured as much. guess I’ll purchase the airbus thrustmaster. cheers mike
  18. Hey guys, so I am pulling my hair out trying to set the throttles via the efb. I am using the saitek throttle quadrant. so my idle climb flex and toga set fine except for throttle being jittery like it’s not moving smoothly when you push up or down it’s jittery. and with reverse thrust on the saitek when trying to set via efb I pull back on the stick from idle that goes into red marking on saitek throttle. There is not much play maybe an inch or 2 . For those who have the throttle at understand this. It would be the RX mode. it won’t pull back into reverse. in P3d it works fine and also deploys the speed brake. just can’t get it to work in msfs. thanks mike
  19. Bert with those set to 3. are the LOD settings within sim stay at 100 as I have or do they slide over to 200? thanks mike
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